Severus Snape sighed and closed his raven-black eyes. He had a horrible stomach ache and had to finish grading papers for all the stupid, half-wit students. They had all mixed up Saint John's Wort and Worm Wort again in the potion. It was giving him a headache to give so many 'F's, a task he usually enjoyed. He came to the second to last paper, and glanced at the name, Hermione Granger, with the 'i's as little hearts. That made him sigh a more different sigh as he remembered his favorite student.

Going through her paper his anger towards the other students disappeared. He quickly scribbled an A onto the paper and set it aside. I wonder what Hermione was up to at this moment in time, he thought to himself letting out another sigh.


"Ron! I want to go get my paper from Snape to be sure I got an A!" Hermione said, frustrated walking down the halls of Hogwarts with Harry Potter, the boy who lived with emerald eyes like his mother, and Ron Weasley, a tall gangly boy.
"Hermione, of course you got an A! You always do! Snape probably has stopped trying to find mistakes in your papers!" Harry protested mouth in a cute pout. "You said you were going to hang out by the lake after lunch and it's after lunch."
"Ill meet up with you two later, I just want to make sure I did OK,"Hermione turned down the stairs to the dungeons, where Snapes classroom was. "Now, scat if you don't want to run into Professor Snape!" She quickly turned and fled down the stairs.
"Someone would think she liked visiting Snape," Ron said as they stood at the top of the stairs.


Hermione gently knocked on the door to the dungeons. "Enter!" A voice said from the other side. Hermione open the door and walked in.
"Hello...professor," she said with a lustful voice. Snape looked up and saw her.
"I suppose you're here to see your paper? I just graded it"
"Thank you professor, but I didn't come just to see the paper..." Hermione walked slowly up to the desk. "I came to see you"
"Don't you have those idiots following you around today?" Snape put his quill down and looked Hermione up and down. His stomach started hurting again. Was it something he ate?
"I got away, but not for long." Hermione had come all the way around the desk and sat on Snape's lap. He moved uneasily. She didn't notice and leaned in for a kiss. Snape gave in and soon found a number of places under her shirt he should not have with a student.
"Hermione, I don't think we should be-" Snape began to protest. His stomach was feeling worse. He felt like he was going to throw up.
"Shhhh," Hermione said as she placed her finger on his lips and picked at his ear with her teeth.
"Hermione, I feel...sick" Snape jumped out of the chair and ran to the nearest bathroom leaving Hermione in a pile on the floor.

Standing in front of the mirror Snape looked at himself in the mirror, he wasn't his normal shade of pale. Taking his wand from his robes, Snape tapped the mirror. A medicine cabinet appeared from behind it and Snape took out a sickly green potion from it. "Oh dear, what is this...feeling." With a quick swig Snape drunk down the potion.

Snape was halfway over the sink when he saw a movement in the mirror. He turned quickly pulling his wand out in defense but it was only Hermione.
"Severus, are you sick? What's wrong?" She crept in to comfort him.
"Its...nothing. Just a stomach ache." He put his wand away but held his stomach to stop the pain.
"Does this have anything to do with...last time?" Hermione invoked a rush of memories. Snape was certain that wasn't ok for student and teacher. Now that she mentioned it he had been feeling off since two weeks ago.
"It couldn't be," Snape drew himself to his full height. "That was nothing. I'd be more worried about you."
"I used the library to look up some spells...Wait! You think it could be! That's impossible! You're...a man and I'm the woman! It doesn't work that way Severus!" Hermione had taken a step back from Snape. Snape was thinking the same thing, there was no possible way he could be…pregnant. His brow formed deep lines on his forehead.

"No, no. Its probably nothing. You can come see me tomorrow, Ill be better by then," Snape said shooing Hermione away. He acted as if he was fine but he did have a deep kernel of doubt in his head. This had happened before, but that was with James, a long time ago when they were young. But, he had be sure this time before things got out of hand. He rushed off to the infirmary holding his stomach.


Well, we all know Hes pregnant but how is it Hermione's! Only time will tell. NEXT CHAPTER: PEOPLE START TO NOTICE SOMETHING IS WRONG! OH NO DESU!