Chapter 26: Man, It's Just The End of the Beginning

"Mr. Padalecki? You're going to be fine," the doctor who performed the MRI said. "Are you sure it was a hunting accident?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Alright then." She smiled at John, and walked out the door.

"What kind of a cover up name is Padalecki?" John asked. "A simple Mr. Smith could have worked," he said, joking with Sam. The MRI had shown no bullet, but a bullet hole through his midsection. The doctors had been amazed at the miss of internal organs.

Why was he coughing up blood then? Dean had wondered, but took the mystery as some weird blessing.

"Sammy, can you go get me some water or something?" John said, his voice gritty.

"Yeah, dad," Sam said, going out into the hallway by the water fountain.

"Hey, Winchester?" Sam heard a voice and out of instinct looked up. Into cold yellow eyes. He lurched backwards in shock. "You didn't think I died did you? Your bullet barely grazed my head. Work on your aim, boy."

That was the last thing Sam heard before he felt something hit him, and hard. He fell forward into the fountain, his vision going out like someone had flicked a swtch. He slowly slid to the floor, and someone was already catching him. He tried to fight them but his body wouldn't respond in time. His head turned slightly to the side and a weak moan escaped his lips, only to be stifled by someone putting a damp cloth over his mouth. He tried his best not to take a breath.

"It's ok, Sammy," a voice hissed into his ear. "It's time to go to sleep."

And try as he might to stop it, his body forced him to take a breath, and he felt himself immediately begin to fade. He succumbed to the darkness.

"Sammy?" Dean wondered out loud about ten minutes later.

"I just asked for him to get water," John said, also curious to where he had gone. Dean walked down to the fountain, where someone had stuck a sticky note onto the faucet.

Dean walked closer, and his stomach lurched. There was a spot of blood on it. He tentatively reached for it. There, in an untidy scrawl, it read:


If you ever want to see your brother again, I suggest you come find him, and find him very soon. He's just dying to see you. I would hate to have to make him wait.

Haha, didn't think I would end it without cliffhanging you did you? Well, I may decide to write a sequel, but y'all might have to wait for that. evil laff luv yah!!!! Keep your eyes peeled for a sequel!