Chapter 16

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Bulma was having a real hard time dealing with the aftermath of the Cell Games. It was like she had just stepped out of some weird science fiction film and now was expected to continue on as if nothing happened. How does one go back to normal after the horrors she and the rest of the earth had experienced?

The most awful fact was that Goku was dead, and nothing could ever change that. It was so hard to watch him fight and defend the other fighters, knowing the fate of the whole world was literally on his soldiers. It was so different from Namek, at least there the planet involved was not her own. She was able to detach herself emotionally from what was going on around her during that battle. During Cell's horrible reign, this was just not possible.

Meeting her future son had been bittersweet. It was so hard to believe that her life could have been so different, so terrible. It was bad enough Goku died here anyway, but to imagine all her other friends as well? Yamcha? Tien? Krillin? Even Gohan had eventually died fighting the androids, or so her future son had said.

Now there was an even bigger problem: Vegeta. Kami, she did not want to think about that man, but nothing changed the fact that guests were starting to leave and he was still there! Why wouldn't he leave!? She really did not want to confront him about this, and she really did not feel she had to. 'I mean, he told me he would never come back, and now here he is lounging in the garden? Something's gotta give!!"

After checking on Trunks who was currently sleeping in his nursery, Bulma went to approach Vegeta. Bulma thought she would rather trade places with Krillin right about now. Telling ChiChi about Goku's death seemed so much easier than confronting Vegeta about his staying in her home. At least she could hold her own against ChiChi, both verbally and physically. She was definitely lacking in the physical with Vegeta, and after all the hell he had put her through…well, nothing can be done about that now.

Leaving the kitchen and entering the garden, Bulma found herself right smack in front of Vegeta. Putting up a strong front, Bulma immediately clipped, "Vegeta."

"Bulma," Vegeta said with a nod, arms folded in their traditionally defensive stance.

Going on the offensive, Bulma said none-to-softly, "I would like to know what you are still doing in my house?"

"Your mother invited me."

"Really? Because I thought she invited you to this farewell party, and the party is over."

"I've decided to stay," Vegeta said, while placing his hands on his hips, as if to challenge her disagreement.

"Well, I want you to leave."

"Well, we don't always get what we want, now do we Bulma. I wanted to defeat Kakarrot, but instead a green glob beat me to it. Now, I have already been invited, and I am accepting, whether you like it or not."

With that, Vegeta side-stepped her and entered the kitchen, but Bulma was not being brushed off that easily.

"Whatever happened to the 'I am leaving you forever' bit? Huh? Was it a lie? Because I thought sophisticated princes such as yourself are taught better than that."

Bulma knew she was pushing it, but she felt so helpless at the moment, and needed to vent what she truly hadn't been able to before, due to her fear.

"Did you skip that class to pick on people weaker than you? Or did you miss that because some over-grown lizard was sending you out to blow up helpless planets? Oh it doesn't matter now, does it? You enjoyed it at the time, and look at you now. Some prince of a grand total of 2 persons, well three if you count Trunks and you have to wheedle your way into someone else's home, because you have none!"

The air was crackling around Vegeta, as he had transformed to his Super Saiyan form during her rant, and Bulma feared he might hurt her again. But he forced himself to power down, and to respond to her harsh criticism.

"You know nothing about me. Do not presume to understand me and my past, because you understand nothing!"

"I know more about you than you think. I know you hate Earthlings because we are 'weaklings' as you so boldly put it, I know you hate Frieza because he took everything you ever held dear and never told you until years later, and I even know what you look like in the throes of orgasm. And you know what? Without a child in me to worry about, it is very difficult to be afraid of you."

Okay, maybe Bulma was lying to herself about this one. She was afraid of Vegeta, but not so much after everything that had happened at the Cell Games. She saw a softer side of him that she had only seen small glimpses of before his involvement.

Vegeta advanced on Bulma slowly, making her ease backward until he had her trapped between him and the wall. However, Vegeta's right hand was clenched in a fist near her face, but no part of him was touching her.

"I know a lot about you as well, Bulma. Perhaps more than you know about me. I know you love to overeat sweets and your weight constantly changes because of this disgusting habit, I know you hide your insecurities with your incredibly loud mouth, and I know what you look like in throes of orgasm as well. What you misunderstand is, I have no reason to fear you, while you have every reason to fear me. I could crush your face in less than a second if I wished, and you would never see it coming. You have made a mistake, Bulma, you should fear me."

Bulma tried to control her whimpers and tears, but they eased out of her clenched lips and eyes against her will. Vegeta backed away immediately.

"I make one promise, one I never promised you before. I vow not to hurt you anymore, or the child. I will never purposefully cause you harm."

"Why don't you just leave?" Bulma whispered through tears still streaming down her face.

"The child is mine as well, if anything the Cell Games have prove that above all else. I wish to train him, to raise him as my own. He will know who his father is."

"Oh yeah," Bulma hiccoughed. "Well, what if I don't want him to know who his father is? What if I don't want a murderer training him? Plus, you just said you would never 'harm' us? What do you think training is?"

"Training is not to harm the boy. He will need training, or he will be unable to control his power, and it will come bursting out whenever he is angry. He is incredibly powerful, and not the dormant power Kakarrot's son showed. The boy's power has already been demonstrated, and it needs to be harnessed. Training will never harm the boy, it will give him the strength he needs to be the rightful heir of his race."

Vegeta continued, "I do not want a relationship with you, but I want one with my son. However, I do expect you to be civil toward me, and respect me as the father of your son. I will not have our past muddle the view my son has of me. Are we in agreement?"

Vegeta then extended his right hand in the traditional earthly gesture, but Bulma hesitated to shake it.

"So, you want to be a father to him, and a friend to me?" Bulma asked, trying to understand him completely.

"I do not do friends, but I expect us to be civil and acknowledge one another," Vegeta answered, hand still extended in civility.

Bulma shook it hesitantly, expecting Vegeta to tighten his group to show his dominance, but surprised that he didn't.

"I suppose my mother already has a room ready for you, so good night then," Bulma spoke, confusion still in her mind. This was not the Vegeta before Cell, and this was certainly not the Vegeta before Trunks came along. She was unsure how to deal with this new information, but Vegeta seemed sincere.

As she climbed the stairs to her apartment she shared with Trunks, she still could not believe all that had happened to her in her unbelievable life. This new development was something to process as well. She would have to trust Vegeta. After all, he had proved his care for Future Trunks during the Cell Games, and they definitely spent a lot of time together. She believed he wouldn't hurt him, and she almost believed he wouldn't hurt her.

Only time would tell.

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