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((Chapter 1))


Neji stared ahead at the long road, there was so much road and farmland... He was on his way back home after finally finishing his fifth movie. It was different from his other ones, they had been fairly innocent, with the occasional swear and gun shot.

This had been his first, what he considered, actual movie. There had even been a sex scene between him and an actress, TenTen. She was a little new, so she had been a bit shy in front of the camera, even if she had been a whore in real life.

After they had finished a scene, Neji had gone into his dressing room to change and rest for a couple minutes. He heard a knock at the door and opened to find the brunette girl in only some black lingerie.

She asked to come in but he had slammed the door shut and would not speak to her except when for the movie.

He himself was not shy at all. Before he tried his hand at acting, he had been an extremely successful model. Of course, as Hyuuga Neji, he had to be as such. The Hyuuga's were known for always having the spotlight for something or another. Neji was a star that rose to power and fame with lightening speed, with his unending charisma and matchless good looks.

There was so much farmland.

He grew up in the city after his father died when he was ten and he had loved it. The country was all bad feelings, lack of technology and cattle.

He was speeding in his dark blue corvette, it was an open, rural road with no one else on it. That was the reason he felt inclined to indulge in his need for speed.

It would feel good to be home again, he preferred to be alone. Even if the press made up rumors constantly about his supposedly promiscuous behavior. He had never been in a real relationship, he had sex with a couple co-stars for the hell of it, but that was the extent.

He never called anyone back, he never bothered, because they just wanted to share his spotlight.

Of course, that was not all, he was not the top male model for nothing. He had long dark brown hair that was feathery soft to the touch, eyes that were so light they almost looked white, but upon closer inspection one found to have a hint of gray-ish lavender. His skin was smooth and milky white, it covered a 6 foot, delicately muscled body. He didn't go to the gym, in fact, he despised the thought, but he had been trained in martial arts since he was ten. Now at twenty three, it had definitely paid off and he planned on continuing.

There was so much damn farming!

There were also varying opinions on his sexuality that the press wouldn't leave alone. Any magazine would take every random fan phone call to heart. This had been annoying for a while, not that he was very affected.

Unlike most of the idiots who finally got their claim to fame, he knew that once a star, privacy no longer was his to enjoy. He knew that he would not be able to just have a life and that he would be in front of cameras for a long time, at least, if he had anything to say about it. He had known before he had gone to his first photo shoot what stardom would mean for him and he accepted it.

Nothing pissed him off more, than little brats who threw a bitch fit, just because they got their picture taken at the store. Was it the photographer's fault that they looked like shit? Tch, Neji made sure that he looked perfect, no matter what he did.

So much DAMN FARM!

It was evening, the text book worse time to drive, not that he was worried, he had an almost spotless driving record, other than a fender bender that hadn't even been his fault in the first place, and a parking ticket for staying longer than the parking meter was paid for.

He glanced in his rearview mirror and then back ahead. He had been on this road for a while, almost two hours. He had long tired of music and was now driving with only the sound of the engine to keep him company. That was fine. He would have the window down, but there were cows grazing in the pastures on both sides of the road, and he didn't need to smell all that.

He could see ahead in the distance. There were green hills and some pretty trees that grew thicker as they went up. He smiled it was a pretty sight.

He pulled off to the side of the road and checked the map. There was a town up in those hills, he smiled and sighed. "Finally..."

He had never taken this route before, but had noticed it on the map and thought it might take less time. He pulled back onto the road and began to drive again.

His one suitcase that he brought with his belongings in it was in the trunk. He was tired already, driving so much took it out of him, but he would be dead before he took another limo. The last time he had climbed in, only to find a blonde waiting for him with practically no clothes on. He wasn't very amused and merely got out of the car and went back to his motel to schedule a flight.

He could stay in somewhere in town, hopefully...

He was finally out of the farms and was driving at more of an upward slope into the hills. He looked around in awe. There were large trees covered in moss, it was very green, unlike the place with the cows, which was covered in dry, yellow grass. He kept driving and saw and opening through the forest.

It came out to an open road with some trees and brush, he measured maybe a fifteen miles till he got there. Suddenly, out of nowhere, leapt a deer. His eyes widened in panic and he swerved.

696969696969696969696969696969966996969696screw you Heather

Gaara hated his work, if money wasn't necessary he would have quit a long time ago. He worked in a fairly big liquor store. The Sennin liquor store to be exact. It was owned by a couple, Jiraiya and Tsunade Sennin. Although Tsunade was the one who mostly ran it, while Jiraiya peeked in the girl's bathroom.

