Hello! Yep, I'm back with another story! So welcome to the first chapter of…

Lolita and Yanki: CAN'T STOP LOVIN' YOU!

Anyways, some things to explain before we start. Just some info on Lolita and Yakuza. Please don't flame me if I said something wrong. These are my own beliefs as well as info that I have gotten over the years. Oh yeah, this fanfic was inspired by the movie/book "Kamikaze Girls" I love the movie/book and I recommend you read it! Though the idea was inspired from the movie/book, there is a different plot, characters, and story line, so don't think it's just a copy of the book Okays.

-Lolita is a fashion style as well as a way of life in Japan, mostly between teens and young adults. The fashion mainly consist of: Skirts are typically knee length and are worn with a pannier or petticoat to add volume. As in mainstream Japanese fashion, over-knee socks, knee socks or stockings are extremely popular. Frills and other charms are often added to the top of the sock. White and black tights are also common. Footwear is typically shoes or boots with high heels, though not usually stiletto heels. Platforms, such as Mary Janes and Vivienne Westwood Rockinghorse shoes, are also worn. Frilly, ruffled, or lace-trimmed Victorian blouses are popular. These blouses often have Peter-Pan collars or sailor collars. In my opinion, there ate two main types of Lolita- Sweet Lolita & Gothic Lolita (Goth-loli). In this Sakura's main style is Sweet, however she does wear Gothic sometimes. (Info taken from Wikipedia-Thanks!)

-Yanki "Yankee"- Basically a term/way of life in Japan use towards troublemakers, biker gangs, and thugs. Main age group is centered around high school students/high school dropouts. Many Yanki belong to biker groups or other forms of gangs. Also a lower form of the Yakuza (Japanese mafias), though many have nothing to do with the Yakuza. In this story, Gaara belongs to a "bosozoku" (biker gang- "speed tribe" or "kamikaze bikers"called 'Desert Demons' and is the leader. More about the gang will be explained later. Many biker gangs just ride for the trills rather then racing, though they do race; often on illegal modified motorcycles. Most bosozoku are breeding grounds for Yakuza. (Info taken from the main Kamikaze Girls- Thanks!)

There you have it! If you need any more info, check Wikipedia or Google. You can also email me, or put it in a review. So let's move on!

Summary: What happens when a Lolita named Sakura and a Yanki named Gaara meet? A relation starts to build as the two start to fall in love. However, nothing ever goes as planned when Sakura's ex-boyfriend, a Gothic Aristocrat, sees what is forming between the two and tries to stop it. His plan, get Sakura back at all cost!


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Chapter One: Unbelievable!

I couldn't believe this was happening to me! Why was I cursed with such mean and cruel parents! Not only are they never home, not only are they so non-caring, and not only are they so horrible, BUT they had to do this!

Something so horrid especially now of all times! At this very moment all I could do was stand and stare at my new house. Oh yeah, you guessed it! My parents had moved us to another part of the city and far away from my beloved home. I don't and will NEVER consider this new place a home! This place was away from my dear friends, my favorite clothing stores, and so many other things I had learned to love!

I am Lolita, and will always be! Sure, some may think it is wrong or idiotic to dress the way I do, but to me this is my life (And will always be!). So what if when I walk down the street and people stare at me whispering to each other 'Weird girl!' or 'Is she dressing as an anime character? Is that cosplay?' and so what if older perverted men try to hit on me (not to mention a few from my age generation too. Not that I'm proud of it of course!). I just ignore them and continue walking.

Anyways, let me explain about my old life BEFORE I had to move to this place.

My name is Haruno Sakura, I know, such a perfect name for a Lolita! My name means cherry blossom, such elegant plants and such a sweet fragrant. My parents actually did something right! Hurrah for them! (Sarcasm, isn't it a wonderful thing to use!)

