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A/N: A series of vignettes set during either Twilight or New Moon, from prompts given by members of Topaz & Debussy over on LJ.

For palenovember527.


It was funny, how every single detail of her face had been burned indelibly into his memory.

He had been terrified of losing her, little fragments of memory at a time, every instant he had been away. Now, it almost seemed silly.

She was imprinted on his heart; every gesture she made, every facial expression. And of course, the memory of her scent and voice had never dimmed with the time apart, never faded. Perhaps, he mused, that was the true meaning of immortality. Never being forgotten.

Her hand, so small and warm in his, still clutched at him like a lifeline. The breeze stirred her hair- just for a moment- and he rapturously breathed her in. In the end, though, memories had nothing on being in her presence again. Bella. His.