Needed a break from DMC so here's some FFVII characters bickering. May or may not be a Cid/Vin fic. Haven't decided yet. We'll see where the fighting goes.

Chap 1: Tea Time and Stolen Materia.

The 7th Heaven stood before him and Vincent stood before it for well over ten minutes before he'd finally taken enough deep breaths and worked up enough courage to take the plunge and enter the newly reconstructed bar. The moment his heavy boots clunked against the inside floor, he found himself fighting the overwhelming urge to turn tail and flee, but he managed to stay put.

A quick survey of the place and a loud squeal of excitement from a certain energetic ninja as she raced towards him told him that his former teammates were indeed present. He gave a low sigh at the slight disappointment that they were. He had been half-hoping to turn back around and retire once again to the comforting shadows of the Shinra mansion that he'd left a while ago to come to this reunion.

It was a fair trek back to Nibelheim, but one that would be well worth it if only he could return to peace and quiet.

"Vinnie!" Yuffie squealed again and wrapped her arms around the stoic gunman's neck. Vincent took the embrace in stride and unenthusiastically patted the bouncing girl's head before gently prying her arms off of him.

"Hello Yuffie," he said mildly, avoiding the familiar phrase that it was good to see her again. The verdict on whether or not that was true was not out yet.
Yuffie smiled brightly and grabbed Vincent's hand before happily dragging him towards the rest of his former teammates, leading him as if he couldn't plainly see all of them seated a short ways away.

"Vinnie came!" the young ninja announced loudly and all heads turned to her and the silent gunman. Each person greeted him in turn and Vincent smiled obligingly back at them.
Cid pushed a chair out beside him, "Have a seat Vin. We've been waiting forever for yer scrawny ass to show up."

"I'm sorry for the delay," the gunman apologized, frowning as he took the proffered seat. "And it's Vincent," he corrected quietly.

"Yeah. Right," Cid grunted, "So you're still uptight about yer name, huh?"

Vincent frowned. "Vincent is my name. Not Vin. Not Vinnie. Not 'Vampy,'" he looked sharply at Barret, "So I do not see why I should be addressed as anything else."

"But ya gotta admit, Vin is shorter."
"By one syllable. I didn't think two was that much of a strain, even for you, Highwind." Vincent said coldly.
"Tch. Friend's give each other nicknames, Vin. Get used to it. And yeah," he added quickly, "Even before ya say it, we're all friends, Vin."
Vincent frowned as everyone readily agreed, some a little more grudgingly than others, like Barret, who was still convinced that the mysterious gunman was going to suck his blood if he let his guard down. Vincent hadn't remembered conceding himself to be anyone's friend; an old teammate, yes; an acquaintance, perhaps. But not exactly a friend. It was still too foreign a concept for him.
"So what would you like to drink Vincent?" Tifa asked with a smile. "Would you like some tea? Cid brought some of his own over and has been trying to force it down our throats."

"Damn straight," the gruff pilot nodded. "That shit's the best there is. Have half a dozen crates of it at home. You gotta have some Vin."
Vincent had a different opinion on the matter and dismissed the offer of tea with a wave of his hand. "No thank you. Do you have any coffee?"

"Coffee?" Tifa smiled again, brightly. "Of course we do. How would you like it?"


"No cream or sugar?" The fighter asked needlessly, but wanted to double check.

"Take it," Cid nudged the gunman, "You could use some sweetenin'."

Vincent shot him a steely look and then shook his head for Tifa's benefit. "Black," he reaffirmed. "I would like my coffee black. No Cream. No sugar. Thank you."

"Okay," Tifa nodded. "No problem." And she stepped lightly off to the bar.

"Coffee?" Cid queried dubiously. "Ya know that shit's bad for ya."

"Oh yes. And overloading one's liver with alcohol and smoking until fresh air becomes little more than a fantasy, are exceptionally healthy choices."

"Shit," Cid fixed Vincent with a mildly addled look and breathed in a haughty puff of his cigarette before blowing out a haze of smoke in Vincent's direction. He turned back to his steaming beverage. "Just pointing out a fact, Vin."

"So was I," Vincent replied levelly, waving a hand in front of his face to disperse the smoke a little more.
Tifa arrived with a clean mug and the pot of coffee at the point and poured Vincent a full cup of the dark, steaming liquid, and then returned to put the pot back on the burner. The rest of the table was happy for the short pause in their teammates' arguing but they knew that Cid wasn't through yet as he couldn't' stop glaring at the cup of coffee sitting in front of Vincent.
Vincent tried to ignore the pilot and enjoy the scent of fresh coffee while he waited for it to cool enough to take the first sip, but Cid seemed hell bent on keeping the focus to him. The blond muttered angrily under his breath about unappreciative teammates and their choice of hot beverages, his sentences interspersed with the usual cussing.

Vincent heaved an exasperated sigh and looked over at him once more.

"Will you be quiet? You act as if you made the tea yourself."

"If I did, would you try it?"

"Not on your life, Highwind."

"At least add some honey to that shit." Cid said, reaching over with the small pitcher of honey.

Vincent stayed his hand by grabbing his wrist with his metal claw. "Highwind, if so much as the aroma of honey hits by coffee, I will not be held responsible for Chaos' actions."

It took a moment to process but Cid got the gunman's meaning. He grunted. "Tch. Crazy bastard. I was just offering."