The place I used to live contained many of my own. Others were Lolita, including: Gothic, Sweet, Classic, Punk, Elegant, & many others. I had only a few friends I cared about that dressed this way, most were girls if they were Lolita, with the exception of my friend Haku. Though he was a male, he was Lolita, not a very unusual thing to see around the area we lived, though when we went out of town he got more stares & whispers then all of us combined (which he ignored like the rest of us!).

I also had a few other male friends, not many though. They consisted of people who dressed & lived: Punk, Gothic, Gothic Aristocrat, & Visual Kei.

Anyways, all of us had practically grown up together, each of us having a bit of a difficult life then the other. So far more worse then could be expected. But that's a tale for another time. As we grew up and welcomed the style of our own choice we still remained very close, though we lived in different worlds. I guess you could say a few of us (including me) were a lot richer then our other friends who were poor. We lived in large houses while they lived in small one roomed apartments. One person even lived in a mansion, but he…well…once again, that's a tale for another story…a very gloomy one on my account.

Back to the story at hand, we would all go shopping together at our favorite stores that dealt with our brand of clothing (a.k.a. Lolita- Duh!) There were clubs (which had many concerts of the music we liked), furniture stores, & cafes too that appealed towards our kind of crowd. (Sigh) All of it is great. Everything is to my liking. And all of us will sit back and let life take its roll.

However, let me re-phrase all this for the current citation I'm in now. All of it WAS great. Everything WAS to my liking. And all of us WERE going to sit back and we WOULD'VE let like take its roll BUT NO! MY HORRIBLE UN-LOVING PARENTS JUST HAD TO MOVE ME AWAY FROM MY KINGDOM OF PERFECTURE INTO THIS OTHER BIG CITY WHICH FROM WHAT I'VE SEEN DOESN'T EVEN CONTAIN EVEN A TRACE OF ATLEAST ONE STORE I COULD BUY MY CLOTHING FROM IN MY TYPE BRAND!

Though, I do have to say one thing pleased me. I didn't have to wear a uniform to my school like I did my old one. I was free to wear my Lolita clothing to school everyday, which kind of made me smile on the inside. At least I could have a piece of my old life with me. Hey, while we're in happy thought world, maybe there would even be another Lolita of some sort that went to this school……who am I kidding?

The new city I was moving to contained many gangs and Ganguro girls. Ganguro girls are girls who dye their hair bleach blonde, tan there skin (which to me looks like a dark orange color- weird), wear heavy make up on (including face stickers), and really skimpy clothing. A complete opposite of what I'm used to! How could these girls dress and look that way!

……then again, that's just the way they are. I'm not one to judge…I guess?

Alright, let me just explain a few last minute things about my parents. If anything should stick in you head about my parents let this be it.


If someone were to look at them then back at me they'd say 'I think there's a stranger in your house.' Or 'Wow, Mr. Haruno. I didn't know you swung that way!'

…Of course that last one actually happened. A guy that worked as head of the company alongside my father had asked that, thinking that my father was cheating on his wife with a young girl. (SICK!) After that I was sent to my room and never again allowed to be in the house when they, my parents, had guest over. Which if you count all the time they were actually home and not off at another house (summer home, beach house) or business trip, this meant that whenever my parents came through the door, I would immediately have to leave and stay at my friends house…or a certain someone's house…but that along with the previous statement, is another tale for another time.

See! My parents and I were never close. AT ALL. Period. So that is why it made no sense why I had to move with them to this place! I hate it! I really do! How could they do this to me! There own flesh and blood…wait-they didn't care anyways. They just did whatever they could to get more money!

Will…I guess that was something we had a little in common. I needed money to buy my clothing. One dress would cost at least 100 dollars, usually more though. When I got money, I would also give some to my friends who couldn't afford the clothes! So you see, that makes me nothing like my greedy parents! I give, not take, take, take! So once again, we're left at the conclusion. I AM NOTHING LIKE MY PARENTS!

