Thanks to the inspiration of the DaVinci Code, National Treasure, and Puzzle Pirates; Lilypad05 and I have decided to write a story out of the original. Not your normal modern time. This one is based on pirates and finding "The Treasure".

Full Summary: After the death of Kagome's grandfather, Kagome was left with a note. The note was a riddle on how to find the treasure. Kagome took her grandfather's spot as captain of Rolling Thunder. Inuyasha, on the other hand, was the captain of Angels nor Demons, he also had a clue about the treasure, but not the actual note. Kagome and Inuyasha try to get the clues before each other and each clue leads them closer and closer to the prize, and each other.

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Noun - a person or group that opposes or attacks another; opponent; enemy; foe

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"Grandpa! Grandpa! What's happening?" An eight year old Kagome cried as she was being shoved into the lower deck.

"Now, Kagome," he panted. His face was marked with wrinkles. Sweat dropped down his forehead; he was shaking as he held Kagome's hands. "Listen to me, whatever you see or hear, don't come out until I come and get you."

Kagome nodded her head obediently as her grandpa shut the door on her. She was now stuck in a small room on the lowest part of the ship. Above, she could hear cannon shots, the clashing of swords, and the yelling of men.

Shaken and scared, she huddled herself in the corner. The ship shook with every blow. Kagome remembered every single battle that she had been through with her grandpa as the captain of Rolling Thunder, and every one seemed like the first.

All of the sudden, the ship tilted to the left; Kagome slid across the wooden floor under a table. Too scared to move, she stayed under the table for what seemed like hours. This was an unusual battle. Kagome was beginning to worry about her grandpa. He had reassured her many times that they were one of the strongest crews, but then why was this battle longer than usual? Who were they fighting? What was going on?

The noise began to cease, Kagome got the nerves to stand up and walk towards the door. She slowly unlocked the latch and climbed up to the dock. Kagome gasped, it was chaotic. There was blood all over the place with men wounded on the floor. She had never seen such a ghastly sight.

"Kagome…Kagome…" She heard her name faintly and turned around to see who could be calling her. On the far side of the ship, she saw her grandpa lying on the floor. He was wounded and blood stained across his chest.

Kagome screamed and ran towards him, "Grandpa! What's wrong?" She kneeled beside him, holding his hand; it was ice cold. Tears trickled down her face as her grandpa tried to catch his breath.

He took her hand and put it on his pocket, Kagome felt something underneath it. She slowly took it out; it was a tiny corner piece of paper, ripped out roughly from a parchment.

Her grandpa took in a huge breath and said faintly, "Our family's secret…a treasure…find it…find…it…"

"But Grandpa…" Drops of tears fell down her face, "I don't understand…"

Her grandpa let go of her hand, and it fell limply onto the deck.

Kagome screamed; her vision was now drowned with tears. She took the piece of paper and shoved it down her pocket. Kagome ran with all her might to the front of the ship and screamed out.

"Why! Why! You murderers! One day I'll destroy you all!"

She saw the enemy's flag waving with the wind. That flag she would remember for the rest of her life.

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That was ten years ago. Kagome was now the captain of her grandpa's ship, Rolling Thunder. Dawn just broke and she was about to get ready for the new day.

She changed out of her sleeping gown and pulled on an elegant white blouse with a dark red sash and some lose black pants. She tied back her raven black hair to the side into a lose ponytail. With no thought at all, she took out a red bandana and tied it neatly on her head into a headband. She then sat down at the end of her bed and slipped on her boots. Kagome stood up, she looked into the mirror. Her tall and slim figure, her deep, fierce eyes reflected back upon her.

She unfolded the piece of parchment that was left by her grandpa. It read:

"All the seas you shall defeat,

Never look too far,

The answer lies beyond…"

56 - 15 AD

She read these three lines every single day after her grandpa passed away. Yet, she had never figured out what it meant. How do you defeat seas but never look too far? The clue seemed to state that it was quite simple, when the riddle was so hard. And the thing most puzzling about it was that 56 – 15 AD just didn't make sense. AD was a date, so why was the 56 before 15? If you take away the hyphen, didn't it mean the year 5615? That couldn't be right, because it was now the 17th century.

"Captain, we are two days from Terra Island." Sango said as the door opened. She was head of the crew, right under Kagome. They have been friends for a few years now.

Kagome gasped and shoved the paper into her pocket. "Thank you Sango, but we should sail faster, get everyone on sails."

The clear blue waters were just waiting for Kagome. She took a breath of the fresh, crisp air and yelled, "To Terra Island!"

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Inuyasha yawned and sat lazily as the sun rose. His parents had left him nothing, absolutely nothing, except one sentence before they had passed away. "Seek the treasure." What the hell was 'seek the treasure' supposed to mean? What treasure? Where was it? Why hadn't they left with a different clue or phrase? He didn't even know where to begin.

Inuyasha had been sailing the ocean around a year now, as captain. His crew, Angels nor Demons, were strong and one of the toughest sailing the seas. He got up and walked to the navigation table.

"How far are we away from Terra Island?" He asked Miroku.

"Oh, just a few days," Miroku responded, "Then I'll actually be able to get some rest."

Inuyasha rolled his eyes, "Whatever, whatever, keep up the work."

"Yeah, yeah, Inuyasha."

"That's captain to you."

Miroku shrugged indifferently and went back to his duty. Inuyasha headed to the main deck. "Everyone get to work. We want to get to Terra quick. No reason. I want ¾ of you on sails, and the rest clean and fix up this ship, not that it's in bad condition or anything." He smirked, "Shippo, go fill the cannons in case I feel like attacking."

"Yes sir."

"That's captain to you."

"Yes, captain," he said mockingly and got to work.

