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The Wedding.

Katara pulled Aang up onto her bunk, which luckily hung low almost at the floor. She had never seen him even remotely drunk before now and it kind of scared her. He just lay there asleep breathing heavily and Katara wished, she could be with him. There was only one thing standing between he and her and that was honor, she had only met one person who was as desperate to do anything to honor his family and that was Zuko, although even he had given up. After the war he let his uncle take the throne and had settled down in an earth village.

Why is this so hard, if it were anyone else I would have told them to follow their heart, I've tried that and I ended up choosing Aang. Father I really don't want to dishonor you. Katara thought.

Katara walked out onto the balcony of the hut, and down below she could see an old lady, her Grandmother. This village would be nothing without her, just snow and random people. Gran Gran many years ago had left the north, left a husband to be in the dust. Katara wondered why her Grandmother wanted her to marry Teku, she climbed down the ladder of the tree hut and walked over to where Gran Gran was sitting in the snow looking out to the ocean.

"Hi Gran." Katara said

"Oh dear you startled me." Gran exclaimed with a kind of jump.


"No need, whats the matter shouldn't you be getting ready the wedding is soon."

"It's not until noon." Katara stopped, should she tell her how she felt or would it just make the situation worse.

"You know the reason I ran away was because I was to married, to Paku that is."

"Yeah, he did mention that."

"I liked Paku very much, but I hadn't seen the world I was only young and I desperately didn't want to be tied down so I ran."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"I regret not marrying Paku child and I don't want the same for you, but I also don't want you unhappy."

Katara didn't know how to respond.

"Why haven't you come to me sooner?"

"Sooner?" Katara questioned.

"Teku is nice Katara, but you do not love, nor are you in love with him. There was a reason I sent you to Omashu, I knew Aang was there, after you had promised yourself to Teku of course."

"What?" Katara blurted out.

"I knew if you were to be with Aang fate would draw you together, and it did. I wasn't sure if you still loved him."

Katara was astounded. So she just nodded.

"Now, I do know this I wonder why you felt you couldn't tell me."

"I thought, If I let everyone down by not marrying Teku I would gradually lose my respect." Katara was by now in tears. " I could'nt let you or Father down.

"Me? Why would you be letting me down?"

"Becauseā€¦ you wanted me to marry him."

"I never wanted you to marry him child, I suggested him because it was your fathers dying wish. I didn't know Aang would be back otherwise I would have forbidden it"

Katara looked at her grandmother with the greatest pride. The elephant had just left the room and she was free.

"But in saying all that you still must get married."

Katara felt her heart sink.

"To Aang that is, and don't worry I'll deal to Teku."

And rise again.

Katara was so happy she had accidentally bended water and it soaked Appa who was sleeping nearby. Which gave Katara an idea.

Aang awoke quickly at the sounded of music, it sounded like wedding music.

Oh my gosh, Katara's getting married. I should be there I've got to stop it. But I cant. What do I do? Aang thought.

He resulted in putting his clothes on and heading out the door, when all of a sudden he could no longer feel wood beneath his feet but hard, cold ice and before he knew it he was on his back racing down a slide completely of ice. Aang felt his body collided with a wall of soft snow. Aang got up bended the snow flakes off him and looked around, he found himself in a circular ice room. He noticed in scripted in the wall were the words "I lied."

"What you're not sorry?" Aang said aloud knowing who wrote them.

"No, I don't need to be true to my word." Said a voice from behind him.

Aang turned around to find the water bender in a white and blue dress, obviously about to get married. Aang was silenced by how beautiful Katara looked and by what was actually happening.

"Well are you gonna marry me or not?" Katara asked heartedly

Katara layed out her hand for Aangs and he gladly took it. Katara and Aang walked down and out of Katara's tunnel. And came to an alter facing a largish crowd of about 50, among the people Aang could see was Zuko who he was know friends with holding Tophs hand. Aang could see Sokka who proudly looked at him and his sister and gave Aang the thumbs up and Sokka's new Girlfriend Tylee. All the rest was a blur to Aang because he looked back at Katara and became immediately lost in her eyes. All the vows which had been said just flew out of him, because Aang had been wanting to say them for so long. When the time came Katara and Aang shared the most passionate of kisses and the rest shall we say is up to you.

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