So, now that all the explaining is done, I can move on with the story that now will be my life. (The life I now hate!)

With my final thoughts all in order I faced away from that dumb new mansion (yeah, they bought a new mansion. Whoopee) and started my way towards school. For my first day of school I decided to wear the outfit I bought with my friends right before I had left. Oh, and let me say this Thank God that I can go back and so me friends! Sure, it takes half an hour to get there by train, but still it's something!

Anyways, back to the new outfit. It consisted of a white frilly dress with princess sleeves and lace running all around the bottom, it reached right above my knees revealing my knees. On top of that I wore a pink apron that matched my hair and the boots I was wearing. My bubblegum pink hair was in pigtails and curled just as a porcelain doll would be. (Ringlets everywhere! Yays!) On top of my head was a headdress (No, not a dress on the head! More like what a French maid would wear), it was the same color pink with white lace. (I'm a lace and ribbon person) Oh and on the apron was a dark red strawberry which I considered extremely cute and adorable! Oh my arm was a pink bag, and like the apron, had a large strawberry in the middle. In the bag was a small stuffed bunny that had a big pink bow on its head.

What can I say? I'm extremely girly. You won't see me all tuff and rough. My whole mind was set on cute, cute, and cute!

The school wasn't far so I walked. The neighborhood wasn't bad; it was like my old neighborhood, with the exception of NONE OF MY FRIENDS WERE HERE! I passed a few other mansions that were home to many Yakuza high thugs and a few Yakuza bosses. Many of the sons of the Yakuza members were in their cars driving to school. As usual my outfit attracted much attention (none wanted) and many car horns honked my way.

'How crude. How vulgar.'

The school came in sight and I walked through the gates towards the main building. The moment I stepped through the front door, a nonchalant look on my face, all eyes focused on me. Many gasps were heard, most of the comments by Yanki females and Ganguro girls, not to mention a few whistles.

I ignored it all as I continued my steps towards the front office, proudly and elegantly…or as elegant as I could be in this trashy school. When I reached the office or what I thought was the office I reached to open the door, but to my surprise it swung open.

"Get back here Mr. Sabaku! We're not done talking about the damage you caused!" Someone from behind yelled at him again. He didn't reply to them, he just stared down at me, as I stared up at him.

'Damn! He's too tall!'

He had red hair which all I could think was 'Wow, his hair matches my strawberry' and also 'Get out of my way you barbarian Yanki thug!' He had dark rings under his eyes which kind of looked like black eyeliner, clothes that actually fit him (not like the others who wore really baggy clothes that would fall if it wasn't for their belt!), and spiky hair. Other then that, he was just like the rest of them. Even the trade mark tuff guy look was on his face. Was he trying to be intimidating? I'm sure for some other person it would be but for me, I really could care less.

His eyes continued to stare at me, roaming over my clothing (Sure, that's what he was looking at. Pervert!) I got tired of standing and staring back at him so I made the first move.

"You're in the way. Can you move aside?" Though the ending seemed like a question, I was really demanding 'Move out of the way now!'

His eyes stayed the same, but for some odd reason he smiled, more like a smirk. It seemed like a crowd of people had surrounded us and a lot of gasps and choking sounds was heard after I had said those words. What? Is he the head honcho around here?

His smirk grew as he watched my features stay the same, "Say please."

My glare deepened. Fine, I'll just play along with his little game. "Please move to the side. You're blocking my way." The words came out as a huff. He was really getting on my nerves.

He stepped to the side, bowing as he gestured with his hand to move forward. Kind of like a butler would do when welcoming someone into the house and telling them 'please step this way.'

I took my step inside the place as he left. I was too annoyed about what happened to see the deep gaze he gave me.

O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O.O- (Shocked!)

