Survivor in Hyrule: FINAL EPISODE!!!!


"Okay Impa," said Link. "Jeff said we were given all day to take down our camp and pack up our stuff.

"Well, what do we do with all the wood we used for the shelter?" asked Impa.

"Well, that guy in the laboratory said he needed some wood to build an additional lab table so we can give the wood to him and take everything else."

After cleaning up, they packed up their things and started the long, walk to tribal council. They followed a trail of extinguished torches of their "fallen comrades," or those who were voted out.....from Talon to Zelda.

TRIBAL COUNCIL - Temple of Time

"Okay, send in the jury," said Jeff.

The jury, consisting of Zelda, Stalkid, and Ganon took their seats.

"Jury members," said Jeff. "This time you will be voting in a different way. You will be voting for someone, not against someone. The winner will receive 1 million rupees and the runner-up will receive 100,000 rupees. Have you discussed your voting strategies with each other?"

Everyone shook their heads.

"Good," said Jeff. "Let's start with Zelda."

First Zelda voted, then Stalkid, then Ganon.

"Okay, once the votes are tallied, the decision is final and both contestants will walk off either being 100,000 rupees richer or 1 million rupees richer. First vote....Link. Second vote.....Impa. Third and final vote....the winner of 1 million rupees and the title of ' sole survivor,' is...........(DRUM ROLL).................................IMPA!

"Way to go, Impa!" said Link, jumping up and down. "You WON! But wait, who voted for me?"

"I did, silly," said Zelda. "You think I'd vote against you? Besides, I don't care how much money you win. I still love you just the same." The two of them kissed passionately in front of everyone.

"Well, that's more than we need to see," said Jeff. "Congratulations to Link and Impa and see you all next time on SURVIVOR!"

[Fancy theme music plays]