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A brand new Lincoln towncar pulled away from the rental's driveway. The salesman in the pink suit waved as the 2 guys inside backed out. The one driving had shaggy brown hair, and the one in shotgun had short brown hair. It was Sam and Dean Winchester.
Dean sat uncomfortably in the seat, shifting as Sam turned the corner. He reached out to tune the radio, which had been set to classical. He tried not to vomit as the various stations of rap, pop, and talk radio tuned in, and then out again. Finally, he gave up. "I don't like this car."

Sam rolled his eyes. "Would you have rather rented the VW Bug?"

"In pink? Um... no. Not in any color. Especially when the license plate read Fxy Lady." Sam choked back a smile, and focused on driving. "All I know is tht I'm not driving this," Dean said.

"Suit Yourself." Sam said, coming to a smooth halt in front of the stop sign. Dean reached up to the cuts on his head, which had healed fairly quickly, although a couple had lightly scarred.

The car accident had nearly cost Sam, Dean, and their father, John their lives. It had certainly killed the car. It had been a 1967 Chevrolet Impala in black. And it had been Dean's baby. A semi had crashed right into the side, a perfect impact, driven by a possessed-by-the-devil truck driver.

They had left the car's bits and pieces at an auto shop down the road. Dean had refused to believe it was gone forever, so Sam had convinced the repairman to try his best, and they would be back for it in a month. The repairman, Bubba Covington, had laughed at them between chewing the straw between his two front teeth. But he'd agreed to keep the car "safe".

Their dad, John Winchester, was still in critical condition, at the nearest General Hospital. That hadn't stopped him from sending his 2 sons out to hunt demons though, of course not. He'd already sent them to a campsite to investigate a demon that took a liking to kidnapping girls and having a bit of a feast.

Sam had met another psychic there too. It had been his dad's friend's daughter, Lindsay. And she had been getting the same dream visions Sam had gotten before his girlfriend, Jess, had died. The similarities hadn't stopped there either. Their mom's had been killed by the same demon as well. And Lindsay had an older sibling as well, who had saved her skin from dying in a fire when she had been only 6 months old.

Sam and Dean had found the demon, and successfully killed it, although by accident. Sam had knocked over it's power source, an old chalice filled with blood. The demon had burst into flames on the spot, and all of it's victims had been returned safely.

Sam pulled into the hospital's visitor parking lot. It was a small hospital. Well, given it was a small town. Dean got out, virtually slamming the car door shut. They passed by the visitor's desk, waving hello to the receptionist, Lydia.

Dean always hated walking down the hallways to the hospital. He'd been in a coma for a short while after the accident, and had bargained with the angel of death per say, for his life. They turned into their dad's room, and were once again hit with the fact he was not okay.

John Winchester, while moved out out the ICU, was still in pretty bad shape. He had the IV drip still connected to his arm, and his head had a massive bruise on it, that had changed through a rainbow of colors in the weeks that had passed. He realized his head as the door swung open. He smiled as his two sons walked in.

John's room was like any other hospital room, walls blank, bed standard size, etc. But the nurses had taken a liking to him, and there were flowers spread across the room from various interns and nurses. Books were piled on the bedside table. And suitcases were piled on the chairs by the door. The lights had been off, and the only light had been the small dim lamp above him.

Dean flicked the lights on as he came in, as soon as he saw his dad was awake. "Hey, boys." John said. Sam half-frowned, looking at his dad's medical equipment. He wasn't all too comfortable seeing his father connected toevery machine known to man.
"Hey dad," Dean said, and Sam murmured a hello as well. Both pulled the uncomfortable visitor's chairs up to his bed. "We killed the thing that was taking all the girls near that campsite."

John Winchester smiled broadly, "I knew you would." He closed his eyes momentarily, almost falling asleep before a nurse walked in, causing his eyes to jump open again.

"Good afternoon, Mr..." she checked the registry, "Winters." She looked at his hospital wristband, checking all the (fake) information, before pushing milligrams of meds into the IV. Sam and Dean were silent as the nurse did her job. She brought in another bouquet of roses from yet another nurse. John smirked at the flowers as the nurse finally walked out.

"Can you boys look into something else for me?" John asked them.

"Yeah, dad? What?" Dean responded, sitting up in his chair, ready for what John would ask them to do.

"I'm not sure exactly yet, but I have an address, If you guys go there, you might find something." John said, not saying any detail more. Sam looked at his dad like he needed information. Dean was ready to take that address. "Local's call it the haunted house of the neighborhood. It's at 816 Tamptom. Come back if there's nothing there, okay?" Both nodded.

Dean got up, and John reached for his Sam's hand. "Be safe Sammy." John said, feeling the meds kick in. "You too, Dean." Dean nodded and Sam let go of his dad's hand. They turned off the lights on the way out, but John was already way asleep.

They walked out to the towncar again, and Dean was looking at the piece of paper he'd written the address down on. The passed a man in the parking lot, on the way to the car. He was dressed in overalls with a straw hat on. They would have kept walking, except for the fact Sam had gotten a small glimpse of his eyes. They had been cold, lifeless, and overall, pitch black. As in possessed black.