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For Clairdelune92.


Things in Forks have changed.

For one, the town absolutely reeks with the lingering stench of the skinwalkers. His mouth lifts in a snarl; he can almost taste it on the edge of his tongue. This town no longer belongs to the Cullens- it has become unfamiliar territory to his kind. The Quileute dogs can be seen lurking at the edges, searching for weaknesses.

The woods no longer belong to him.

They belong to no one, now. The trees that were once so familiar and welcoming are hostile; their shade has become shadow, and there are things lurking there and there, things that he cannot speak to Bella about, things he cannot even properly articulate to Carlisle.

Alice knows. She senses the growing threat of the forest, their enemies growing closer, gaining. Victoria has lived to hunt another day, and the wolves have gained strength and are watching. Waiting, for any fatal misstep.

It is dangerous in Forks.

He cannot leave.

He cannot stay.

If he takes her, he will condemn his family to war. If he leaves, he condemns himself.

Whether there is a God or not, he is damned.