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What happened: So remember how Edward and Bella were turned into some type of monster? Alice had made a deal with the Volturi to kill Edward and Bella, and so they turned back time and all, but Alice left them alive. Now Edward and Bella are back to their normal bodies, and Bella has to be changed before Victoria strikes again.

Bella's View

"Damn yourself," I snickered, turning my head away from his direction in disgust. "Do whatever you want Alice, I know that he doesn't have the guts to do anything."

She sighed, stepping forward, her golden eyes beginning to turn black. I realized I was happy that they had just come back from hunting recently.

"I don't care," she began, "if Edward wants me to do it or not" (he was growling at her) "because if you're not changed now Bella, you have no idea how many gruesome things can happen to you. Rosalie didn't tell me what else Victoria could do, but she did tell me that Victoria's powers far outstretched what we could imagine, and what she used on you- combination, transferance, whatever that was, that's the center of what her powers revolve around. James didn't have her for only some type of companionship, she was one of the most useful beings he had met!"

"And what if I think there's another alternative?" Edward interrupted. 'We could run, how would she catch us then? Bella doesn't have to be turned necessarily, if we're over a hundred miles away and Victoria is still here, how can she impact us from there? How can she-"

"It's not Bella," Alice started again, "it's you that she can impact. She put you with Bella, not the other way around. She can't harm Bella because once again, she does things mentally, but in the last occasion, Edward, you were put against Bella physically, which Bella has no control over." Alice suddenly started laughing, aware at how I was lost.

"Oh, it's not that difficult to follow Bella," she shook her head, calm again, "she can only put someone else against you. You don't know how to fight it, and there's not a chance you'll learn how to anytime soon, especially if no one knows it besides Victoria herself. And I really doubt she'd have told anyone how to do it anyway."

"Then will you change me?" I looked up to see Edward once more. "Will you seriously change me?"

He just stared at me blankly then, for a couple of seconds, and then started nodding his head. But he was looking to Alice now, "Would it work?" he asked her. 'Are you able to do it?"

I didn't know what they were talking about.

The conversation had suddenly diverted.

And she was concentrating, really, really hard. And I anxiously glanced at the watch down on my arm, the pink arrow pointing closer and closer to the seven.

I knew Victoria was going to strike soon, very, very soon.

Edward said that she was here over five minutes ago. Victoria's already had five minutes to attack him and she hasn't, meaning that she would soon.

She hadn't followed us just to do nothing.

They needed backup, I knew, and as much as I was against putting any of the other Cullens in danger, I knew that Victoria didn't stand much of a chance against so many of them.

She could be throttled then, and none of them would be hurt...

Shaking my head, I felt repulsed by my former idea- there was not a CHANCE I'd let that happen. Victoria couldn't taking all of them down of course, but she would probably be able to take down around two. And the Cullens also put too much trust in their abilities, they'd only send one person, and when that person was defeated- they'd send another- or maybe two this time, and then they'd die...

And slowly, I could see them disappearing one by one.

I sighed, confused and not knowing what to do.

I didn't even know why Edward wasn't changing me. I didn't know what his problem was, and I didn't even want to think about his masochistic ego getting him killed right now.

The clock struck seven, and I suddenly became aware that neither Edward nor Alice had said anything for a bit, but were looking at each other very intensely. Or talking to each other, and I didn't even notice- but nonetheless, they didn't want me to know.

"What are you planning?" I asked, facing Alice because I wasn't terribly happy at Edward right now. "What don't you want me to know?"

"If we didn't want you to know it, Bella," Edward muttered, still intensely staring at Alice, "then we wouldn't let you know. Alice believes she might be able to bring back time once again, but she's not sure, and so we're going through the choices we have right now."

"And we barely have any time left..." I snickered, turning my head around to glare at him, and pointing at my watch. 'She hasn't struck in too long, and even Alice knows- which means you must know- that she's about to strike soon. There has to be some way to get rid of her anyway, because she'll just keep coming back. Think of that."

And I was left once more, the two of them exchanging secret conversations for a few minutes, finally with Edward nodding. "Bella's right," he told Alice, "that's our only choice."

"What is?" she asked, just as confused as I was- well, I was a lot more confused than she was, since she'd obviously been part of their secret dialog, but the gist was still the same.

"What are you doing?" I asked, suddenly remembering all his stupid ideas.

