If someone loves you, wouldn't they say I love you?

A Sonic the Hedgehog Flash Fiction

Brian Bloomfield

Sonic sat at his dark oak desk in his hut. Night had set on Knothole unusually early this day of summer. Storm clouds obscured the setting sun, and light rain began to drizzle as the sun set on the Great Forest. Sonic had his windows open, and the pleasant scent of fresh leaves and rain filled his house. An empty notebook lay open in front of the hedgehog. Thoughts whirled in his head.

He had been friends with Princess Sally practically all of his life. Over time, his heart had grown to love the Princess. Two years ago, he had told the Princess of his dedication to their cause, and had sworn himself to her. He had told her that he loved her.

And she had told me that she loved me. This now seems so long ago. Recently, things have began to change between us. I thought that she had needed some space. We were living together, and now we are back in our own separate huts. I had broken up with her because I thought that she needed all the space I could give her. It broke my heart to do so, but I had to do what I thought was right. Shows what I know. I've destroyed our relationship. We've grown gradually more and more distant it seems, and every time I try to breach the gap, it seems that she resists me more and more. She's made me crazy. I am going crazy. I think she loves me, and I know that I love her.

But if someone loves you, shouldn't they know that in their heart? But what if she doesn't know where her heart is? And if I say that I love her, shouldn't she say she loves me in return? Should it hurt me if she doesn't? If someone loves you, wouldn't they say I love you?

Sonic shut the hardbound tablet and lied down on his bunk.


Sonic got in line to get breakfast. He was deciding between eggs and toast or cereal. Sally got into line behind him.

"Good morning!" She said in a sing-song voice that brought into Sonic's mind a little kid.

"Good morning, princess." Sonic said, the strings tugging at his heart. "What do you have planned today?"

"Well, I was going to work on the evacuation plans with Rotor and Antoine, then I was going to go with Tails to the ring pool for a swim."

Sonic moved forward with the line and picked up his cereal and milk. "I thought we were going to go to the Fruit Fair on the other side of the forest today?"

Sally looked down at her shoes. "Sonic...I don't think that's a good idea with all that's going on...between us and with all the activity on the Freedom Fighter network."

Sonic scoffed. "That's never stopped us before!" sonic lowered his voice as his urgent tone drew looks from the other freedom fighters. "Sally, I love you."

Sally smiled a sad smile. Sonic had seen that smile before, on a lot of other faces. It was the smile of lost times, of life and regrets. "I know Sonic. I know." She sat down her tray and walked away.


Sonic sat back down at his journal.

I don't know what had happened. Maybe we got too close, too fast. But I do love her. I do. Everyone thinks I am an immature little kid. Don't they realize the wisdom imparted on my by the magical rings? I look around and see immaturity that I could never match. I feel lost. I feel like I'm trapped on a road to the lost city of Withel, and there is no way off. I've lost the most dear thing in my life. I've lost my second family. Was I used? Things only started to change once Sally got her father back. Was I only a crutch so she could get through her teenage years without falling, like the rest of us did? Did she ever love me? Do I deserve love? Dammit, if you love someone, don't you say you love them? Don't you?