Hello to all those that read this story and others. For "Lolita and Yanki: CAN'T STOP LOVIN' YOU!", I'm not sure when I will update this one. I definitely have to say this is the cutest one (in my opinion) that I have written. It does have a pretty nice flow (oh, if only I wasn't to lazy to write the other chapters). I pretty much have this story fully planned, just have to get the time to update it. I can say that this chapter is not high on the list for updates because I feel that there are more readers/fans for my other stories, however this story will not be the last to be updated (when I eventually update any of them). If you want any sneak peeks or anything like a little in-sight or info into the story just message and I'll lets you know. Sorry for the lateness in notice and thanks for reading. I usually don't like writing notes to readers in 'chapter' sections however I thought my lazy/busy-ness got a little out of control...ya know?


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