This is my first ever, and probably only, drabble. Yes, less than 100 words but in my case 150.. ooh like fifty words more. Who cares, heh.. Don't get me wrong, I love drabbles, but I usually never write them. Anyway here we go, with one of my favorite pairings. And I so own Demuku. Yup...


He was always there. And not in the good way, but in the annoying kind. He was always there to annoy me when I was mad at Axel, or mad at the world, which I was often. It especially annoyed me when he said I couldn't be mad because I didn't have a heart. Maybe I don't have a heart, and maybe that's for the best, but why in the world does he find such amusement in annoying me?

Well… I should have never asked that.

"I'm not annoying you Rox, I'm trying to be your friiiieenndd." The word friend was elongated and quite annoying.

"Well, you're a little too friendly." I had scoffed at him, narrowing my blue eyes walking away but was caught off guard when a hand slipped onto my shoulder, turning me around, and thus kissing me. Annoying? No, repulsive? Most definitely.

At least, that's what I told him.


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