Master of Technology, Indeed!

By: Firefury Amahira

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom, nor any of his associated friends, enemies, allies, potential love interests or random background characters. Also, just in case it isn't readily apparent, no money is being given in compensation for this story. I wish I was getting paid to write fanfiction, because that $600 debt from Anime Expo stings.

He glared at his opponent, eyes hidden behind dark square lenses. His enemy simply sat impassively, clearly unimpressed. His opponent merely stood still, blinking at him.

"You will obey my will!" He pointed his staff at his nemesis. "For I am the master of scientific technology, lord of all things mechanical an beeping! I am Technus, and you will do my bidding!"

Unlike the ghost-kid who he was usually picking fights with, his current opponent didn't say a word throughout his long-winded introduction. It almost surprised the technological ghost to actually finish his introduction without so much as a single interruption or snappy one-liner.

"Haha! You are scared into silence by the awesome might of my electronic fury!" Technus crowed. "Now you will do as I command, and record my favorite television programs!"

He paused, waiting for his impassive opponent to acknowledge his command. Still nothing, the fellow continued to stand there blinking dumbly. Almost as if it hadn't heard a word Technus had said. The ghost frowned, quite visibly displeased by the current outcome of the battle. Somehow, this monster was able to negate his ability to control electronics, a fact that confused and decidedly annoyed the Ghost Zone's self-proclaimed master of technology.

"Why are you just blinking at me?" Technus finally shouted in annoyance, poking his enemy with the top of his staff.

Apparently he managed to push his rival's buttons, for there was finally a reaction. With a grinding whir, a black projectile was launched from some foul orifice and smacked Technus square in the face. With a yelp, he fell backwards, sporting a comedic lump on his forehead from the impact. His opponent had apparently calmed down after that singular attack, blinking steadily.

"That's it! I have had enough of your tough guy routine and disrespect! I am your superior, you should obey me and do as I command!" Technus yelled at the beast. "Now I order you to stop playing around, and go record those shows!"

His enemy again disregarded the command, in no apparent hurry to go anywhere or do anything that the ghost wanted.

"Fine. We will do this your way, and you will do my bidding!" Technus growled, tucking his staff under one arm and cautiously approaching his opponent.

The creature didn't growl or lash out at the ghost's approach, it merely sat there blinking at him. Cautiously, Technus prodded his nemesis with one gloved finger. A good sign at least, he didn't get attacked a second time by the black projectile weapon. Now if he could just figure out how to make it do what he wanted, all would be well!

"Why won't you do anything?" Technus wailed after several minutes of prodding failed to garner a reaction. "We're almost out of time!"

"Interesting." Skulker watched the battle from a safe distance through his binoculars. Even he had to cringe when Technus swung his staff in a wide arc at his opponent. The resultant explosion was almost surprising. "Not even he can program a VCR."

Author's Note: Heh, just a plot bunny I had today that wouldn't leave me alone until I let it out. Just a little piece of one-shot silliness while working on Anathema.