Disclamer: I do not own Snowboard Kids nor do I own Star Wars Battle Front 2 or any character affilliated with it (I do have a copy of the game though.) nor do I own Ecko, Enyce, Nike or SouthPole. Also I apologize the this chapter was'nt gonna be the winter ball but getting ready for the winter ball.

At Nancy's place

Nancy: "Ok, Ok what to wear, What to wear? Maybe a pink dress with frills? No, No!..Uh..I can't think straight dammit!"

At Shane's place

Shane: "Ok last level and I beat Star Wars Battlefront 2! Oh snap Jedi powers! And...YES! I beat it! you rule Darth Vader! Ok now what to wear to the ball, hmm... let's see now my Suit with Southpole blue Jeans?...nah, Maybe a black Enyce tee with black Ecko Jeans...Nope...I got it! My black Ecko Top with Black South Pole jeans, Shane you're a genius!

Back at Nancy's

Nancy's Mom: "Nancy honey whats wrong?"

Nancy: "Mom I don't know what to wear to the dance and I'm afraid that I'll look fat and ugly!"

Nancy's Mom: "Honey you're beautiful no matter what you wear."


Nancy's Mom: "Really."

At Slash's

Slash: "Alright got my threads my gift to my girl and...wait a sec I FORGOT THE LOCATION OF HER HOUSE!. Aw shit am I in hot water."

his phone rings

Slash: "Hello?"

Teresa: "Yes can I talk to Slash Kamei please?"

Slash: "This is him."

Teresa: "Oh hi Slashy look I'm picking you up my dad decided to give me a lift, So be outside in 10 minutes, Ok?

Slash: "No problem-o, later."

They hang up

Slash: "Thank you God."

Tommy is outside waiting for his date when...SHE COMES dur!

Kelly: "So Tommy ready to party like its 1999 err...2006?"

Tommy: "Yup let's get a move on and cut a rug."

Meanwhile at Linda's

Linda: "Getting ready to see my man Jonah YIPPEE!"

Meanwhile Shane picks Nancy up in his dad's car

Shane: "So...Nancy..uh...I..like your...Dress it's cute."

Nancy: "Thanks...I...Umm..think..your...choice of clothing is cool too."

Shane "Thanks...umm..I guess."

Everyone arrives at the ball a short bit later