I had gotten all my classes and was currently in the middle of the school day. The classes were easy, not hard at all. Probably because this whole school was for thugs and the teachers get paid off by the Yakuza to make the classes easier so their children could graduate. Yep, every single one of my classes was filled with Yakuza children, I wouldn't be surprised if one day the whole school just broke out into a fight. I, of course, would be long far away from this place. I'm not getting anyone's blood on this outfit! I love my clothes and don't want to have to get rid of them because of a large red blood stain!

Right now was lunch time so I made my way towards the cafeteria. When I pushed open the wide doors, yet again, everyone's eyes were on me. What? Haven't they seen a lolita before? Probably not…

There were many lines of greasy, nasty looking food which much of the other students had. I looked at it, made a face, and then continued on till I found a line with only desserts. This would have to do for the time being. Most of the desserts were hard cookies or brownies, none which appealed towards me. I then saw, what I believed to be pudding which had…Gummy Worms? How old were these students? What kind of high school student would eat such a kid food! Obviously it was there so it had to have been sold at least a few times! Right!

I shook my head in disbelief and then look to one thing that actually made me happy. This school sold strawberry cheesecake! Hearts could practically be seen in my eyes as I grabbed the lovely dessert and paid for it (not forgetting the spoon of course!). Sure, it probably wouldn't taste as good as the one I used to eat, but it was close.

Feeling more awkward stares on me I decided to eat on the roof. Far away from these people and their chocolate pudding with candy worms in it. When I reached the door, cheesecake still in hand, I opened it and to my surprise found a whole group of yanki thugs standing around. Some were sitting and squatting around one area. I looked around and saw dice, cards, and a lot of cash thrown into different piles.

Great, now I've interrupted a gambling ring of theirs. If I don't turn up tomorrow, it's probably because I was killed by a sniper or a hit-man.

All of them were watching. Some with amused faces, others with annoyed faces because I had either interrupted their game or because of the way I dressed. So what if I offended them, big deal, they'll get over it…then again.

I took a step to turn around, but was suddenly yanked by the arm and pushed towards the center of the roof. FAR away from the door to the stairs. I shook my head, getting rid of the sudden dizziness I had from the fall, and looked to my right. I gasped at the sight on the ground. Right next to me was one of the most horrible sights. More horrible then my now wrinkled and dirty clothes. More horrible then the group of thugs around me. No this was much worse. My…

…strawberry cheesecake was smashed as over the ground. Not suitable for eating at all.

I sighed deeply, "Now I have to buy another one. Poor thing." Standing up, my eyes were closed, ignoring the crowd of males, I tried to make my way towards the door. However, I found the door to be blocked by a group of them. 'Why is everyone always blocking the door! It's getting very irritating not to mention how rude it is!' My angry thoughts towards them were broken as a voice seemed to call out.

"Hey Girly! You spilled something!"

I looked up to see the same person who had grabbed me standing inn front of me with his arms crossed and a smirk plastered on his face. Idiot. They all think they're so tuff! This one had black raven hair with eyes to match.

I sighed grabbing my pink bag tightly. Though it probably wouldn't do any good. Sighing I had no choice but to respond to his statement. "I wouldn't have spilled it if you hadn't of yanked me. You should be careful next time."

All ears seemed to perk up, and the same sounds that were heard in the hallway were heard out here. So he was another boss too? Oh well, I'll treat him the same way as the other guy! The man gritted his teeth as he took a step closer.

"You saying it's my fault girly?"

I nodded and closed my eyes, signaling that I was done with that part of the conversation. I heard him growl and walk even closer. I remained calm; until he actually does something to make me worry I have nothing to fear.

However, that boost of confidence lowered dramatically when he grabbed my shoulder and shook it. My eyes shot open slightly glaring, and slightly shaking.

"Will, I think it's your fault! First you come here in that frilly ass out fit and interrupt our gambling, then you spill something and you expect us to pick it up! Who do you think you are!"

Man, this guy had a really big anger issue. But then again, just listening to him was making me loose my temper.

