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Dog Street

by Kyoto-chan

"What the hell is that 'dog street' on your shirt supposed to mean?" Seifer sneered at Pence, who merely growled in retaliation.

"It's not a shirt, it's a jersey!"

"LOSER! Why do you wear that stupid headband all the time, anyway?"

Pence leered, "Well, why do you wear that stupid hat all the time?"

Seifer seemed a bit taken aback.

"Um...it covers...my...bald spot."

"...oh great. We find out you're bald, and you dress gay. What's next? We find out you sleep with Raijin?"

Seifer paused a bit before responding.

"...uh. No. But Hayner took my virginity from me."

Pence looked quite shocked.

"...you gayass!"

Then out of nowhere, said friend came into the picture. And slapped the dog-street-jersey-wearing boy.

"You jerk! We're over!"

"What the...?"

Hayner's angry frown quickly turned into a giant grin, as he skipped (yes, skipped) over to the leader of the Twilight Town Disciplinary Committee and grabbed the belly-shirt-wearer by the hand.

"C'mon Seifiee, let's go!"

Pence tackled Hayner and whined, "Don't gooo!"

Seifer growled.

"Dammit Pence, get the hell offa him!"

Hayner managed to wriggle free, and tried to run away from Pence. Pence lunged for Hayner, but ended up glomping Seifer. And ended up making him fall onto the ground. And his face fall on top of Seifer's.

Pence let out a loud shriek as the boy awoke, and twitched a little.

"What. The. Hell. Was. That. Dream. All. About?"


Pence looked over to his side, where he saw...none other than...the Struggle announcer!

"You had a dream where you were dating Hayner and then found out that Hayner was cheating on you with Seifer, and then when Hayner was going to leave you for Seifer, you didn't want him to, so you tried to stop him, but ended up kissing Seifer, which proves that you–"


The Struggle announcer grinned, and merely responded, "This is another dream."

Pence pinched himself this time, just to make sure he really was awake now.

"Ow! Okay...I'm awake..."

Pence looked around him in the dark room, and let out a sigh of relief.

"Okay, no Seifer, Hayner, or that weird Struggle announcer with that crush on Seifer in sight...dammit Pence, no more sea-salt ice cream before bedtime!"

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