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Summary: Sam and Dean are investigating a haunted forest, but it quickly turns into a deadly game of hide and seek. WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS – story is set some time post Devil's Trap and may refer to things that happened anytime during the first Season.

Hide and Seek

Chapter 1 – Animal Attack

Dean and Sam were quietly walking through the small forest outside of the little town of Hibbing. The surrounding hills trapped the evening fog, making it the perfect site for a horror film. Sam shifted the shot gun he carried on his shoulder. He could see Dean a short distance ahead of him in full hunter mode.

Sam wished that they had done some more research before coming out on this hunt. His father and he were a lot alike in this one aspect of the hunt, both wanted to do as much research as possible before jumping in. But Dean, he didn't have much patience for the research part of hunting. He would do just enough to get an idea and then go with it.

That is what brought them to be here on this particular night. Dean had read a newspaper article about a haunted forest. A number of the locals had reported sightings of spirits and some had been attacked by something while walking through the woods. Sam couldn't find anything about the land itself or its owner that would point to a haunting. Dean seemed to think that it might be a spirit or at worst, some type of demon dog. The last victim had received a number of bite and claw marks that would point towards some type of animal attack.

In short, here they were tracking who knew what and Sam was worried. He had been getting better at listening to his inner voice and it was telling him that something more was going on in this forest than a simple haunting or a possessed animal. Dean listened to Sam, but he had insisted on taking a look to see if they could further identify what was going on in the forest.

Suddenly, Dean stopped and motioned Sam to get ready. Sam pulled the shot gun loaded with rock salt forward and peered into the darkness and fog. "What do you see Dean?" Sam whispered.

Dean turned towards Sam and pointed off to his left. "Shh…something is moving over there, be ready Sam!" Dean started walking to where he had seen the bushes move. Sam felt a strange tingling sensation just before he heard the low growl.

"Dean watch out!" Sam watched as a large dog with yellow eyes jumped out of the bush straight towards his brother. Dean ducked as he shot off a round of silver bullets from his gun into the beast. The animal never flinched, but simply crouched ready to attack again. Dean pulled out his machete and waited for the animal to attack again. Sam moved quickly to help his brother. But once again the animal attacked.

Dean swung the machete, but the blade passed through the animal. "What the hell!" Dean yelled as he dropped into another defensive crouch. As the animal lunged again, Sam took aim with the shot gun, sending both barrels of the rock salt into the animal's body. He smiled grimly as the apparition dispersed into the fog. "Dean are you ok?" Sam asked as he reached into his pocket for more bullets to reload the shot gun. His senses were still picking up something in the area.

"I'm good, what the hell was that?" Dean stood up and dusted the dirt off his jeans as he replaced the machete in the holder on his belt.

"A spirit? I don't know, but we need to get out of here Dean, I have a very bad feeling." Sam scanned the woods surrounding them, not sure what to expect.

"Your spidey senses still on alert Sammy?" Dean was glad that Sam seemed to have better control over his sensing abilities lately. He had learned that if Sam sensed danger, it was time to get out of dodge.

"Yes, and it's getting stronger the longer we stay here. Come on Dean…" Sam never saw the animal as it hit him in the middle of his back.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled as he reached to grab his own shot gun. Where the hell had the second dog come from?

Sam could feel the dog tearing into the flesh on his back and he felt the jaws close around his upper arm. He knew that Dean was close by, but he also knew that he needed to get the animal off of him so that Dean could get a clean shot. Rolling over, Sam managed to get the animal off his back, and prepared to meet the dog as it charged again. Sam knew that he had to time this just right if he wanted to survive. As he saw the dog jump towards his chest, Sam raised his legs and pushed, causing the dog to sail through the air.

Dean didn't miss a beat, he took aim and shot the dog full of rock salt. Once again the black dog disappeared into the mist. "Sammy…are you ok?"

"Ah…well, I think I've been better Dean." Sam grunted as he struggled to his feet. His back was on fire and he could feel the blood running down his left arm. "Can we get out of here now?" Sam asked as he reached down to pick up his own shot gun.

Dean nodded, taking the lead once more as Sam wearily followed his older brother. As he tried to place one foot in front of the other, Sam thought he heard something. Stopping, he looked back towards the forest where the fog was the thickest. He sensed that something evil was there and that it was watching them. "Ah Dean, I think we better pick up the pace a bit." Sam said as he began to jog towards the fire road where they parked the car.

"What is it Sam?" Dean asked as he jogged beside his brother.

"I'm not sure, I just got this feeling that something is coming…something evil."

"Ok, the car should be just around this bend in the road…ah crap!" Dean exclaimed as he came to an abrupt stop. Sam almost ran into his brother, but managed to stop just in time. As he looked towards the car, he mimicked his brother's sentiments. "Holy crap!"

In front of the boys was a pack of black dogs, each with glowing yellow eyes. Sam counted at least six of the animals, but there was no telling how many more might be in the woods on either side of the car. "Any ideas Dean?" Sam asked quietly as he watched the animals slowly begin to advance towards the hunters.

"Well, we could try to take them out…how many rounds do you have left?"

"Dean, I don't think I can reload the shot gun, my arm…" Dean looked closer at Sam's arm and winced. It looked pretty bad and the blood was still flowing freely down Sam's arm.

"Ok, so we go with plan B then." Dean grabbed Sam's shot gun and stood in front of his brother.

"Plan B?"

"Yes, that would be the plan were I empty these two guns into the bastards as you and I run for our lives…maybe if we draw them far enough away from the car we can circle back around."

"Dean that's a horrible plan…they can outrun us before we get very far."

"So, do you have a better idea, cause if you do, now would be a really good time to let me in on it!" Dean took a shot as one of the black dogs got too close. He quickly reloaded while keeping his eyes on the other animals.

Just as Sam was getting ready to respond he heard a soft voice behind him. "Perhaps I could come up with a better plan?"

Sam and Dean both turned as one. Dean leveled the shot gun at the hooded figure standing in front of them. "Who the hell are you?"

"Well, I think that introductions can wait until both of you are safe…if you will follow me…" the figure took each of their hands and mumbled some foreign words under her breath.

Sam felt a slight tingling sensation but otherwise he felt unharmed. He tried to get a reading on the figure in front of them, but could not sense any evil intent. Dean looked at Sam. "So, what do you think?"

Sam shrugged. "I think I'd rather go with red riding hood here than be eaten by the big bad wolfs over there!"

The figure tugged on their hands as it started forward. "We must remain in contact or you will become visible again…I can only hide you for a short while, but it should be enough to get you to safety. Follow me!"


Near the center of the forest a loud roar of anger could be heard. "Damn that interfering bitch. I almost had them this time! Next time will be different; she can't hide them from me forever…this time they will not leave this forest alive!"


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