"Like I said before, if you hadn't of grabbed me I wouldn't have come and you could have continued your dumb games!" I glared at his angry face and brushed past him, walking to the door.

"You little bitch!"

He grabbed my arm once again and turned me around to face him. I saw as he raised his hand to hit me; my eyes widened as the hand came close to my face.

"Sasuke, stop."

The male stopped his hand and looked towards the door where the voice had come from. He gave me one last glare before pushing me aside (causing me to fall, once again!) and walking towards the person. I looked at the person; it was the same one as before. Mr. Red haired 'say please' boss guy.

"Gaara, she interrupted our daily gambling rounds," the raven haired man that was addressed as Sasuke stated to who I now believed to be Gaara. (Duh!)

"That's a lie," I shouted defending myself, "He forced me to come!"

Gaara looked at Sasuke and tilted his head questionably, "Is this true Sasuke?"

The thug seemed to be at a loss of words, he gave me a quick glare before he started again, "I thought she-"

His boss cut him off by raising his hand. He then walked towards me holding a hand out for me to take. I hesitated at first, this could be a trick. However, when I looked at his face his eyes seemed to be apologizing and he smiled, not smirked. I took his hand and he pulled me up, watching as I dusted myself off. He then grabbed my hand once again and lightly pulled me towards the stairs. He stopped in front of the sulking Sasuke.

"Continue the rounds until school ends." He took a step before turning around and shouting, "AND SOMEBODY PICK UP THAT DAMN CHEESECAKE!"

I chuckled slightly at Sasuke who seemed to gulp. We continued walking until we got to the stairway room. I looked up and down, this place was all stairs! I know, what a stupid thing for me to say! Anyways, I brushed off the remainder of dirt on me and fixed my apron. Even though I felt there was no use to these tasks, it was still in my nature to always look tidy!

"You're weird, you know that?"

I looked towards the boy, slightly forgetting he was there (yes, I was that wrapped up in my clothing. Silly me!). As I finished fixing my headdress I replied to his statement, "I'm not 'weird' I'm unique and if you're too naive to see that then I pity you." I didn't really pity him, I barely knew him.

He snickered at my reply and sat on the railing of the stairs. Aw, one good push and he would fall down three flights of stairs to a hard cold floor, and if was lucky, he would land on a bunch of his friends and then there would be a little less troublemakers in the school. …But enough of my wish, lets get back to the true story at hand.

"Do you even know who I am?" He seemed to smirk and snicker again. Gagh, I hate that snicker, it seemed to be mocking me in every offending way!

"No, and I do not wish to concern myself with such people as you," I tried to put my words in the simplest and nicest way I could. By the non-offended (still smirking!) face, I'm pretty sure my point was clear. I nodded good bye to him and continued my steps down the stairs.

As I walked I didn't see the slight frown that had appeared on his face. So far I had made it down one whole flight of stairs. Yays for me! For a second I thought he would stalk me around, could you even imagine! How horrid!

I focused on each step, because in these shows…lets just say, the first time I walked in them (long ago) I fell 20 times. (Sigh) Sad, I know, but that was the hardship of my rewarding life!

I lifted my foot and as soon as I was about to put it down, that boy, as in the red haired boss male, jumped in front of me scarring the life out of me. I slipped on the stairs accidentally tripping him as the two of us skidded down the one more flight of stairs.

I moaned in pain, my back was aching like crazy and my head had hit more the a few steps. Maybe I'd have a concussion and wouldn't have to come back to this horrible stupid school! (…but then again, I'd have to wear that awful patient suit in the hospital…how mean life is…)

Then again, my second plan was that this was all a dream and when I wake up I'll be back in my lolita world and my friends would come and wake me up and we'd all go shopping.

"Hey, weird girl! Are you okay?"

NO! Not him! Anyone BUT him!

"Answer me!"

Not the red haired guy! That means, I really DID move!

