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Summary: Basically, Netto and everyone are in high school. Netto is being treated like dirt and he can't figure out why. He has no friends anymore.

WARNING! WARNING! This is AU and has shounen-ai! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! By the way, this takes place in Netto's sophomore year.

Hikari Netto. He used to have friends, back in elementary and middle school. Now, they're in high school and Netto's so-called 'friends' have abandoned him. He's also the victim of harassment from his fellow classmates. Netto never told anyone of this.

Netto always used to ask himself why. Maybe it was because of his height or weight. Netto seemed very light and was short for his age, 16. Although, he had a suspicion that it was his preference that got people harassing him.

Anyone that was nice to Netto got harassed until they had enough of it. Only one person was nice to him, but after five minutes of the harassment they left him. Netto couldn't even remember their name.

This year, though, will turn Netto's life upside down.


"Class, we have a new student today!" The teacher told the class. Almost all of them were excited about the new student, except one person. This person was a boy around 16 but looked about 14. He had chocolate brown eyes and brown hair. The teen was wearing a long-sleeve white t-shirt, a blue bandana that kept his hair up, black shorts with a red stripe down the sides and white sneakers.

This teen's name is Hikari Netto. Netto was checking over his homework, not paying any attention to what the teacher was saying. He did pay attention to who the new student would be sitting next to though.

"Hikari Netto, please raise your hand." Netto did as he was told. The class was silent, but Netto could sense their obvious disapproval of the new kid sitting next to him. Once the new kid was seated, he put down his hand. Netto ignored the kid as he checked his homework one more time.

Well, the kid didn't speak to him either. Netto mentally snorted. Do the rumors spread quicker than a forest fire around here?


Netto had survived until lunch, which was good. Again, he would sit alone with no one to talk to or anything. Well, apparently that wasn't going to be the case today. The new kid must've seen Netto alone and decided to come over and sit next to him. Perfect…not.

"Er, is this seat taken?" Netto looked up at the kid and shook his head.

"Nope." The kid smiled his thanks and sat down. Netto glanced at the new kid, wanting to be able to recognize him.

The kid looked his age of 16, had navy blue hair like Netto's (going out every which way) and bright emerald green eyes. He was wearing an aqua long-sleeve t-shirt, faded blue jean shorts and black sneakers. All in all, Netto had to admit that the teen was good looking.

"Oh, I'm Saito, by the way." Saito smiled at the brunette.

"I'm Netto." The two shook hands, Netto was reluctant though. He briefly wondered how long Saito would take the harassment he's bound to get. Netto bit into his apple and Saito was studying their schedules.

"Hm…well, we'll be together in all of our classes. You don't mind, do you?" Saito asked, a bit unsure.

"I don't mind." Netto said, noting that Saito was a bit too polite sometimes. He wondered how open-minded Saito was but immediately discarded that thought. Netto would cross that bridge when it was time.

Saito smiled and it took every ounce of will power for Netto to not blush.

"Thanks!" Netto mumbled a "no problem." Saito just kept smiling. Netto gave him a small smile.

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