Author's Note:

As usual, these characters (with the exception of the super-hero team Patheon) don't belong to me. They belong to Mattel. This will come as no surprise to anyone, but "My Blue Reflection" is in the same continuity as "Preludes and Beginnings," "He-Man Year One," "The Elfsong of Eternia," "The Crossroads of Destiny," "Prophecy & Change," "Just Another Day," "Liberty and Valor," "Manifest Destiny," "Roots," "Dues Ex Machina," "The Final Adventure," "A Winter's Heart," and "The Shroud of the Horde." Whew!

This story is the sequel to "Dues Ex Machina." I highly recommend you read that before reading this.

Chapter One: "Who's There?"


An explosion went off on Denebria. It was fairly self-contained, wiping out the entire compound. No Mutants lost their lives, as it was off-hours when it exploded. However, this was a particularly important facility to Flogg and his campaign against Primus. This was the back-up genetic engineering facility, housing the still-developing Patheon clones. No more, however, as explosions tore apart the entire base.

"What was it?" asked Flogg, his patience gone as he stared at the burning slag that was once the prize jewel in his research facilities.

"Bomb, most definitely," responded one of the investigators.

"Flogg . . . we detected that energy spike a few minutes before hand," Skeletor reminded him, his cape fluttering in the wind. Off on the horizon, the three suns of the Tri-Solar System were slowly rising.


Skeletor nodded. "Exactly."

Flogg paused, eyes fixed on the compound as the fire was slowly put out.

"Have a small retaliatory force go to Primus. Cause an equal amount of damage."

Skeletor bowed a little. "Your wish is my command, Flogg."

Flogg grunted, but didn't say anything. He let Skeletor walk off, back to their transport ship.




Mara smiled. He-Man sat next to her, bent over and staring at the ancient wall before them. It had been three weeks since the Patheon was defeated and in the lack of Mutant activity afterwards, He-Man and Mara took a little trip. They were in an area from east of the Oasis, in the region called Mida. It was here that ancient Primian civilization had left their remains for investigation and research. The Ancient Ruins.

"How old are these?" asked He-Man.

"They say these date back to the Third Primian Dynasty. Nearly 5,000 years ago."


He-Man stood up, knocking the dirt off his pants. Mara smiled up at him, but then looked back at the wall, continuing her study of the sigils.

This was by far the strangest relationship He-Man had ever been in. He had dated back on Eternia. He had Teela chasing after him. He nearly married Kathryn. But Mara was just so different. Even Kathryn knew about his dual identity. He had been tempted to tell Teela many times. But Mara . . . Mara, he felt like he could just be He-Man all of the time. His time as Adam had been few and far in between since the end of the battle with the Patheon.

He-Man suddenly heard his communicator beep. He pulled out and watched as Flipshot appeared on the screen. During their interactions with the Patheon, Flipshot had gotten on the wrong side of a woman that had the power to alter someone's DNA. This meant, unfortunately, that Flipshot was currently trapped in the form of a female. He was taking it better than he had right afterward, but it seemed as though every day or so was a new drama with the former male.

"What is it?" asked He-Man, still trying to get used to seeing Flipshot as a female.

"Sorry to cut your time off early, He-Man, but we've got some Mutant Terror Pods on their way, coming to ruin our day."

"How many?"

"Five. We've scrambled some Astro Subs, but we're not sure how many we can cut off before they get to the Oasis Hole."

"Understood. We'll back in the Oasis as soon as we can."

He-Man cut off the com-line and turned to Mara, who was already packing up their camping gear. "Sorry," he offered.

She shook her head. "That's what I get for dating a super-hero, right?"

He-Man smiled. "'Super-hero?' That's a new one."

Mara kissed him. "Let's get to work, my good sir."

It took He-Man and Mara about an hour and a half to arrive in the Oasis. He cut the transport's engines about a mile from the landing zone.

"Stay here," He-Man said back to Mara as he rushed headlong into battle.

Mara rolled her eyes. She absolutely hated it when he did that. Just because she worked for Sebrian and the Inner Council didn't mean she had no fighting skills. He could be very condescending without even meaning it. But she kept this to herself for now and watched as He-Man ran towards the battle.

He-Man leapt in, Sword of Power drawn. Butthead, Staghorn, Lizorr, and Optikk stood near a pair of Astro Subs, weapons blazing. He-Man deflected the beams as he joined Flipshot and Hydron behind a large rock that served as cover.

"This it?" asked He-Man.

"Yeah," Hydron replied, laser pistol firing heavily.

"Have you contacted the other Galactic Guardians yet?"

"They're on their way, but some of them had to hold off some of the Terror Pods that are heading to Onnar."

"Any idea what this is all about?"

"We heard something about an explosion on Denebria," Flipshot answered then. "They're blaming us."

"Such nice guys."

A small explosion went off nearby. All three looked to each other. "Seems they've upped their artillery," Hydron remarked.