My eyes slowly opened, not wanting to let the sights I hoped weren't around me there. No trashy hallways, no dumb stairways, no yanki and thugs! However, of course, my little mind was fooled as I saw the scenery around me exactly what I had regretted. Though, something new was added to this nightmare. Not only was the red haired guy there, oh no, what was much worse was that he was on top of me, his arms supporting him from weighing me down with his body weight.

When he realized that I had finally figured out the pose we were in, his lips curved into a wicked/kind smile (what a weird combination) and his face lowered towards mine. Of course, me being the lady that I am…was freaking out. Oh great, I was going to be molested by a yanki thug in the middle of a stairway! Of all the people and of all the places!

Not to mention my outfit was even more ruined! God strike me down now! Send me away from this world that's against me! (I really care about my clothes!)

His lips went towards my ear and I froze, what was he doing! My eyes could only widen at his whispered words.

"You should be more careful. In a dress like that you shouldn't be clumsy."

Now you may have thought my eyes widen because I had gotten 'excited', but no! My eyes widened because of my anger that had risen. All because of what he said. "C-Clumsy! Me!"

I sat up, scooting away from him and backing into the wall. "Y-You're the one that did it!" I pointed an accusing finger at him which he only smiled at, that and my reactions.

"What did I do," he itched the back of his head. His face resembling an 'innocent' look. (FAKER!)

"If you hadn't of jumped over the two flights of stairs and jumped in front of me then I wouldn't have slipped and fell! How crazy and idiotic are you!"

He seemed to smile at the words 'crazy' and 'idiotic'. Oh, and sure I may have not been stuttering in my words, but my body was still shaking with fright. To calm my nerves all I could think to do was to yell.

"And why is it that all you and your friends seem to do is to ruin my clothes! Was today 'pick on the lolita' day?"

"Oh, so that's what you are. How weird…"

"Stop calling me weird! I'm unique!"

He smiled and leaned forward once again, "So what would you call me?"

I frowned at his closeness once again, "A thug, yanki, gangster, brat, troublemaker, juvenile young adult, future bum/hobo-"

His face seemed to hold some surprise, "Wow, that many names? I'm sorry I asked."

I nodded, "You should be. Living a life that's headed towards jail is not how one should raise oneself. In other words, this school is full of idiots just like you and Mr. Raven hair up there!" I pointed towards the roof.

"Y…You really don't know who I am. How funny!"

For once out of the few minutes I had truly met this guy, his face seemed to hold a true smile. One that a young kid would have when just hearing the end of their favorite bedtime story. The smile seemed to shine and I couldn't help but blush. I was about to cover my face to hid it when I decided to just play it off and act like I was angry instead.

"N-Nothings funny! And like I said before, I really don't care who you are!" I stood up in a huffing manner and grabbed my bag which I managed to drop in all the commotion. I then fixed my clothes (Once again!) and turned to leave. "Good bye."

"Where are you going?"

Er, didn't he know the meaning of 'Good' and 'bye'?

"I'm going home. I've had enough of this school for a day." (More like my life.) "Now Good bye!"

"So you're skipping?"

I stopped. Would it be called skipping? No! Of course not, I am Lolita and skipping would be something referring to someone like…

I turned around to look back at him. "No, I do not skip. I am merely going home because my current clothing is unsuitable for this school."

"What?" 'That is skipping, practically…' Gaara thought as he slowly blinked, eyeing the girl.

"Now for the last time, Good. Bye!" This time I practically skipped off in a hurry. Any other words he would say I would ignore. This school wasn't the school for me and it will never be! I'd rather spend the rest of my day at home.

Plus, not like my parents would care…they're never there anyways…


My feet had finally walked me off of the school's doors. Yays, I'd finally be away from this place! As soon as I figure out which way the gates are, I could leave this travesty! Though that may be my wish, I never get them to come true.

Two male arms wrapped around me as something familiar flashed in front of my eyes. I gasped, eyes widening.

…how could this of happened?

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