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Scry For You

Regaime Seishi

Ch. 1- Amnesia Isn't Rocket Science

Edward Elric picked his way through the crowd at King's Cross station, scouting the signs hanging from the ceiling for Platform 10. He was nervous, and every time a passerby in a hurry shouldered into him, his stomach jolted and rolled over. For three days now he'd been on and off trains, moving from city to city in order to reach his destination, London. Now that he was there it was only a half an hour ride or so to the man he was putting all his hope into: a rocket scientist named Robert Goddard. Somehow he had to find his way to the other side of the Gate, and he believed the best way to do so was to travel in space where there was ether and countless other mysteries. The only way to get to space was to convince Goddard to let him help develop the man's rocket, and there was still the uncertainty of whether or not he'd be rejected as an apprentice like the first scientist he'd visited, Herman Oberth.

The thought of this caused his throat to contract; he wouldn't be able to bear it if that happened. His life since he found himself on this side of the Gate had been filled with anxiety derived from worrying about his little brother and only by directing his thoughts toward finding a way back to Amestris, behind the Gate, and back to Alphonse and his friends, lessened it. With this at the forefront of his mind, he pushed through the crowds, making only inches of progress. He was about half way there and stopped to take refuge behind a pillar when a cart overflowing with luggage obstructed his way and plummeted into him. He was thrown backwards onto the marble floor and quickly lost consciousness on impact.

The first thing he saw when his eyes opened was a pair of faces looming in front of him. Both were covered in thousands of freckles and thick, red-orange hair.

"Are you okay, mate?" the faces asked.

"No," Edward grunted, "I'm seeing double." He sat up and rubbed his eyes to clear his vision. When he opened them again he expected there to be one face, but the two remained. "Shit," he mumbled, the word slurring on his tongue so that it sounded more like a sigh than a curse.

"Don't worry, mate, you're not hallucinating," one said.

"We're identical twins is all," the other finished.

"Well…that explains it," Ed grumbled, "Excuse me, but I have to catch my train."

He pushed himself to his feet and the ground blurred before him. He lost balance and nearly fell over, if not for the twins catching him by the arms and steadying him.

"We're sorry for ramming you," the twin on his right said.

"We were in a hurry," his brother finished.

"Everyone in this damn country is in a hurry," Ed replied bitterly as he placed a hand on his throbbing head to stop his world from spinning, "Including me; I have a train to catch."

"We'll help you aboard," the right twin said.

"It's the least we can do. Where's your stuff?" the left twin asked. Ed pointed to the meager suitcase a few feet in front of him.

"Neat, must've put a condensing charm on it," the right one said.

"What?" Edward blurted out, looking at the twin in confusion. 'Condensing charm? What the hell?' he thought.

"No worries mate," explained the other, "It'll all come back to you in a sec."

However, the confusion stayed and Ed wondered if this was truly his train. 'It must be,' he reasoned, 'I was almost to Platform 10 when I was knocked out.'

The twins introduced themselves as Fred and George Weasley and Edward returned it with his name. The two then took it upon themselves to chaperone Ed due to his condition. They escorted him onto the train and into an empty compartment. Edward collapsed into his seat and leaned his aching head against the cool glass of the window to lessen the pain. He needed peace and quiet in order to sleep off his wound so he could spend the tail end of the trip organizing his thoughts on what he'd say to Robert Goddard. He had just dozed off when he found himself being shaken awake.

"Hey, it's not good to sleep if you're suffering from a possible concussion," a girl with bushy brown hair was telling him. Edward yawned and rubbed his head, annoyance spreading across his grim face as the girl continued.

"Fred and George explained what happened. I'm Hermione and this is Ron and Harry." She motioned toward another red head and a boy with messy black hair. "We'll take you to Madame Pomfrey as soon as we get to Hogwarts to see if you're okay. In the meantime, try to stay awake; if you're suffering from a concussion you could go into a coma. What's your name and house? What year are you in?" she rambled.

"You talk too much," Edward pointed out with a frown. His head throbbed from the noise so he massaged it again, turning to find the two boys Hermione had introduced shaking in hysterics.

"Hermione, you talk too much!" the red head exclaimed in between a guffaw.

"Oh, shut up Ron!" the girl snapped at him.

"Shut up the both of you!" Edward barked, still in discomfort, "It feels as if my brain's about to fall out…"

"Sorry, I was merely trying to keep you awake," Hermione apologized in a whisper, "So…what's your name?"

'At least she's considerate,' Ed thought before he replied, "Edward Elric."

"Which house are you in?" she inquired further.

"Excuse me?" Ed asked in confusion.

"He's still getting over temporary amnesia," one of the twins said, "it'll pass."

"I beg your pardon, but I do not have amnesia. I can recall everything that ever happened in my life," Ed explained in annoyance, "What I don't understand is who 'Madame Pomfrey' is, what a 'house' and 'year' is, and what in hell 'Hogwarts' is. Other than that, I'm quite peachy; my head hurts and I think I'm on the wrong train."

"It's okay to be confused mate, your memory will return," the other twin responded.

"My memory is fine!" Edward repeated in anger this time, "I'm on my way to study rocket science with Robert Goddard!"

The twins broke out into laughter, exclaiming it was "a great joke" and that Edward did "a perfect impression of a muggle". Ed sat in confusion, wondering just who these idiots were until the black-haired boy interrupted their amusement.

"Erm, guys, I don't think he's joking," he said hesitantly. The laughter halted immediately.

"Bloody hell! You mean you really are a muggle?" Ron exclaimed.

