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"So Nancy, who are you going to ask to the Winter Ball?" asked Linda

"Well I really don't know, I could ask Shane cause he's so cute or maybe Mike cause he's real funny or Jonah because he has a cute name."

"Don't ask Jonah, He's my man." Said Linda

The Bell Rings

"Dammit we'll be late to math!" Nancy said as her and Linda rushed to math and made it the knick of time.

"Phew! We just made it!" said Linda trying to catch her breath."

After class Linda and Nancy caught up with Tommy and Slash in the hallway.

"So any of you girls know who you're going with?" asked Tommy

Before Nancy could say something Shane approached her.


"Yes?" said Nancy raising a brow to Shane.

"Well..umm..err...uh..Would...you..like..to..umm...accompany...me..to the..Ball?"

"Yipee! I'd love to!" said Nancy Jumping up and down.

"Cool, So I guess I'll pick you up around 8 then. Bye" Said Shane as he walked off.

"Well since you have a date I'm gonna go ask Jonah." said Linda as she walked up to him.

"Hey Jonah" said Linda.

"Hey Linda, I've been looking for you everywhere." he said

"Why?" asked Linda.

"Well I wanna take you to the dance tonight. Would you be intrested?" he asked.

"Yes I would." Said Linda

"Sweet see ya at 7. Later" said Jonah as he left

Nancy saw Linda jumping for Joy as Nancy approached.

"Lemme guess he said yes eh?" asked Nancy

"YES! YIPPEE! WHOO!" Linda shouted ecstaticlly.

"Well let's go home and get ready then." said Nancy as her and Linda left.

"Damn the two hottest girls we know just got dates." said Slash

But out of the Blue the twin sisters Kelly and Teresa went up and asked the boys to the dance and they gradually accepted.