Chapter 1 A Conspiracy

Lark looked out at the vast expanse of ice and snow that made up the cold world of Hoth. Shivering, she pulled the collar on her thermal coat tighter and went back inside. Hoth may not have been her first choice for a place to spend the past few weeks, but it was definitely a good spot for the rebellion. Looking back one more time before shutting the door, Lark went to the control room to see if Han, Bob, and Luke had checked back in yet.


A small figure, barely visible in the distance, galloped across the windswept ice slope. From his vantage point on his snow lizard, Bob could see both Han and Luke then Han disappeared behind a rise.

"Echo Three to Echo Seven and Four. Han, Bob, do you read me?" Luke's voice crackled into the comlink.

"Loud and clear, kid. What's up?" Han asked.

"Well, I finished my circle. I don't pick up any life readings." Luke said. "What about you?"

"Same." Bob replied.

"There isn't enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser." Han said. "The sensors are placed. I'm going back."

"Right. I'll see you shortly. There's a meteorite that hit the ground near here. I want to check it out. It won't take long." Luke told them.

Bob considered going with him, but he was cold despite all his layers and his heated thermal suit. He turned his lizard to follow Han back to the base.

At the base, the first person he bumped into was Lark. He smiled when he saw her; the two had become good friends. Sometimes he thought she could read his mind, she was so sensitive to his moods, and the moods of everyone around her. He wondered if that came from her training or her personality.

Probably a little of both. He decided. Whatever it was, she always knew exactly when he was feeling like he could never fulfill his destiny to become a Jedi as well as knowing what to say to cheer him up. Usually those conversations ended with a sparring match. Between Lark and her parents, Kimmy and Jesse, he got a lot of training, but they were all so busy, he often felt like he needed more than the occasional lesson.

"What's up?" he asked when he saw Lark making a beeline for him.

"Did Han say anything to you?" she asked.

"About what?"

She frowned. "Leaving."

"Oh." Bob hadn't wanted to mention it. "The Falcon's repaired."

Lark looked away.

"I already told you I'm staying." He said.

She gave him a half-hearted grin. "I know. It's not you." Taking a deep breath and looking around to make sure no one was listening, Lark stepped closer. "I think Leia likes Han."

Bob straightened. "What?"

"Has he… you know…"

"Yes, I know, and no he hasn't. Not that he's one to share his feelings."

"But do you think it's possible?"

"Anything's possible." Bob looked over his shoulder to make sure Han had gone to the control room. "Especially with him."

"They may need a little… persuasion." Lark tilted her head slyly.

"You aren't thinking what I think you are, are you?" Bob grinned to show her he was in all the way.

She smirked. "You handle Han; I'll take care of Leia."

"Deal." They shook hands.