I watch in horror

The towers burn

Smoke fills the sky

Everything is chaos

The earth shakes

The towers fall

They, and my life

Reduced to ruins

My heart breaks

She's found alive

Hope fills me

I hold my vigil

She gets worse

She can't go on

I know it's time

I must let go

I hold her hand

Say goodbye

Her pain ends

Part of me dies

One more dead

Among so many

To me, much more

My whole world

I feel dead

I have nothing left

Feel so empty

I'm dead inside

Life goes on

I do my job

I just exist

I can't let go

Stella's there

Always helping

Becomes my rock

Guides me through

She gives hope

Fills my empty heart

I begin to heal

Learn to love again

I'll never forget

Claire's in my heart

But I look ahead

I'm starting over

So much to come

New dreams begin

No matter what

We'll be together

I feel alive

My heart is full

I am content

I am complete