"A what?" Ed blurted, confused yet again.

"Non-magic folk," Hermione explained, "People without the gift of magic." Edward looked at the company in front of him dumbfounded.

"M-magic? Are you crazy? Magic doesn't exist!" he stuttered.

"Shit, he is a muggle," either Fred or George swore.

"Then what were you doing in front of the barrier to platform 9 and ¾?" the other twin asked. Both threw their hands up in exasperation and broke into a stream of colorful words.

"Look," Hermione said, "It may be hard to understand, but right now you're on a train to a magical school of witchcraft and wizardry called Hogwarts. As soon as we get there we'll bring you to the Headmaster; he'll know what to do." Edward shook his head and his blond hair fell into his golden eyes.

"No way," he said, feeling numb, "I won't believe it. If magic exists then why isn't there any record of it? Why can't I—why can't I open—" He broke off as his throat contracted and he felt tears well up in his eyes. He turned toward the window to hide this shame, yet faced them again a moment later despite it, his voice loud and accusing. "It doesn't make sense! What about the laws of physics? The laws of! I won't believe it!"

"Hey, hey, calm down!" Ron said tentatively, "I don't mean to be insensitive, but aren't you overreacting?"

Edward shot him a glare that silenced him and turned back to the window, ignoring the others. The line, 'I won't believe it', repeated in his mind as a single tear escaped down his face as he remembered all the times him and his brother were destroyed by equivalent exchange. He wiped it away quickly in frustration, just in time to witness the door opening to allow two thugs who reminded him of Gluttony and a sneering blond in.

"Word on the train says Harry Potty has a new pet muggle," the sneering one jeered. His cronies laughed dumbly at this.

"Malfoy, you slime ball! Can't you find better things to do than being an eavesdropping snake!" Hermione yelled.

"I'm sorry, is the stupid muggle yours, mud-blood?" Malfoy derided.

One moment the boy was laughing and the next he was doubled up on the floor with Ed looming above him, fist raised. He lowered it and spoke.

"I don't much appreciate being insulted and treated like a dog," he said, eyes narrow and piercing, "But I am glad you volunteered to be the outlet for my anger."

"Why you—" Malfoy seethed through gritted teeth as he scrambled to his feet and fumbled for a wooden rod in his pocket. He pointed it at Ed, but before he could say anything, a shout echoed behind him.


Edward turned to see Harry standing with his arm raised, his own wooden rod in his hand. He turned back to Malfoy and found him once again on his back, the wooden rod strewn across the compartment. The boy gained his feet and retrieved his stick as the two thugs stepped in front of him as a shield. As they rushed at him, Ed prepared himself for a fight by focusing his strength.

It wasn't hard, as both goons moved like frozen lard, and he was easily able to catch one in the solar plexus with a right uppercut and the second in the knee with a left wheel kick. The two whimpered in agony and retreated from the compartment, finding their leader long gone. Edward made his way to his seat and sank into it, rotating his arm to see if the prosthetic limb was damaged; fortunately it wasn't.

"That was brilliant!" Ron exclaimed, taking a seat next to his newest idol, "Where'd you learn to do that!"

"I had a teacher," Ed replied nonchalantly.

"Wow, I bet he could really kick ass," Ron continued, "You really showed Malfoy how to do it old-school."

"She, Teacher was a she," Edward corrected.

"Blimy! Wait 'til word gets out that Malfoy was beaten by a muggle who was trained by a girl! This is gonna be great!"

"Ron, you're so sexist!" Hermione scolded, "Just because she's a woman doesn't make any difference. It was Edward who beat up Malfoy and his goons."

"Right," Harry agreed, "You know, I think he beat your record, Hermione." Hermione flushed as she remembered her last conflict with Malfoy.

"You know what was the best though?" Ron snickered, "That time when Mad-Eye Moody turned Malfoy into a ferret and controlled him with the Imperius Curse!"

"That was illegal! He should have gotten fired!" Hermione exclaimed in disgust.

"Yah, but it wasn't really Moody," Harry reminded her.

Everyone except Edward nodded and the room went silent as they were absorbed in their thoughts. The young alchemist muttered something along the lines of "bullshit" under his breath. Just then the door to the compartment opened and a plump witch with a cart overflowing with candy and pastries entered. The twins, Ron, Harry, and Hermione rushed to pull out their money and began counting odd silver, bronze, and gold coins for the treats. By the time the cart left, much of its contents had been relocated to a pile on one of the empty seats.

"Here," Harry said, offering a colorful package to Ed, "You must be starving."

Ed took it gratefully and read the label: 'Chocolate Frog'. It didn't look harmful, and besides that he didn't think Harry would've given it to him if it had been, so he opened it. He never expected the contents to burst out and start hopping around the compartment. Edward sat in a daze as he watched Harry and Ron take off after the chocolate frog. At this point Ed doubted it was actually chocolate. Finally, the thing slowed down and Fred, or maybe it was George, caught it and handed it back to him.

Edward took the brown mass, which was now barely discernable as a frog, in his thumb and forefinger, contemplating it. His stomach growled as he caught a whiff of its sweetness, but he ignored this and chucked the frog out the window.

"Do you have anything…normal?" he asked awkwardly.

"I have some sandwiches my mum made me," Ron offered, and soon Ed was consuming a couple of squished slabs of bread with peanut butter and jelly stuffed into the middle. It was a bit dry, but since it didn't move, Ed was satisfied. The fact he'd spent a month of his childhood eating fish and mushrooms on a deserted island helped as well.