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Chapter one

"Flight plan"

It was time for the family vacation, an event which only happened once a year. Last year was 'Disneyland', this year; Hawaii.

Casey Macdonald was very enthusiastic about going to the tropical island, but she wasn't too pleased about going with her obnoxious, annoying, arrogant excuse for step-brother, Derek Venturi.

As Casey helped her mom pack, Derek walked in and asked, "Hey Nora, have you seen my white pooka shells?"

"No, I haven't," She responded.

Derek rolled his eyes in frustration and walked away.

Casey looked at her mom. "Can't we leave him here?" She was joking... Okay, no she wasn't.

Nora gave her daughter a severe glance. "Casey, be nice. For the sake of this family, please try to get along with Derek."

"But he's so immature," The daughter sighed.


"And he thinks he knows everything," She added.

"Casey..." Nora tried interrupting her again.

"And he's just sooo-"

"Casey," Nora said sternly.

The dark-haired girl stopped and agreed to try to get along with Derek.

Meanwhile George helped Marti pack her suitcase. Of course the little girl wanted to bring all her stuffed animals, but George talked her into bringing one.

"Dad, have you seen my white pooka shells?" Derek interrupted them.

"Nope, sorry."

With another sigh of frustration Derek walked away. He passed Casey's room. Her door was open and there on her dresser he saw his white pooka shells. Without hesitation he walked in and grabbed the necklace, but then he saw a notebook on Casey's bedside. He knew that if Casey saw him reading her journal he's be so dead, but he was curious. He picked up the notebook and turned to a random page and read it:

I went to school today. He passed me in the hallway. How could someone like him have this kind of effect on me? I refuse to let him know that his touch sends tingles down my spine, his smile-

"Oh my God, Derek!" Casey yanked the notebook away from him. "Have you no respect for personal property?" She shuved the book into a drawer and slammed it shut.

Derek held up the pooka shell necklace. "You obviously don't."

There was a brief silence.

"I was gonna give those back," She lowered her voice.

He just nodded. "Uh-huh," he said in disbelief.

"Just get out," Casey pushed him out and slammed the door.

He's going to be the death of me, she thought as she leaned against the door.

The following morning the household was in a rush . Everyone had gotten up late! Their ride to the

airport had already been waiting outside for about 20 minutes. It was 6:30 AM and their flight leaves at 7:15.

At 6:45 the family was out the door and on their way to the airport. At 7:10 the family was running to their plane, it was a Saturday so the airport was packed.

It was so crowded... Derek and Casey tried pushing passed the people.

"Casey, take my hand," The handsome boy infront of Casey reached back for her. She instinctively grabbed his hand and they pushed through the crowd together. They finally got to the gate, but the flight had already departed.

Casey was absolutely shocked that her mom and George didn't realize they were missing the two eldest of the family. "This is not good," she muttered as she let go of Derek's hand.

"Oh my god," Derek sighed trying to keep his cool, but Casey could tell he was worried.

"Calm down, we'll just trade in our tickets for another flight to Hawaii," She stated as she pulled him over to the customer service desk. Casey managed to exchange the tickets for two flights to Honolulu Hawaii.

"Come on, before we miss this flight," Casey stated.

The two boarded a flight in the coach section. As Derek sat there beside Casey he told her, "Okay, so we're going to Honolulu, but our parents are in Maui."

Casey nodded. "So we'll take a boat or something to Maui, I'm sure my mom will arrange something."

"Hey, why do you get the window seat?" Derek asked.

"Because..." She replied.

"I wanna see the ocean when we get to Hawaii."

Casey rolled her eyes. "So lean over me when we get there."

"No, switch me seats," he demanded.

She frowned. He just expects to get his way just like that? "No," she folded her arms and settled deeper into her seat.

"Come on," he said even more demandingly.

"No," she said.

Meanwhile on the flight to Maui George and Nora still hadn't noticed that Derek and Casey weren't on the plane, but they did notice how quiet it was.

"I hope this vacation brings the family closer together," Nora stated holding her husbands hand.

"It will," George assured her. "It's been quiet... Derek and Casey haven't been fighting."

Casey sat on the plane quite upset at Derek, he just wouldn't let go of the whole window seat issue.

"You're impossible," she hissed at him.

"Your point?" he grinned in sarcasm.

"Grow up," she retorted.

"You're not the boss of me," he said like a five year old child.

"Shut up," she groaned in frustration. Casey sighed and thought, This is going to be a long ride to Hawaii. Why does he always have to be so complicated?

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