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Lark collapsed against the back of her chair. Leia looked only a little bit better, but that was because she wasn't the one who'd been channeling.

"What just happened?" she asked hesitantly. "Was that Bob?"

Lark nodded, her head spinning. "I think I'm going to be sick." She ran toward the fresher. When she came back, Leia was next to a waking Luke. Lando and Chewie were no where in sight.

"I'll be back." Leia murmured. She leaned down and kissed him before leaving. Lark closed her eyes.

That should be me. Luke! Will I always be invisible? She could comfort herself with one fact: Luke and Leia were brother and sister. Oh yes, and Leia and Han had had enough chemistry to make her feel better too. She went to the cockpit.

All over the ship muted alarm buzzers sounded. Lando anxiously watched the flashing lights on the control panel and hurriedly adjusted some switches. Seated next to him, Chewie pointed out a new blip appearing on the panel. Leia, was watching over their shoulders. Lark immediately recognized the shape.

"Star Destroyer."

"All right, Chewie. Ready for light-speed." Lando said.

"If your people fixed the hyperdrive." Leia commented dryly.

Another explosion rocked the ship. Leia noticed as a green light on the panel next to her flashes on.

"All the co-ordinates are set. It's now or never."

Chewie barked in agreement.

"Punch it!" Lando commanded.

The Wookiee pulled back on the light-speed throttle. The sound of the ion engine changed, and… nothing happened. Chewie let out a frustrated howl.

"This is awfully familiar." Lark muttered.

"They told me they fixed it. I trusted them to fix it. It's not my fault!" Lando looked like he wanted to strangle someone. Lark would have gladly joined him if she thought it would help.

Chewie got up from his chair and started out of the cockpit, giving Lando and angry shove as he stormed past.


Get out of here guys! Bob cut off the thought almost before it formed. He needed to be very careful to keep his thoughts neutral. If he let them slip to the light side, Vader would catch him red handed and run him through – or worse. If he let them slide to the dark side… well, he didn't think he'd ever free his soul of the black stain he'd received from willingly jumping into the dark abyss. Better to walk the fence, if he could. Thankfully he had help, someone who didn't have a Force presence and couldn't be detected at all unless he waned to be: Kitch. The ghost of a Jedi apprentice stood beside him as he stood beside Vader now. Bob appreciated the support.

"They'll be in range of our tractor beam in moments, lord." Admiral Piett said.

"Did your men deactivate the hyperdrive on the Millennium Falcon?" Vader asked.

No thoughts, no thoughts, no thoughts. Bob carefully kept his mind as blank as his face.

"Yes, my lord."

"Good. Prepare the boarding party and set for your weapons for stun."

"Yes, my lord."

"And now your friends will see why you were the wiser one." Vader said to Bob.

Bob didn't answer.


They worked frantically at the control panel, being showered by sparks occasionally. None of them looked up.

Lando and Leia were at the controls of the Falcon. Meanwhile, in the ship's hold, Chewie continued to work frantically on the hyperdrive mechanism.

"Chewie!" Lando spoke into the intercom.

Lark pushed them aside. Something had clicked. "If you told your men to fix it, they would have. But maybe someone else broke it. Which means they didn't do much. Just deactivated it…" she touched a few dangling wires.

Lando pressed the wires back into their spots, and they all jerked back as they shot into lightspeed.


Bob struggled not to let an ounce of satisfaction show. He must've succeeded because Vader whirled, not onto him but onto the admiral. But instead of strangling anyone, he simply walked off the bridge, his hands held behind his back in a contemplative gesture. Bob breathed another suppressed sigh of relief.


Lark sat back in her chair and let her head relax against the head rest, eyes closed. Luke was leaving. He was going back to Dagobah to finish his training. Lark couldn't go. Somehow she sensed this even thought she knew she would follow him to the outer rim and back. She would just have to wait.

"Luke, we're ready for takeoff." Lando said into the comlink.

"Good luck, Lando." Luke answered.

"When we find Jabba the Hutt and that bounty hunter, we'll contact you." Lando told him.

"I'll meet you at the rendezvous point on Tatooine."

Lark closed her ears as well. Lando was going to find Han, who had been frozen in carbonite. She Leia and Chewie were going back to the rebels. It seemed so anticlimactic. And what was she supposed to tell her dad? 'I went back, but I didn't actually end up helping Luke anyway'? 'His sister, who he imagines himself in love with, was much more useful than I was'? Lark inwardly groaned. They would never see her as an adult now.

Leia sat beside her. "I love him." She said suddenly.

Lark sighed. Should she tell Leia? Maybe it was for the best, before she got too involved…

"And I'm not going to abandon him to the likes of Jabba and Fett."

Lark's eyes flew open. "Who?"

"Han." Leia's tone carried a 'who else?'.

Hope sprang to life again. "Then we shouldn't." And while we're rescuing Han, I can be closer to Luke. She hesitated and then decided that since Leia was being honest with her, she should do the same.

"I love Luke."

Leia's eyes widened into shock. "Since when?"

"Cloud City." Lark told Leia about how she's almost left a different way and then had realized she couldn't. "I can't leave him either."

A mischievous grin lit up Leia's face. "Well then. What say you and I go after our men?"


Jesse breathed a sigh of relief when he reentered the rebel's area that was mixed with reluctance. What would Kimmy say? Would she be mad that Jesse had simply left their daughter in the same area as Vader? Although she was the one who said Jesse was overprotective. And she hadn't been there, hadn't seen the look in Lark's eyes. That girl hadn't been about to take no for an answer.

As he landed his ship, Jesse planned what he was going to say, hoping that Kimmy wouldn't be too mad. Because at the moment, Jesse needed his wife's support more than ever.

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