The pay was good, the hours weren't too long, and he rarely had to help customers. Because of his strength, he was mostly only needed to move things or take inventory.

His uniform was just a black T shirt, black jeans that he had to provide himself and a name tag with the store logo on it. He hated that damn store and the name tag, he would burn them both, except like he said, money was a necessity and he doubted it would be easy to get a job with a criminal record.

Not that it had been incredibly easy to get a job in the first place. Gaara had always found himself to be disgusting.

He had blood red hair that was about five inches long, jade green eyes that either had black rings of eyeliner or black rings from lack of sleep. Light skin that was as dark as it would ever get, he knew because he used to work carts, a red tattoo of the word 'Love' in kanji on his forehead and he was only about 5'5. Gaara hated the way he looked, not that there was really a way he would prefer to be.

Out of all the things that annoyed him most about his job, were his 'Co-Workers' Especially the one that wouldn't leave him the hell alone. Always trying to make friends, always trying to chat, always trying to take him out for some of that horrible ramen stuff.

What made it worse was that the blond, whose name was Naruto, had a boyfriend, who happened to work there as well. Sasuke was the name, the heart throb of the whole fucking town. Every single time he refused Naruto, the boy would go get Sasuke to try and convince him. Although, once Naruto was gone, Sasuke would tell him to pretend that he had begged but had still been refused. He could appreciate that, even if he hated the Uchiha with a passion that was unmatched by any... Except of course his passionate hatred for everything else.

He was driving in his old Toyota home, where he lived; almost twenty miles out of town. He hated being around people and decided to move into a home that had been built up at the top of the second tallest hill near the town. He never knew or cared about why there were no more houses, all he knew was that he didn't have to be bothered up there.

Naruto had been bugging him about moving back into town, but he adamantly refused.

He had just turned on the radio when he saw some light coming from off road. He pulled off to the shoulder and went to inspect.

There, about twenty five feet from the side of the road was a car. It was wrecked on the driver's side. He ran around to the top where he tried to see through the windshield. It was cracked and the air bag was out, he scowled, well this was annoying.

He was about to leave when he heard a groan from inside. He paused, then climbed onto the passenger side, or the top, and pulled the door open.

His eyes widened in shock at the sight before him. There, in the driver's seat was Hyuuga Neji, most definitely the only person or thing in the entire world that he didn't hate, in fact, the only thing he loved. He slowly lowered himself in, careful to avoid stepping on his brunette angel.

After completing this successfully, he proceed to move the deflated air bag and unbuckle the seatbelt. He lifted Neji carefully in his arms and placed him over one shoulder. Than, with a lot of difficulty, he managed to get them both out of the car.

He carried his angel bridal style back up to the road and set him gently on the gravel. He went to his car and turned on his headlights. With the extra light he looked down and examined the wounds.

There was a gash on the Hyuuga's forehead, up near his hairline. There was also blood on his shirt, so Gaara carefully pulled it up over his head. There were several cuts on his chest, but nothing too bad. He sighed with relief, no broken bones, not even a sprain or a fracture. The only thing now was to take him to the hospital...

"No," he murmured staring down at the beautiful sleeping face that seemed only more angelic in the glow of the half full moon, "He's mine, I found him"


Neji felt like shit, no, he felt worse than shit... Way worse. His head hurt like a bitch and his chest had the itchy, burning feeling. He tried to open his eyes but found that once he did, he still couldn't see. 'Have I gone blind?'

He felt more panic kick in as memories from the previous day flood his mind. Driving home, the deer, the accident, but then, where was he. He couldn't feel his shirt, or even his pants, it felt like his was in a robe, 'I must be in the hospital'. He flexed his fingers, then his hands, and then moved his arm up. He felt fabric over his eyes and sighed with relief, 'Oh thank God'

He started to pull it down when suddenly, a warm hand covered his and a voice spoke, "Don't take that off"

Neji jumped, slightly surprised, "Who's there?"

"My name is Subaku no Gaara, I found you Hyuuga Neji"

Neji forced down a smirk, he was found by a fan, "Really? Well, thank you for helping me" He smiled outwardly this time and moved one of his hands to be on top of Gaara's.

"Your welcome, but don't take that off"

Neji wanted to laugh, the voice sounded slightly breathless now, did he really have such an affect on people? "Why not?"

"Because you can't see me"

"Why can't I see you Gaara?" He spoke as if to a child.

"Because I'm hideous"

Under the blindfold Neji rolled his eyes, "Oh come on," he crooned. After getting no response and the hand not moving away he tried to push himself in a sitting position. He was stopped by another hand on his stomach, he noticed it did not touch his chest and he wondered if he was wounded, or if this fan was trying to get as close to his pants as he could.

