I know I said that my next story probably wouldn't be submitted before the end of the summer, but I lied (again). I thought that I was going to take a little break from writing, but then I realized that I really don't have anything else to do besides write these little stories and I was pretty bored without them. As for the story itself, this one takes place in the future and is mainly based on the episode Mandy the Merciless. However, this story is also inspired by a few sci-fi movies, one in particular that I won't name until later, if at all. I don't know what this story is going to be like as far as content or theme goes and I'm both worried and excited about how it will shape up as it progresses. All that aside, I hope you find it interesting.

Guess what: I don't own the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

Mandy's Metropolis

Chapter 1: Nobody Likes an Idiot

It was a regular day in the town of Endsville when the neighborhood idiot, an annoying child named Billy, disturbed the early morning stillness with one of his usual routines.

Whistling happily to himself, the small boy skipped down the sidewalk. His high-pitched tune was interrupted only when he stopped to shout the name of his best friend, whose house he was steadily approaching. The surrounding neighbors had learned early on not to waste their money on alarm clocks because Billy could always be counted on to rise with the sun and wake up the entire street. At least no one was every late for work as long as he was there.

Billy's pace increased to a full run once his friend's house came into view and he scurried up to the front steps of the oddly-shaped white building. Before he reached the last step he lurched forward suddenly and landed in the flowerbed on the side of the house. Shoelace tying was a skill Billy had never learned to master, and he often tripped over himself because of it.

Despite this, his smile never disappeared, even after swallowing the dirt and gavel that had found its way into his mouth. After shooting a pebble out of his nose, he lifted himself back up to the doorstep. The still silence returned momentarily while Billy cleared his throat and rearranged his shirt and hat, almost as if he were about to meet someone important.

"MANDY, TIME TO COME OUTSIDE AND PLAAAAAY!" He chanted, slamming his fists against the front door. There was no reply, but that was not at all discouraging to him and he started to shout some more. "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDYYYYYY!"

The object of Billy's obsession crawled out of bed and landing heavily on the carpet. She rubbed her eyes and placed a black headband over her blonde hair, which stuck out in every direction. After a quick yawn she walked over to her window, picking up a brick that lay on her dresser on the way. Billy had taken over the duties of her alarm clock, and the heavy, blunt object served as a kind of 'snooze button'.

Billy was still calling loudly for her, "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE, MANDY…." He was finally silenced by the girl, who dropped the brick she held in her hand directly on top of him.

Mandy rested her head on the edge of the open window, waiting for Billy to recover, which happened almost immediately. He jumped to his feet before rubbing the bump on his head, then looked up at her and grinned stupidly.

"Come on, Mandy!" He urged. "Its almost six O' clock!"

"No, Billy." She replied blankly. "I'm busy today." She was still too tired to feel angry at him.

Billy looked genuinely shocked, "But, what could be more fun than playing baseball with Grim's head?" His voice was almost trembling.

Her answer was ominous to say the least, "Making plans to further enslave mankind and eradicate all that is good and just in this world."

"That doesn't sound very fun at all…" Billy whimpered, tears already forming in his eyes.

"Well, I think it is." She said, backing away the window. "Now get out of here before I call the cops." She slammed the window shut with that last remark and moved out of his sight.

"Can I at least watch your big-screen TV?" Billy asked, hoping that Mandy would return to the window any second. She never did reappear, and the boy finally realized that he was not wanted. "Fine, Mandy! I don't need you, I can have fun with Grim all by myself!" He shouted, failing miserably to hide the disappointment in his voice.

The shunned imbecile trudged slowly back to his house, his heart momentarily broken. However, this sadness disappeared quickly, as it often does with people who have short attention spans. He was already smiling again by the time he opened his front door.

"HEY GRIM!" He loudly greeted his friend, who was hunched over on the living room couch. The Reaper spilled some of his morning coffee on himself at the sound of that shrill little voice.

"What is it Billy…" Grim asked coldly.

"It's just you and me today, buddy!" Billy exclaimed just before he jumped on the couch and patted his 'buddy's' shoulder blade. "Cause Mandy is such a BIG MEAN JERK!" He shouted, looking behind him as if he expected her to be standing there.

Grim calmly placed his coffee on the arm of the sofa and grabbed the remote control, "Billy, do you remember anything I told you yesterday?" He wondered, not looking up at Billy's confused face, knowing that he probably didn't have an answer.

Billy could only guess, "Umm, keep my excretions off of your pillow?"

The Reaper couldn't hide his irritation any longer, "No, you idiot!" He shouted, then paused for moment. "Well, yes…actually I did say that, but there was something more important than that: never bother me when I'm about to watch my soap operas."

Just as Grim said that, the theme song of one of his favorite shows could be heard coming from the television. He shoved Billy out of the way and increased the volume until the corny melody was audible throughout the entire house.

"Now, get out of here and go play with your dad's power tools." He said, waving Billy off with his skeletal hands.