"I'll-I'll change you, Bella," he mustered after a few moments, "and then Alice and I'll get rid of Victoria while you're changing. She's still outside, waiting for us. Rosalie doesn't know any more of what she can do, but obviously, it's something unpleasant. Taking you out of harm's way will change things though for our benefit, because she won't be expecting that."

I pinched myself, trying to wake up.

What was he saying?

"I'll change you," Edward said once more, slurring out his words. "If that's what you want, although you have to promise to marry me as soon as Victoria's gone, just changing the terms of our agreement around, but there nevertheless."

"Okay," I chirped, happy at this idea. Even though the marriage was happening far too early in my opinion, and I didn't really want to hear Renee's lectures when I wouldn't be able to probably control myself from wanting to kill her...I still liked this idea a lot.

Confusing still though, just a bit, since I didn't know whether I wanted Victoria to be dead now- since then I'd just end up agreeing to Edward's stupid terms, or want Victoria to be killed a lot later- which would probably lead to a lot more trouble, but a longer time until that marriage thing would happen...

Edward would make me stick to his agreement, no matter what. I knew that part, so an alternative to that was out of question.

And Victoria was still waiting outside.

And Alice had begun fumbling with her fingers, etching drawings into the air.

And Edward was staring at me awkwardly, as in a boy forced to look at the girl that just broke up with him.

And me, I wasn't doing anything, so I didn't know what the fuss was.

I sighed then, bored. Nothing was happening...

"Third time someone leaves Edward," she said. "The girl dies." I had no idea what she was talking about…but I didn't ask.

"You're willing to forgive me?" I asked. My eyes were getting blurry.

"With all my heart," she vowed.

"Really?" I pressed. "What if it doesn't work out?"

"Doesn't matter. I'll at least be with you for some point of time. Just promise me you won't leave me again Edward."

"I promise."

And promise I did. She could explain things to me later on why she had done what she did. And me the same as well. Perhaps this would work out after all. Despite my self, I grinned happily and looked forward towards the future.

Our future.

"Here's your ring then," I said, taking her hand and sliding a ring down her finger. It had been in my pocket.

"Thank you," she sighed. And then leaned forward to kiss me.

This could be a happily ever after…forever.

I suppose my memory didn't work as Bella's did, with her being human and all.

There was something wrong with this picture now, an urgency, an intensity that hadn't been there before- and perhaps Alice, now standing near the doorway, had caused it.

Whatever it was, it wasn't right.

Alice had been able to bring back time once more, and to this spot, where Bella and I first actually thought of the happily ever after...

this is where Alice brought us back to.

Because this apparently was where Bella had to be changed, before all else broke apart.

This was where Victoria had to be killed.

And now, sitting at a table, with a clueless Bella in front of me, a restaurant full of innocent witnesses, I leaned forward and pecked Bella on the neck...

And it took a while for it to register to her, since she didn't know what had just happened. She was clueless to the bringing back of time again.

That was the first time I heard her scream.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the last.

Alice's View

I watched Edward's chair slide back, the table crack under his grip from astonishment...he had just bit her.

His attention, focused only on her, shook as he tried to think out the consequences of his action. He still didn't understand why only I could see what was happening to the two of them, how the rest of the restaurant was able to carry out what they wanted, but only I could see them, only I could hear them, watch them...

To the average person, their life carried on as it was supposed to, had the past not been changed. This was the secret to the Volturi's success over the years, I had figured out.

Bella had to be changed at this precise spot because here was where she wanted to spend out a forever, more than anything, here was where she wanted her life to end.

So here was where Edward and I had decided to bring her, and to others, they carried on just as they had before, an old man watching enviously at them as they walked towards the car...

He didn't see that Edward carried her.

A woman sighing at Edward, thinking of her own lover once long ago...

She didn't see the broken trot he was in.

And even the ten-year-old girl watching at the sides, and wanting to meet her own prince charming-

she didn't see the Prince Charming's teeth pushed back and snarling...

What happened: Boring life...boring life...Victoria's standing outside where Edward and Bella are, Edward and Alice are talking to each other- not telling Bella- but they decide to bring themselves back in time to where Bella first wanted to spend out her forever at- truly wanted to. And Edward bites her here, though because they came back in time, only Alice can see them because she made the time switch, and Edward knows whats happening, because he planned it with her.

Confusing, I know.

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