"And I was just declining."

"Well you don't have to get crabby," Cid continued, yanking his arm back, "Who invited Mr. Sunshine over here anyway?" The blond grumbled into his tea, not addressing anyone in particular.

Tifa took it upon herself to answer as she made her return to the table. "I did," she said, "We haven't seen each other for a while. And I don't want any of us to lose touch after all we've been through."

"Yeah, Gramps," Yuffie bounded over and plopped herself in the seat right beside the disgruntled pilot. "Don't act like you're not happy to see us." She grinned and wrapped her thin arms around the blonde's hulking frame but Cid was smart enough to know that it wasn't intended affection.

"Get off'a me ya brat," he struggled to get out of the embrace, "And give that back!" He reached out for her but wasn't quick enough to snatch her wrist as the feisty ninja hastily backed up and out of the way of his swinging arms.

Yuffie grinned mischievously and stowed away her prize; Cid's stolen materia. "You're losing your touch, old man," she giggled.

"Old man, my ass!" Cid slammed his fist down on the table and his cup of tea shook violently but luckily did not tip over.

"Very mature, Highwind," Vincent commented quietly. Cid shot him a glare but otherwise ignored him.

"Gimme my damn materia back!" He yelled at Yuffie and reached out his hand expectantly, as if she would actually give up the materia. The young ninja shook her head and Cid swiped out at her but missed as she scuttled behind Tifa.

"Uhn uhn. It's mine now," she peeked around the brunette's shoulder. "And besides. You're not even using it. You don't need to. The fighting's stopped, ya know?"

"She's right, Cid," Tifa chimed in, not wanting the little disagreement to escalate, "Let Yuffie have it. Why are you still carting materia around with you anyway?"

"Why the hell not?" Cid voiced gruffly. "It's mine ain't it?"

"Was," Vincent noted quietly.

Cid rounded on him. "You stay out of this. This is between me and the damn brat," he growled. "Nobody asked for your fuckin' comments. And don't think I didn't hear ya before."

Vincent gave him a withering look and simply shrugged. "I'm surprised you can hear anything over that deafening bark of yours. You are wasting your breath and giving me a headache, Highwind. You will not get your materia back, nor do you have any use for it at this time as both Tifa and Yuffie have pointed out. Let the girl have it."

"Yeah!" Yuffie piped up, "Listen to Vinnie! It's mine now." She winked at the stoic, dark-haired man for coming to her aid, though the fact that he had surprised her greatly and everyone else for that matter.

Vincent had hardly uttered a word to any of them in the past and no one had ever dreamed that he would actually engage himself in an argument. The gunman had certainly changed, though no one was sure if it was for the better just yet.

Vincent frowned at the use of the nickname but he had long since given up trying to correct the little ninja. It simply wasn't worth the effort because Yuffie never listened. At least he was not being labeled a vampire.

Cid growled and stood up quickly, bumping the table with his thighs and spilling half his tea onto the table this time. "Shit," he cursed, but otherwise ignored the steaming liquid absorbing into his pants. Yuffie edged her materia stealing self further out of the pilot's reach but the blonde's attention was not on her; instead it was concentrated on the dark-haired gunman.

"What the fuck, Vin? Why you taking her side?"

Vincent raised an eyebrow. "Why do you care?"

Cid leaned a heavy hand on the table and bent his face close to Vincent's, looking as angry as he would be if he caught one of his crew members napping on the job. Vincent failed to be intimidated and met his eye easily.

"There are no more battles, Highwind," he stated matter-of-factly.

"There could be." Cid countered.

"You aren't the type to plan for the future. It is a small loss, Highwind. Give it up."

Yuffie snickered as Cid narrowed his eyes, not saying anything at first. "Battles ain't the point, Vin. That shit's mine and I want it back!"

"So you've been saying, though you are nowhere closer to achieving your goal."

Vincent caught the bubbly ninja's hand as she skirted the table and went for his materia. "Don't' be greedy Yuffie," he said reprovingly and Yuffie grudgingly backed off.

"Fine," she pouted and bounced off to pick pocket one of her other former teammates as they had all made themselves scarce the moment Cid had lurched up from his seat.

"What the hell was all that about?" Cid blazed. "Why do you get to keep your materia and I get mine fucking stolen?"

Vincent shrugged nonchalantly. "Because I am faster than you."

Cid's eyes widened. "Then what the hell was all that shit about not needing materia anymore cuz there ain't no more fucking battles?"

Vincent looked at him in amusement and smirked behind the mantel of his cloak. "Persuasion, Highwind. It convinced you to give up your materia, did it not? And Yuffie is happy and currently out of my hair, therefore I am happy."

"You're a jerk, Vin," Cid said angrily. "I never noticed it until you started talking. But ya are. And I think I liked it better when didn't say squat to nobody."

"If you say so, Highwind," Vincent answered dismissively.

"Goddamn it. I can't even have an argument with ya. You're so damned…damned…ah fuck it. I dunno. But you're a real ass. Ya know that?"

"I do now," Vincent mused.

Cid slammed the table once more and Vincent watched a wave of his coffee fly out of the cup and slosh onto the table. He shook his head and missed Cid's stormy departure, though he heard his parting words.

"….pisses me off to no fucking end that guy..."