Billy couldn't hear anything over the sound of the TV, but it was obvious even to him that he had been rejected for a second time. He lowered his head and walked up the stairs to the hallway. Light was pouring out of the crack in the door that led to his room, and he cheered up a little when he noticed it. At least he had somewhere to go when no one else wanted to be around him.

Billy's room was a perfect reflection of his personality; the walls were decorated with colorful posters featuring happy-looking cartoon characters who encouraged friendship and sharing, while the floor was littered with garbage and mud, making the entire room smell terrible. His parents had made comments about how it resembled a pigpen more and more everyday, and Billy seemed to take that as a compliment. A pile of dirt and debris had formed in the far corner, which was frequently used to take 'mud baths' (though Grim swore repeatedly that there was more than just mud involved).

Billy stepped on top of the festering piles of food and empty pickle jars, disturbing a nest a cockroaches in the process. He hadn't eaten breakfast yet, and a moldy banana peel hanging from his bed stand was just what he needed. As he chewed on the soft yellow skin, he thrust his arms into one of the piles of trash and began to rummage through it. After a short bit of searching his hand emerged with a filthy action figure, which he brought up to his face.

"Oh Professor Gaylord, you're my only friend." He said with a sniff, holding the toy's plastic arm between his two fingers.

Billy was startled by a sudden, loud thumping noise coming from his closet. He sat with his back pressed against the wall, and stared in the direction of the disturbing sound. Both closet doors began to creak open, and he gripped the 'professor' tightly against his chest, shivering in fear.

The figure that stumbled into view wasn't the flesh eating monster Billy had been expecting. Instead, it was his mom holding a large, dusty mop in her hands. She was covered in sweat, and bits of food and dirt stuck to the ends of her hair, which looked like it hadn't been combed or washed in days. A thin layer of dust powered her tired face and hands.

"What were you doing in my closet, mom?" Billy asked, still a little shaken up.

Billy's mom (whose name was Gladys, incase you wanted to know) had a strange facial tic, and every few seconds her face scrunched up or her eyes twitched uncontrollably. Years of living with Billy and his father had obviously taken a toll on her sanity, but for the most part she was able to control her psychotic behavior. Or at least slightly reduce it.

"I was just cleaning out your closet, and I got lost for a few days…" Her voice trailed off, and she stepped forward with a blank, trance-like expression.

This got a response from Billy, though not because he was worried about his mother's health. "YOU DIDN'T MOP UP MY SALIVA FARM, DID YOU?" He squealed, jumping off his bed and tripping into a heap of garbage.

The mere mention of the word 'saliva' triggered another spasm, causing Gladys's jaw to clench shut. She began to breathe heavily, but soon relaxed. A smile appeared on her face and she let out a nervous laugh.

"Don't be silly, Billy." The woman replied cheerfully, pushing her hair to the side. "What kind of mother would I be if I let my little boy wallow in filth?"

Billy leapt to his feet with renewed excitement. "I wanna help clean, too!" He shouted.

"No,no,no,no,no,no,no,no,no!" Gladys said frantically, tightened her grip on the handle of the mop until it was on the verge of breaking in half. "Mommy has a lot of work to do and needs some peace and quiet."

Billy was about to protest as he was led out of the room, but decided not to. His mom pulled a cockroach out of his ear before giving him a gentle shove out the door, which slammed shut before he could even turn around.

"DON'T FORGET TO CLEAN THE SPOTS IN THE CARPET WHERE I MARKED MY TERRITORY!" He screamed, already halfway down the hall. A strained, almost neurotic crazy laugh appeared from the other side of the bedroom door.

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Abandoned by his friends and thrown out of his own house, Billy sat on the curb of the street and watched the cars pass by; all hope of having another day of idiotic fun appeared lost. His melancholy eyes scanned the strip of asphalt, eventually resting on a large stone a few feet away. Desperate to find something to do, his hand darted forward and he picked it up.

"Me and this rock can still have some fun…" He said to himself, and with that he held the stone in both hands and began to smash it against his face. Billy enjoyed it at first, he even started to giggle a little bit and increased the velocity of each strike. However, his sad expression quickly returned and he lowered his arms. It just wasn't the same without Grim and Mandy.

There were very few things that Billy hated more than boredom, and the painful welts and bruises that covered his face made everything even more unbearable. His tiny mind worked furiously to come up with something, anything, that he could do to pass the time.

A single idea popped into his head: Grim's trunk. The box was filled with a seemly endless supply of creatures and items capable of all kinds of chaos and destruction, and Billy had made a habit of sticking his nose into to it every chance he got. Grim never stopped warning the curious moron about the dangers of his trunk, but he was never taken seriously. Billy would always end up trapped in some strange world or parallel dimension, and his friends were the ones who had to risk their own lives to save his.

In order to open the trunk, Billy had to go down to his basement, where it was kept behind a locked door. He started to approach the front of his house, but stood still when he heard the sound of Grim's soap operas coming from inside. The Grim Reaper would never let him open the basement door without inquiring about what he planned to do down there. He needed to find another way to get inside, and the lower windows on the side of the building were his only other options.