"No." The voice was firm now and Neji grinned impishly, he used his hand that was on Gaara's to trail up his arm and run down to his waist, "Come on. I bet you're just shy"

Gaara leaned close, Neji knew because he could feel hot breath on his face, "I'm sorry, but if you take this blindfold off, I will have to kill you"

The smiled was instantly gone from Neji's lips as he waited for the boy to tell him he was joking. No such luck.

He felt Gaara's lips on the corner of his mouth and felt fear began to creep into his mind, "Am I in the hostpital?"

"No," Neji could feel butterfly kisses on his cheek, "You are in my home"

"I want to leave mmph"

Gaara grabbed his hair and kissed him roughly, thrusting his tongue into the brunette's already open mouth. Neji was shocked, there was something in his mouth, licking his teeth and gums and moving against his tongue. Movie star kicked in at that moment, 'Just kiss him back, that's probably all he wants, then he'll let you go'

That wasn't too bad, the mouth at least tasted quite good. It wasn't minty or sweet or anything like that... But it tasted good none the less.

He began to move his tongue as well, massaging his lips against Gaara's, making the boy moan into the kiss. The next thing Neji knew, there was a weight between his legs and hands guiding his own to rest around the other boy's neck. He yelped in surprise when Gaara ground their hips together. This was getting a bit out of hand, maybe his movie star side was wrong.

Gaara broke the kiss and was now licking and biting at his neck, still grinding their hips together frantically.

"G-Gaara!" He gasped, "Wait..."

He stilled and Neji felt the gaze on his half covered face, "You need to let me go"

He heard a growl and felt a back hand slap across his face, "NO YOU CAN'T LEAVE! I FOUND YOU! YOU'RE MINE!"

Neji would have grit his teeth in rage, but that thought left his mind when Gaara bit down on his neck. He screamed in pain and gasped when he felt his robe yanked open. "What are you doing!"

"You're mine, I can do whatever I want"

It wasn't desperate yelling this time, it was a low dangerous purr. Neji felt his muscle clench up at the tone, 'He can't mean...' "No! Stop! STOP IT!" He was almost pleading but the boy paid no heed.

Neji heard the shifting of fabric and then clothes dropping on the floor. Dread was practically banging in his head, his hands were pinned above his head and he could feel Gaara's naked body against his, thrusting between his legs. Neji could feel his body responding to the friction and began to thrash, "LET ME GO!"

"Don't you get it Neji? I love you, I can't let you go"

His wrists were now held in place by one hand and he feared where other was going. Gaara's was still sucking on his neck, groaning or grunting every now and then. His free hand was on Neji's waist and slowly moving lower. The Hyuuga was still pleading with the Subaku to let him go, but moaning as well.

Gaara pulled away from the now marked neck and licked his lips. He kept muttering over and over again, "I love you Neji, I love you" as he moved back up to the mouth, his hand was now squeezing Neji's erection, rubbing it harshly and still thrusting between the Hyuuga's legs.

Neji was mewling, his protests were now gone as he began to meet the other's hips. He began to struggle against the Subaku's grip which was more loose now. He managed to free one of his hands and reached down, finding Gaara head immediately and pulling him up for a kiss.

They both opened their mouths and their tongues battled for dominance. They were still grinding, pushing their hips together harder and harder. Suddenly, Neji stiffened and he heard Gaara groan as his seed coated both their stomachs. The Hyuuga was still panting when he felt something shoved into his mouth. His eyes narrowed, 'He wants me to suck him off now!'

He jerked his head to the side and tried to spit it out, but Gaara grabbed a fistful of the long hair, "Don't do that Neji, I love you"

Neji gagged when he began to thrust into his mouth and partly down his throat. He could hear the boy groaning and finally tasted something salty and a little bitter running down his throat. He began to swallow, Gaara hadn't pulled out of his mouth, so it was either that or drown on a stranger's cum.

Once the liquid was gone the cock in his mouth was removed.

He turned his head to the side and started taking greedy gulps of air, waiting for the presence on top of him to leave. However, when he caught his breath, he felt Gaara's tongue on his face, licking up whatever overflowed out of Neji's mouth. Pretty soon the boy reached his mouth and pulled him into another kiss, this one softer than the last. Neji didn't respond and Gaara pulled away with a sigh.

"I'll go get you some clothes," he whispered, nuzzling the Hyuuga's cheek, "Remember, do not take off this blindfold" He kissed his angel's cheek, "I love you"


((End Chapter))

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