Wires Crossed

Disclaimer – Yeah I don't own Avatar the Last Air bender but boy if I did, Zutara would be like not even a possible or a hoped for pairing. Zuko belongs with Mai and Katara with Aang.

Aang awoke two years after the war against Ozai, 15 years old, in the Southern Water Tribe. He looked around at his surroundings; all that could be seen was blurs of dark blue and black figures of random things within his hut. Aang could here the pigging dogs barking at the sunrise in the far distance and then a loud not so surprising groan/yell of "Shut the hell up!" Sokka could be heard over the whole village and his ritual outbursts became the alarm clock of the 25 or so people inhabiting the tribe one person in particular The Avatar, Aang. Aang yawned and got up from his bed, he reached out for his regular air nomad out fit, but just as he was basically naked, in his underwear one leg in his trousers none other than Katara burst in.

"Good morning Aang, are you de……Oh Gosh!" Katara went tomato red.

Aang quickly pulled his other leg through his pants leg so he wasn't any longer bearing his underwear also red from embarrassment.

"Ummm Hey …. Yeah well I am now…Decent sort of that is."

"Aang I'm so sorry I didn't mean to just barge in, it was very rude of me I should have knocked… and really why did I ask if you were decent if I planned to just barge in any way, well I didn't plan it …. I didn't know you would be…well you know. I'm rambling ha ha" She stopped.

"Nah its ok Katara" Aang blushed. "Nothing you haven't seen before"

"Well Yes and no I mean you have grown a lot since we were kids"

"Yeah I suppose that's true, sooooo what brings you to my humble home?" Aang said as he pulled over his top and smiled.

"Well I just wanted to know if you were coming for breakfast? Do you want to walk to the feast hall with me? You don't have to but … I just thought you might want to" She said rather quickly.

"Katara I would love to go to breakfast with you just let me brush my hair first..."

"Aang you don't have hair." Katara said with a grin on her face.

"A man can dream can dream cant he?" Aang said in a playfully hurt tone.

"I think you look great the way you are"

"Great aye?"

"Well you know fine as good as can be expected, like you always have." Katara said suspiciously.

"Ok missy you're sticking with great, got it?" Aang said jokingly and he picked Katara up and threw her over his shoulder, ran with her out of his hut which was above Sokka's, raised in a tree.

"Aang what are you doinnggggg….." Katara screamed as Aang leaped off his balcony and onto the snowy floor with her in his arms.

They landed softly in the snow, laughing their heads off. Aang loved Katara's laugh, he loved everything about Katara in fact and he always had really, ever since she found him in the ice burg.

"Katara…..I have something to tell you, well ask you really. Do -do you believe in love at fist sight?" Aang waited for an answer.

"Yes why?" Well of course I do when I found you in that ice burg it was like…Katara thought to herself.

"Me too" Aang smiled.

Oh My Gosh, does he mean me? What do I say? "That's great but why do you ask?" Good one Katara enough to get all the answers but not enough to let him in on your secret.

"Well I like this girl, she's a really powerful bender, we have been all over the world together and I can't imagine life without her."

Yes he is talking about me I just know it.

Aang continued "She was the one who helped me defeat lord Ozai" Aang said proudly.

I can't feel my feet; this is it, its all happening. Lord Ozai? What I didn't help defeat lord Ozai Aang wouldn't let me fight, he didn't want death on my hands. Toph, He loves Toph.

Oh no! This cant be happening. Act natural like you're happy for him. Katara let out a forced grin "That's great Aang I'm real happy for you" Katara was almost in tears.

Just then broke in Toph "Hey guys, what's the haps? Did I interrupt?"

"No not at all, I've got to go." Katara almost yelled and ran off hiding her tears.

"Katara what about breakfast?" And Katara was already gone.

"Was it something I said?" Toph asked.

"No it was something I said"

"What'd you say?"

"Well I pretty much proclaimed my love for her and it turns out she doesn't feel the same way."Aang sighed. This was his biggest fear. He had always wanted to tell Katara this, but in the back of his mind he was sure she loved him the way he loved her.

She doesn't love me.

"Tough break buddy" And Toph hugged Aang.

Toph had changed since the first met her as the Blind Bandit; she was more girly and shared a hug from time to time. But in no way was Aang in love her, he was deeply and madly in love with Katara and now he was heartbroken.

Katara looked back from behind an iceberg to see Aang and Toph Cuddling.

"Its not there fault. Its mine if I had never fallen in love with Aang I wouldn't be feeling like this, I just want to freeze her to oblivion so Aang can be all mine, I just want him to love me Ahhhh!" and Katara was pummeled in a mini avalanche caused by her own frustration.

Katara go up out of the snow and ran as far and as fast as she could and she found herself just near the place she found Aang. Katara began to sob uncontrollably.

Many hours later, Katara walked back to her hut, her hut that Aang made her. It was the most beautifully done hut in the entire village and it made Katara feel worse.

Mean while Aang was just outside Katara's hut he had waited for her to come back all night and day, to say he was sorry and to hopefully rekindle there friendship.

Should I go in there? Just tell her, you still want to be friends its ok that you don't love me the way I love you. Aang slowly got up and knocked on Katara's door but she didn't answer. "Katara I'm sorry do you think we can still be friends?"

"No Aang, No I don't"

Aang's eyes filled with tears but he held onto them. "Ok then I should go. Goodbye Katara don't forget me" And Aang quickly packed his things and left on Appa.