The Meaning of Dreams

Do dreams mean anything?

Some people say dreams scream things we don't want to remember

But I say that if I didn't want to remember it,

I would not bother to leave a dream to follow.

I am walking down a stone corridor

And there my dream ends.

Does it mean, then, that I will never reach the end?

Or is that all there is –

is that all my life is, a walk down a stone corridor?

That's all?

others have elaborate fancies where they go wherever they please,

do whatever they do

when they think that they can't be punished for doing it,

have their heart's desire,

their foolish dreams

and I have a stone corridor?

What makes them so much more worthy than me

to share their elaborate fantasies?

Where am I?

Do they see crisp fields while I am stuck, endlessly buried,

in a dank corridor filled with sweat and the sounds of screaming?

What did I do that makes me so much less worthy than they?

Did I lie?



What did I do? Did I rape an innocent child?


What offense did I commit

that would make me worthy of such an endless journey,

a blood-reeking torture that rusts my soul shut like a trap?

What did I do?

Tell me, what did I do?

There is nothing that I did that was so wrong

that I don't deserve to enjoy the sound of a breeze

brushing by the petals of a flower

the laughter of someone who is free

the music and company of an inn room filled with festival goers

And what did you do to protect me?

You did nothing!

I was alone while you allowed someone to take everything away

And you say it is because I am evil.


You're the one that's evil!

There is enough room in this corridor for a thousand of you,

a million of you

And you could wander here forever in the endless stenches

Food rotting from the warm air,

too far out of reach to grab and eat, even festering

A soul could die of hunger here

and never have another chance to say the things they said before

The things that brought them here

I wander alone

But it should be you instead of me.