Billy ran to the side of the house and approached the row of narrow windows positioned right above the ground. Someone had previously kicked out the glass in the first window, leaving only the rusted metal border. Billy's dad had promised to fix it, but weeks passed by and it still hadn't happened. The empty slot was about the same size as the boy's body, and he had no trouble sliding into it. The problem started when Billy tried to pulled his head through.

His protruding nose was far too large to fit through the gap, leaving him lodged between the wall. He grabbed both sides of the window in an attempt to free himself, but doing so only increased the pressure on his face. Exhausted, he dropped his hands and let the lower half of his body dangle above the basement floor. After taking a deep breath, Billy tried one last time to pry himself loose. After letting out a strained grunt, he succeeded in separating himself from the wall and landed on the hard ground.

Although he made it safely inside, Billy still felt an intense weight around his face. He brought his hands up to his nose and realized that he hadn't pulled his head out of the window frame, instead it had been ripped out of the wall and remained wrapped around his misshapen head. With some difficulty he yanked off the square piece of metal and set it aside.

The basement was a dreary room with walls of solid concrete and a ceiling congested with wires and metal tubing. There was nothing particularly special about it, and it seemed like an unusual place to hide a stockpile of supernatural artifacts with limitless power.

Billy was surrounded by a shaft of light that streamed through the massive opening in the wall behind him, though everything else was veiled in darkness. However, having already memorized the location of the trunk, the dark was little hindrance to him. Within a few seconds his foot struck the heavy wooden object and he immediately dragged it closer to his body.

He could feel the cold metal of the skull shaped lock on his fingers and flipped the top of the trunk open with ease. Upon doing so, a ghostly figure burst free and took shape in front of him.

The apparition grew in size until it towered above the small child who had been foolish enough to awaken it. Billy acted quickly, breathing in deeply through his nose and slowly pulling the ghost into his nostrils. After it had disappeared into the abyss, he wiped the snot off himself and returned his attention to the trunk, which he dunked his head into.

When Billy reemerged he had something gently cupped in his hands. He slowly removed his right hand and squealed with delight when he saw the red blob resting in his palm.

"Will you be my friend?" He asked the tiny creature, who was still recovering from a long sleep.

The blob stretched its mouth into a deep yawn, then blinked repeatedly and gazed up at its funny looking captor. Without warning it lunged forward with a screech and sunk its jagged teeth into Billy's face.

Billy didn't seem to mind, "Awwww, he likes me." He grabbed one end of his new pet and tore it off his skin. Its gelatinous body squirmed between his fingers, and he watched it with a smile.

By the time it started to gnaw on his hand, the smile had disappeared. Already bored with the slimy animal, Billy tossed it into his mouth, slowly letting it slide down his esophagus. It was lunch time, after all. He licked the red juices off his lips, and dove back into the trunk, hoping to find some dessert to go with his meal. Digging deeper into the pile of magical objects, he found a miniature crystal ball hiding underneath a leather bound book of enchantments. It was impossible for him to resist anything even remotely shiny, so he promptly reached for it.

"I GOTS ME A JAWBREAKER!" He shouted, wiping the dust off the piece of 'candy' before devouring it. It was a major disappointment, tasting more like mildew than anything else. He moved the questionable treat to the opposite side of his mouth, though this did nothing to change the musty flavor. Sitting down, Billy wondered why Grim would feel the need to safeguard a mildew-flavored jawbreaker.

A slight tingling sensation appeared on Billy's tongue before he could give the matter any serious thought. It quickly intensified to a heavy vibration, causing his teeth to clack together in a rather uncomfortable manner. Light broke out the sides of his mouth and spread slowly throughout his entire body, illuminating his minuscule form. Billy's brain was simply too small to comprehend what was happening to him, and he remained seated throughout the entire phenomenon.

The confines of the room broke away; walls, floor, ceiling, and everything else. The radiance around him faded, the tremors inside his head disappeared. Billy hovered on the borders of nonexistence, feeling oddly at peace. He closed his eyes, and let the darkness take him away.


Seriously, writing this chapter was living hell. I could only write about a few paragraphs a day before getting fed up. The reason: I recently looked back at my two past stories and realized that my writing style in those two examples was…poor. At best. I wanted to improve on this, but I'm not sure if I made a difference at all. I'm not even sure if this chapter makes sense. It might just be a bunch of rambling sentences smacked together into some unreadable paragraphs, all of which combine to form something that is little more than nonsensical banter without any form or substance. I understand it, but that could easily be because I have lost my mind.

All of my stories are meant to have a comedic edge to them, but this story may seem a little more serious as it goes on. My greatest fear is that people who like more humorous stories will find this one too serious, and people who like more dramatic stories will find this too ridiculous.

Well, that's enough of my shining optimism. Thanks for reading anyway….(lol)

I know this chapter is long and has barely any dialogue so… sorry about that. Future chapters will be different (and better). I promise.