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Chapter 26: Final Assault

"Jago!" Orchid called. "Jago, where are you?"

There was no sign of her brother or the demonic warlord. Gargos' storm had blown them both away. It was possible that they were buried somewhere under the rubble of Ultratech that had been picked up in the tornado and thrown around. She just hoped he survived. But if Gargos didn't survive, and she hoped to God he didn't, how could a mere human survive.

"Damn it, Jago, you can't die now! Where the hell are you?"

She pushed aside of what was once probable a power generator. Nothing under there. Damn it, at this rate even if Jago was alive, he would surely die before she found him.

"I need a damn search party to find him." Orchid thought. "…or a sixth sense."

Back when Jago had been training her to learn the ways of the Tiger Spirit, he had taught her how to sense peoples' life force. She was still a rookie at it, but what the hell.

Closing her eyes, Orchid tried to search for Jago. She sensed nothing. That could only mean two thing; either Jago was dead, or she was unable to concentrate out of worry. She desperately hoped it was the latter.

"Jago, come on. Give me a sign."


Orchid's eyes snapped open. There, she sensed it. Jago's life force. He was still alive. And the signal was getting stronger as Jago rose out of unconsciousness.

She headed in the direction her senses pointed. It was rather far away. Gargos' storm had really taken him for a ride.

"Jago, where are you?"

"'ere!" came a muffled reply.


"O'er 'ere!"

"Give me a sign!"


Jago's Endokuken attack blasted a pile of rubble aside and the young warrior rose, bloody and bruised, but thankfully alive.

"Jago!" Orchid cried in relief, running over to her brother.

Jago limped over to her. He was really hurting right now, but it was finally over. Gargos was dead and so was Eyedol.

Orchid was overjoyed at seeing her brother still alive, but then she saw something that made her freeze with fear. A large pile of rubble behind Jago was beginning to move as something erupted from underneath it. Large copper wings flew outward, sending pieces of metal and concrete flying everywhere.

"Jago look out!"

The young warrior turned around to see a large clawed hand coming down in a slashing motion. The look on the warlord's face was murderous and it made Jago's blood run cold. He was so shocked by his former master that his mind completely went blank. He only came back to reality as Orchid tackled him, knocking him out of the way of Gargos' attack. Red hot pain soared through his upper torso as Gargos' claws slashed at his arm, leaving five deep painful cuts.

"Damn you!" Gargos shouted, lashing out at the two siblings again. "I'll rip your damn heads off and use them as target practice!"

Orchid had to practically drag her brother away as Gargos went into a blood crazed frenzy. He wasn't even fighting anymore. He was just attacking wildly.

"Endokuken!" Gargos bellowed, unleashing Jago's favorite attack.

Orchid dropped to the ground, bringing Jago with her to avoid the powerful blast. She threw her saber blades at Gargos, resulting in painful cuts and burns for the enraged warlord. Gargos roared and smacked the blades aside.

"Great plan girl!" Orchid scolded herself. "Now what?" She looked to her brother who was leaning on her for support. "Any ideas?" she asked desperately.

"My sword…" Jago moaned, pointing at Gargos.

Orchid looked and saw the handle of Jago's sword sticking out of the warlord's chest. That must hurt, but Orchid thought that Gargos deserved all the pain he got.

"I'm on it." She said. "Can you stand?"

"I'll manage."

Trusting the young warrior, Orchid let her brother go and charged at the warlord. They needed to end this now. Jumping into the air, she turned into her fire cat form. Gargos opened his mouth and unleashed a blast of power. Orchid soared right over it and landed on the warlord's face and began scratching and biting. Gargos growled and ripped her off.

Reverting back to her human form, Orchid called out to her brother. "Jago now!"

Jago stumbled forward, keeping his eyes on the handle of his sword. He jumped in the air and put all his remaining strength into his next attack.


His fist made contact with the end of his sword as the blast was unleashed. The sword buried deeper into the warlord's chest as the power of the attack pulsed through his body, tearing him apart from the inside. Jago could actually see the wave of the attack moving under Gargos' skin.

Gargos cried out as the energy escaped from his body, tearing right threw his flesh. His yellow eyes exploded as blood sprayed from different openings in his body.

Orchid dropped from his grip and rolled away as Gargos came crashing down. He remained motionless on the ground, twitching and moaning slightly.

Jago collapsed by the fallen warlord, completely drained of power. Gargos moaned as blood sprayed out from his mouth and various other places.

Orchid got up and approached the warlord. She mercilessly ripped Jago's sword from the beast's chest, earning her a painful growl. She handed the blood covered sword to her brother.

"You do the honors." She whispered.

Jago struggled to hold his head up. He saw the sword in her hand and heard what she said. But was he strong enough. Yes, he still had enough strength to do this.

Getting to his feet, Jago took the sword from his sister and walked over to the top of Gargos.

"This is for our family, you bastard." He told his former master.

He held the sword high and brought it down, removing the warlord of his head. Gargos' body shook momentarily before finally laying still, never moving again.

The sword fell from Jago's hand as he collapsed on the ground again. Orchid dropped down next to him, also completely drained. For a few moments, neither of them said anything, they were just thankful that the fighting was over.

"We should… burn… the body…" Jago muttered. "So no other… company like… Ultratech can… get it…"

Orchid nodded, but Jago didn't see since he had his eyes closed. "My agents can take care of that when they get here. I'm drained."

The two were quiet again. Neither had much energy left to do anything but keep breathing.

"When will they get here?" Jago asked.

"About two hours."

"Good. Then this is finally over."

Orchid nodded again. "So, what are you going to do now that you've faced your destiny?"

Jago hadn't thought about it, and right now he was too tired to. "Not sure. Guess I'll make my own destiny."

Orchid smiled. "Good. Mind if I give a suggestion?"

"By all means."

"Well, after I take a vacation, I'm planning on finding those bastard monks that sacrificed our family and sending the to Hell with there master."

Jago nodded. "Sounds good. I can show you where they hide."

"And then," Orchid continued, "if you want, I could get you a job at my company."

Jago's eyes snapped open. "Me? An agent?"

Orchid chuckled. "Why not? You'd make a great agent. And you could teach us you techniques and we can teach you ours."

Jago thought about it. Him, a secret agent, fighting along side his sister. "Sounds good to me. But like you said, I need a vacation. Something to take my mind off everything that's happened. I just want to forget t all. The killing, the betrayal, the psychotic doctor, the… oh God!"

Jago made a sick gagging noise.

"What?" asked Orchid in concern.

Jago sounded disgusted as he said, "Thinking back on the past months, I suddenly realized that my first kiss officially belongs to my sister."

Orchid's eyes widened and she made the same gagging noise that Jago made. "From now on, that's classified."


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