Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't update this or any of my stories for a long time. I realized, that while I may have some good ideas, I don't have much time it write. I've handed all my stories over to a friend of mine (DaughterOfAres). She is in the process of continueing one of them now (A Painful Family reunion aka Becoming a Family). If you're interested in continueing Farm Life she has placed it on another website that allows for anyone to post a chapter (round robin style). The website is Potions and Snitches . net (remove spaces).

Once again I'm sorry that I'm not going to finish my stories, but I don't want to see the ideas die either. I hope to see many people posting new and rewriting old chapters to this story.

If you have any questions or want more information please contact me through a review and I'll do my best to respond.