Imaginary Light


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha!

A/N: Just a short poem about Kagome's feelings toward Inuyasha...enjoy!

The girl who never stopped dreaming,

Finally woke up,

The girl whose heart couldn't break,

Finally got torn up,

The girl who never cried,

Finally shed a tear,

The girl who was never invisible,

Now wasn't there,

The girl who never fell in love,

Finally fell,

The girl who couldn't break,

Now can't be fixed,

The girl who was always warm,

Now turned cold,

The girl who always took chances,

Is no longer bold,

The girl who was always alive,

Is finally sleeping,

Dreaming an everlasting dream,

Of taking chances and wishing wishes,

Riding on her shooting star,

But never going really far,

So there she goes,

In her imaginary light,

Taking off,

Hoping she'll be alright...

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