The search for Saix

Sora:Demyx, can we rest, we've been doing this for 15 hours straight!

Sora was carrying Chirico since she fell asleep.

Demyx:We gotta at least find him!

Laxaus:But we need to rest Demyx! Sora and Zexion are gonna pass out any minute now, and Sora's the one carrying Chirico.

Zexion:I'm gonna pass out any second now Demyx!

Demyx:Fine-sighs in disappointment-, we'll continue the search in the morning.Night.

Sora:Good enough for me.

Zexion: ...


...the next morning...

Chirico is yawning.


Sora was in a chair next to her, his head on her bed, asleep.

She poked him a few times.

Chirico: ...Sora?...

He didn't stirr.

Chirico:I think I have an idea...

She said to herself

She pushed him off of the chair.

Sora:What the?

Chirico:Lazy Bum!

Sora:Oh. It's you. Morning!

Chirico:-giggling-morning Sora.

Sora:Let's get Zexion and Laxaus and get breakfast before Demyx finds us. Okay?


She put her hand out to help Sora up.

Sora:I'm gonna get Laxaus so you go get Zexion, alright?


They walked down the pure hall, holding hands.

Chirico:Zexion, you awake?

No answer.

She opens the door.

Zexion is asleep.


Zexion opens one eye.

Zexion:What do you want?

Chirico:Me, you, Sora, and Laxaus are getting breakfast before Demyx finds us. Sora's getting Laxaus right now.

Zexion:Okay, whatever.

He grabbed his cloak, gloves, and boots and put them on.

Zexion:Okay, let's go.



No sound.

He opens the door.


Laxaus falls off of his bed.


Sora:Let's go! Me, you, Chirico, and Zexion are getting breakfast before Demyx finds us.

Laxaus:-groans-Only because it's to avoid Demyx.

He gets dressed.

Chirico:Finally! You two are out!

Zexion:Yeah, really, how long does it take?

Sora:Sorry about that!

He rubbed the back of his head.

Chirico:It's okay!

She cocked her head and smiled. Sora always loved it when she smiled. He thought she looked even prettier than she already did.

He couldn't help but smile back.

Zexion:Okay, you two lovebirds, let's go already!


Sora:Yeah, sorry!

Laxaus:Okay, whatever, let's go!

They all walked down the hall, Sora and Chirico holding hands again.

Xemnas:Well, you're all early.

Sora:We know. What's for breakfast?


Chirico:That's good.

Chirico got a muffin, Sora ate 4 waffles, Zexion also ate a muffin, and Laxaus ate 7 waffles.

Chirico:Sora, you're such a pig! And Laxaus is more of one than you are! I thought that was impossile!

Sora:How soon we forget Riku on Thanksgiving!

Chirico:-cracking up histerically-Oh yeah.


Riku eats half the table of food, Sora eats some,and Chirco and Kairi eat almost nothing.


Zexion: ...

Chirico:Why do hang out with a bunch of freaks, not to mention go out with one?

Sora:Because we're your friends and I love you.

Chirico:I love you too Sora.

They hug each other.


Zexion: ...

Sora:Shut up!





Chirico and Sora were holding hands and running, and went through a portal.

Chirico:Where are we now, Sora?

Sora:-thinks-I think we're at a funeral home.

Kairi:She was my best friend since I was really little...

Chirico:Kairi! What's going on?

Kairi:C-Chirico? Sor-ra?

She and Sora were still holding hands.

A tear silently fell down Kairi's cheek.

Chirico:Who's funeral is this?

Kairi:Both of yours. Where were you two? Are you two back togeather?

Chririco:I joined the organization, Sora found me, and yes, we're back togeather.

Kairi:We reported you two missing and thought that you were dead!

Riku got up.

Riku:Nice hair.

Chirico:Just shut up Riku.

Riku:No more hair gel Sora?

Sora's hair was down, and not in spikes, but it was pretty long anyway, but DEFINATELY not as long as Riku's.

Sora:I really don't care right now.

Chirico:Why did you get reported?

Sora:I went looking for you. I couldn't live without you!

He hugged her.

Chirico:That's really sweet, Sora.

She cocked her head and smiled again, and he smiled back, too.


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