"Sure seems that way," Flipshot added, adjusting her helmet.

"We need to end this. Get ready to cover me."

He-Man hoisted his shield up and readied his Sword of Power. He was just about to jump out from their spot when there was a sudden roar of energy and light directly to their left. All of the fire fighting spotted as energy cascaded about ten feet from both positions.

"What on Primus?" yelped Hydron as both team stopped and watched the energy begin to die out.

The energy soon vanished and a woman appeared where it once swirled and exploded. Her white dress and long blonde hair danced in the wind. In her hand was an all-too-familiar sword . . .

"SHE-RA!" shouted He-Man.

"Hello, He-Man," She-Ra replied. "Looks like I got here just in time!"

"You got that right, toots!" yelled Butthead, rushing towards the Princess of Power. He-Man, Flipshot and Hydron all jumped out. Hydron intercepted Lizorr and Flipshot took on Staghorn.

She-Ra slammed her fist against the face of Butthead when he came rushing over to her. Butthead flew back a good ten feet and was defeated.

"He's no Ram-Man, right She-Ra?" asked He-Man, smiling broadly and happily. He just couldn't believe it. He couldn't believe that She-Ra was here with him, fighting by his side once more.

She-Ra laughed a little as He-Man dispatched Optikk. The Mutant began to make for the Astro Subs. The others joined him.

"This isn't over, Guardians!" hissed Lizorr.

"I'm betting it isn't," He-Man grunted.

The two Astro Subs took off, blasting towards the Oasis Hole.

"Oh," She-Ra then said. "They got away."

"They did, but it's all right." He-Man then turned to Hydron. "What's the word on the others?"

"Astro Subs that were heading towards Onnar have been destroyed," Flipshot responded, hand to his headset. "We're in the clear."

"Stand down from the alert status, then."

He-Man then turned back to his sister. She-Ra was smiling rather stupidly, apparently just as happy to see He-Man as he was to see her. It had been nearly two and a half years.

"I'm here!" yelled Mara, arriving on the scene.

He-Man turned to her and waved his hands to She-Ra. "Seems we've got a visitor, Mara!" He-Man announced.

"Oh yeah?" Mara asked. "Is this . . . are you She-Ra?"

"I am," She-Ra replied, shaking Mara's hand. She had quite the strong grip.

"Nice to meet you. He-Man has told me a lot about you."

"Oh! How nice!" She-Ra giggled.

"How did you find me?" asked He-Man. "How did you get here?"

"The Sorceress helped me, He-Man."

"Ah, I see." He-Man turned to the others. "Why don't you all check in with Onnar? She-Ra and I have some catching up to do."

Mara nodded, though not completely happy with that.

With the other Galactic Guardians departing, He-Man and She-Ra walked towards Sebrian's estate, which was nearby. They sat down on bench at the edge of the property.

"So, how is everything on Eternia?" asked He-Man.

"Just fine!" she replied. "Everything is a-okay back home!"

He-Man smiled and nodded, but wanted a little more information. "Snake Mountain not giving you any trouble?"


"What about King Hiss? Did you ever encounter him?"


He-Man's smile diminished. It seemed a little strange that Hiss wouldn't take advantage of his and Skeletor's absence. "Really?"

"Oh yeah! I never saw him!"

He-Man shrugged. "What about Teela and Duncan? Cringer and Orko? Are they all okay?"

"Just fine, He-Man! Not a prob-proble-problem with them!"

Perking an eyebrow, He-Man leaned back. "And what about our parents?"

She-Ra's head jerked. "Parents? Parents?"

"Yeah. Our parents. You know . . . King Randor and Queen Marlena?"

"Rand? Marl?" She-Ra responded, her voice still ever-so-happy. "Parents? Parents? Parents?"

"Yes, She-Ra. Our parents. She-Ra? Are you okay? Sis?"

"Sis? Sis. Sis. Parents? Parents. Ena. Or. Sis." She then went completely silent. Her eyes went shut. They then snapped right back open. "Hello He-Man! Looks like I arrived right on time!"

"You're not She-Ra, are you?"

"Hello He-Man!"

He-Man stood up, Sword of Power drawn. "Reveal yourself. NOW."

She-Ra stood up too. Her eyes closed and her eyelids started to flutter beneath. Her flesh then suddenly turned blue. Her hair waved up and went orange-red. Her white dress turned black and her trimmings went silver. When her eyes came back open, they were glowing red.


She-Ra lurched at He-Man, faux orange-colored Sword of Protection drawn. He-Man deflected the blade. He shoved Fake-Ra back, sending her against a tree. As soon as he struck it, her body seemed to explode a little. Blue, fog-like energy flowed from her shattered body and dissipated in the air.

He-Man ran over an investigated her body. The blow was not meant to destroy Fake-Ra, only to stun her. However, she was apparently quite fragile. He-Man took a good look at her and was stunned by what he saw.

She was Mutant Trooper, Patheon model.