Inuyasha ignored the last comment and climbed up to the crow's nest. It was such a nice day, with the blue skies, clear waters, and…a ship!

"Get ready for an attack!" He screamed below. Angels nor Demons would succeed once again.

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Kagome was trying to get to Terra Island as fast as possible; she had her crews all on sails. They were running low on supplies and needed to restock.

"Captain! Ship ahead!" Sango bellowed from the crow's nest.

"We'll sail pass them; let's not look for trouble right now!" Kagome called to Sango.

"From what I'm seeing, they're sailing right towards us!"

"Damn…" Kagome ran around the deck, preparing her crew to defend.

All of the sudden, a cannon was shot from the other ship and just missed Rolling Thunder. The impact was a huge wave of water that sprayed onto the deck and rocked the boat back and forth.

"Six of you on cannons now!"

Sango had climbed down to help with this attack. "Kagome, we only have 7 cannonballs left!"

"Don't shoot them until I tell you!"

"Yes ma'am."

Kagome raced to the navigating wheel. By now the other ship was getting closer and closer. If she wanted to win, she had to do it strategically. She couldn't fight head on.

At that moment, another cannon was shot. Kagome, with her quick reflexes, steered the ship to the right. It was the biggest ship she had ever fought or maybe even seen, almost twice as big as her ship. She wondered what crew it was.

Kagome looked up towards the flag. Could it be? The flag was two black and red saber swords, crossing one another. This was Ghost of the Seven Seas, the most legendary ship in the ocean! And this was the ship that killed her grandpa.

Kagome was now not only fighting for her ship, but also for revenge. She quickly came up with a plan.

Kagome dodged all the blows as they got closer and closer. Now they were so close that she could see every single crew member on the opposing side. She was no longer able to dodge the blows.

"One, two, and three, fire your cannons!" She screamed.

Cannons one, two, and three were all shot instantly and each one hit a different section of the boat. All of the sudden, because she was too busy giving out directions, a cannon hit the midsection of her ship.

Their ships were now parallel with each other, one facing north and one facing south. Kagome immediately steered her ship around the back of Ghost of the Seven Seas. She did this movement so fast that she was parallel with the other ship again, but this time facing the same direction.

"Four, five, and six. Shoot!"

Two out of the three cannons hit the ship. Kagome smirked to herself. For her grandpa and for her crew, this was it!

"Throw the ropes!"

Rolling Thunder had grappled Ghost of the Seven Seas.

"Attack!" Each and every one of them screamed, took out their swords, and swung to the other ship.

Hoping that all her training with her crew would pay off, she swung over.

Immediately, she was attacked by three pirates. Her men were outnumbered by about two to one, but she believed in them.

Kagome blocked the first pirate's attack and countered it by stabbing him right in the stomach. She dodged the second one and swiped at his neck, he fell to the ground. She winced every time. It was horrible to see or do this, but she was a pirate and it was necessary and that was just what pirates do. The third one, seeing what happened to his friends, fled.

Kagome turned and looked for the captain of the ship. Her crew had defeated many of the pirates on the deck and they didn't need her help. She turned to go to the upper deck and saw a pirate with black hair and a feathered hat take down one of her crew members. He was wearing a black jacket embroidered in red. She ran up the stairs, dodging all the blows along the way.

"Are you the captain?" She challenged.

The pirate turned around to face her and looked straight into her eyes. The stare gave chills down her spine.

"Yes, I'm the captain and I'm guessing you are too?"

Kagome didn't respond and charged right towards him. He took out his sword and blocked her first attack with one simple stroke. He countered by trying to stab her in the chest. Thought she was that weak? She dodged the blow and slid across the floor, to his other side. Now he was going to get it. Before he had time to turn around, she sliced her sword across his legs.

Blood gushed out from his calves, he fell onto the deck. "Good shot, but not good enough." He swung around, and caught his sword at her throat. Naraku slowly stood up.

Kagome froze, this was it.

"Surrender or die."

Kagome took in a deep breath and slowly lifted her hands, ready to surrender.

"So I see you really are weak, you'd rather surrender than die with honor and glory?"

She had thought about not surrendering, but she wanted to fulfill her grandpa's wishes.

"Naraku! Our ship is sinking!" A voice echoed across the ship.

Naraku turned for only a split second. Kagome took the chance and used her sword to deflect his sword out of his hand and into the sea.

Naraku, shocked at what had happened, found her sword at his throat.

"Surrender or die." She said emotionlessly.

Now it was Naraku's turn to lift up his hands and surrender.

"Now look at who's the weak one, what about honor and glory?" She asked mockingly, "Now tell your crew to stop the fighting."

He turned towards the lower deck and yelled, "Everyone, stop now! Drop your swords!"

Swords clashed onto the deck. Kagome's crew cheered triumphantly, they had beaten the toughest crew in the ocean, thanks to Kagome.

"Everyone! Take whatever you want or need! You guys did great!" She yelled, not taking her eyes off Naraku.

Sango rushed up to the deck to thank Kagome for the wonderful battle navigation.

"Thanks Sango, now can you watch Naraku for me while I look for some things?"

"Sure, no problem," Sango pulled out her sword and took Kagome's spot.

Kagome wandered down to the lowest deck, where Naraku's room was. There probably was something important and valuable in there. They were not the strongest crew for nothing.

In the corner, there was a big door with 'Naraku' carved into it.

"Wow, talk about headstrong."

She opened the door and walked inside. She noticed right away the biggest chest she had ever seen in her life. It was a golden chest with the inscription of:

Ghost of the Seven Seas – Since 1556.

"Wait a minute," Kagome recited to herself:

"All the seas you shall defeat,

Never look too far,

The answer lies beyond…"

56 - 15 AD

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And that's it for now…once again, it's a cliffhanger, aren't those just fun?

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