Chapter 1

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Bulma shifted under the sheets of her bed uncomfortably. She had a tremendous headache, and the light coming into the room from the first rays of the sunrise through her window was not helping at all. She had caught Yamcha cheating again and decided that him and her were just not meant to be. Sure, they were excellent friends, the best of, and they probably would continue to be; but it wasn't going to be enough for any kind of romantic commitment.

After she had almost quite literally bitten his head off, she drove down to the corner bar and got herself drunk as a skunk. She was extremely grateful that Vegeta wasn't around to laugh and poke fun at her miserable plight up the stairs.

WAIT A MINUTE! Bulma shot straight up out of bed. This only increased her headache tenfold. She groaned and lay back down. 'I don't remember ever making it to my room last night. What happened? My mom and dad were asleep and even if they were awake they wouldn't have been able to carry me to my room.' That only left one person. Bulma instantly flinched at the thought of him. 'No,' she thought. 'He did not touch me. The hands that murdered and tortured millions did not lay on any part of my body!' Bulma started hyperventilating and was becoming hysterical. She should never have let him stay at Capsule Corps. The man was a murdering bastard! She slowly started to calm down and think rationally. 'Okay, even if he did carry me to my room doesn't mean he hurt me. I mean, I don't have any bruises on me and am still in my clothes from last night so it's not like he touched me in that way.' Still Bulma was nervous.

She slowly crept out of bed and put her robe on. She could smell her mother cooking breakfast and her hangover allowed her not to puke anymore. So, she figured she could eat some breakfast on the intent of never drinking another alcoholic beverage for the rest of her life. "However long that may be," she muttered to herself thinking about the upcoming androids and how she may very well die in the next three years.

"However long what will be," came a gruff voice from the shadows of the hall she was currently walking down. That voice was unmistakable and could only belong to one person. Granted the one person she feared in the whole world.

"Nothing Vegeta, don't worry about it," she answered trying to hide the fear in her voice. She would never admit to his already over-inflated ego that she feared him. But he knew. Before she knew what was happening she felt her back against a cold wall with a hand snaked around her neck her feet dangling inches off the ground.

"You will always answer any and all of my questions. Do you understand, woman!" Bulma started shaking in fear of him. Tears threatening to spill over her eyes were tightly held back as she closed her eyes to try and think her way out of this mess.

"Open your eyes, woman!" Bulma slowly opened her eyes to face Vegeta's coal and emotionless ones. Tears started leaking out of her baby blue eyes as he inched closer to her face.

"Answer me," Vegeta said in a menacingly soft voice. "I-I-I-I I w-w-was j- just wond-d-dering h-ow l-long I had l-left to live," Bulma answered helplessly. Vegeta laughed a cold domineering laugh and bent so that their lips were just inches apart. "I can tell you that," he answered in the same tone he had used earlier. "As soon as I defeat the androids and surpass Kakkarot, I will annihilate the whole Earth and take you with me. Then, you can watch the torture and then I will torture you with every way I know how and leave you on your mother's carcass to die as I go back into space to find a much better planet than this pathetic piece of crap!"

Even though Bulma was afraid, her anger would get the best of her in this particular situation. "Oh yeah, huh, Mr. Big-shot! You go right ahead believing that you will beat Goku. Besides, where would you go in space? I'm sure that all the planets know of your cold-heartedness and will find some way to beat you! Because no one cares about you or what happens to you! If it weren't for the androids coming, you could just fall off the face of the Earth and no one would think twice! In fact, they would probably celebrate your death!" She had managed wriggle free from him and was doing a little song and dance parading around the hallway. "Yeah! The prince of that extinct race who thought he was such a big shot is finally gone! Hmm. I wonder who killed him. Oh yeah! That's right! That really strong guy named Goku killed him because he was a weakling!"

Vegeta had had enough now. He grabbed her and flew her to his room and flung her on the bed. She was definitely scared now. Her body was flat on the bed and he was sitting on her lower stomach, manhood where her womanhood was, leaning over top of her so their faces were inches apart. He whispered hoarsely and seductively, "do you know how many women I have raped for less than you have done just now?" Bulma started shaking violently and put her hands on his shoulders trying to push him away.

He leaned down and violently kissed her on the lips. She immediately began to struggle against him but it had no effect on him whatsoever. He tasted disgusting as he plunged his tongue in and out of her mouth basking in the taste of her while she tried to keep her tongue as far away from his as possible. His hand raked up the sides of her body kneading the flesh starting with her hips. He squeezed her hips and kneaded the flesh mesmerized by how much shape her body was in. 'Her fear is still very much evident. Maybe after this demonstration she will get the picture that I am not one to be messed with.' He moved on to her stomach and felt how tight her muscles were. 'Wow she must do more exercising than I originally thought.' Her scent of fear and her body was arousing him. He sucked her tongue into his mouth and started sucking as he explored her breasts. The dress she had worn yesterday and the robe was in the way but he managed to get a good feel of their shape and size. 'This woman will be mine, not today, but someday will be mine.' Bulma was screaming in her mind, 'why won't he leave me alone. Oh my God he is going to rape me!' She started struggling more but was held back even more. Tears started streaming down her face. She was silently praying to whoever was listening that he would get off her soon.

Vegeta had had enough of this demonstration for the time being and pulled away from her. "Go take a shower, woman, you smell putrid." Bulma jumped up off the bed and ran out of the room. When in her room, she broke down crying on her bed. 'Oh my God, he sexually harassed me. Now I have to worry more in my home than out on the streets for Christ's sakes.'

After she left the room, Vegeta sat on his bed thinking about what he had just done. He had meant to scare her, but the tears were a little too far. He didn't think she was that terrified of him. He almost felt guilty for scaring her like that. Almost. He sighed and got up heading for the kitchen. He heard the woman showering as he passed her door. 'I guess she's finally learned her place.' He smirked when he reached the kitchen to the pile of food on the table. He laughed inwardly at Mrs. Briefs total obliviousness to the fact that he had just sexually violated her daughter.

A knowing smirk crept upon his face as she walked in to the kitchen. He was going to have fun with her.

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