The day I said that I would love you forever.

The day you promised the same.

The day that I said that I was yours till death did us part.

The day that I became your wife, in more then a name.

The day I gave you my heart to keep.

The day you gave me yours.

The day that I fell asleep in your arms.

The day that you watched me sleep.

The day you gave me an eternal life.

The day you finally gave in.

All of these days have come and gone, yet we have stayed the same.

An eternity with you is full of surprises.

We show our love and no matter how much time goes by we always feel the same.

A family of 8, we now are and no regrets are made.

A love as true and pure as the blood that runs through all living things veins.

We live on that blood, but despite that.

I consider you all angels, no matter what you say.

I am blessed to be in your presence and the love you give freely.

Each day that goes by is the best of heavens.

The day that you took my life.

The day you gave me my world.

The day that I met you.

The day you wanted me.

The day that no one will forget.

The day you left me, for my best interest.

The day I saved you from yourself.

I love each day in there own way, but these are the ones that I treasure.