Harry woke the next morning human and he groaned at the cold over his body. He felt so freezing cold that morning. Rolling onto his stomach Harry blearily opened his eyes and looked around. There was no fire going in the fireplace and the window was open with a nice wet puddle just below it from the storm.

"Where'd Fawkes go!" Harry questioned aloud being answered almost immediately by a trill.

'Ah my Beautiful!'

"Fawkes!" Harry whined. "What're you doing so far away? I'm cold! Come over here." Fawkes once again trilled with delight, just as he had the previous night, and flew from the bed post onto Harry's shoulder. Harry leaned his head into the bird and felt warmth fill him more. With Fawkes here with him Harry felt contentment seep through his very being.

'Still cold my Harry?'

"No. H-hey…you called me by my name!"

'Was I not supposed to?' Harry smiled happily at the phoenix and met the black eyes peering at him.

"It sounds nice." Fawkes trilled happily once more and Harry hummed. Warmth was still returning to his body and now he felt like he did normally. "Well, I shouldn't stay here all day. I have to get going. Will you meet me after class?"

'Of course my One. Come, I'll give you a lift.' With that Fawkes easily lifted Harry's human body into the air and carried him out of the window towards the Gryffindor dormitory window. As they were flying Harry looked back at the tower he'd stayed the night in.

"That's our tower now huh Fawkes?"

'But of course. Our nest.' Harry perked up a little at that.

"Our nest? Hmm, sounds nice." Harry trilled his reply with another grin.

Classes were fine for the rest of the week but Harry began to notice something after five days. His stomach was bigger than usual and he had been unable to eat anything other than nuts, fruits and vegetables. Harry had even had to have a bag of nuts in his bag so he could sneak mouthfuls of food during lectures. Another weird thing was Harry got very hot then very cold flashes and dizzy spells.

One particular day Harry was down in the common room with Hermione, Neville and Ron doing some potions homework. Suddenly Harry threw down his quill and wrapped his arms around himself. His teeth were chattering and he suddenly turned very pale and slightly blue. His friends looked up at him with concern.

"Harry? Are you okay?"

"N-n-n-no…i-it's b-bloody freezing!" Hermione and Ron shared a look whilst Neville closed his book and shoved it away in his bag before doing the same to Harry's.

"Come on Harry, I'll help you upstairs. You look tired too; you're probably coming down with something." Neville held out his hand to Harry and Harry reached out his shaky one to grip Neville's wrist. Holding wrists Neville pulled the smaller Harry to his feet where Harry shivered more violently. "Come on, I'll help you."

Neville wrapped an arm around Harry's waist and supported the raven haired boy as he shakily started up the stairs. Just outside the door to the dormitory Harry started fanning his face.

"What the hell! It's so hot!" Neville sighed and opened the door allowing Harry inside. Harry immediately went over to his bed and flopped down onto it panting with the heat and his face flushed. Neville shut the door and pulled out his wand. Casting privacy and silencing spells over the room Neville went and sat on his own bed that was opposite Harry's.

"Harry, I wanted to talk to you about you and Fawkes. I know you are the other phoenix Harry, I saw you change forms once. I think you feeling ill has something to do with that. You know phoenix's take mates right? Well I put it all together and I know you are the other phoenix."

"That's great Neville. But it doesn't explain why it's so hot in here!" Neville gave Harry a strange look.

"Doesn't it Harry? I assume you've mated already."

"What the hell! Why are you asking me Neville? It's embarrassing…"

"Well have you or haven't you?"

"Fine yes, yes we've mated okay?" Neville nodded completely ignoring the furious look Harry gave him and the black flames burning along Harry's arms.

"Well, I take it you haven't done the Care of Magical Creatures homework on Phoenix's yet or you'd know why you and Fawkes having mated was so important. Why don't you call him here to help you understand? I don't want to risk your temper." Harry's anger suddenly spiked before leaving him extremely quickly. Light-headedness flooded his body and Harry's breathing softened to become extremely shallow.

"F-Fawkes! Fawkes! Fawkes come here!" 'Fawkes!' Harry trilled and suddenly bright orange flames burst into life from mid air before abating and leaving Fawkes burning brightly on Harry's bed post.

'Yes My One?' Harry replied, not even realising he was speaking mostly in trills earning him a surprised but curious look from Neville.

'Neville says that my feeling hot then cold then fainting is because we mated now would you please explain to me what is going on because I'm getting really, really stressed out now!'

'Relax My Beautiful…'

'Relax! No! Just tell me what the hell is going on! You obviously know something!' Fawkes hopped onto the bed near to Harry and held his head to the side.

'Do you know the purpose of mating? Why animals mate?'

'Of course I do! To reproduce! What's that got to do with this?' Harry's mind was running completely blank from the dizziness he was feeling. At any moment Harry felt like he was going to faint. Fawkes gave gentle coos of concern.

'Harry, my Beautiful. We mated and the purpose of mating is to reproduce. Phoenix's, all phoenix's, are male all the time but we have magic that enables us to reproduce…we can carry our own eggs…' Fawkes stopped talking as a look of realisation and horror crossed Harry's features. Bright green eyes that were dulling and clouding stared into shining black eyes.

"Oh my God!" Harry muttered in English missing Neville look quickly between Fawkes and Harry. "You mean to tell me that I'm carrying a bloody EGG! Are you out of your mind! I can't be! NO WAY!" Harry cried in a mixture of English and trills crossing the languages at rapid pace.

'Are you so adverse to the idea Beloved?'

"It can't be true! You've got to be lying! Please tell me you are joking Fawkes! Please!" Fawkes trilled a negative and tears filled Harry's eyes. "Neville? Neville is it really possible? Truly? Is that what you were trying to tell me?"

"Uh yeah…If you mated then you could be carrying an egg….or eggs because Black Phoenix's carry more than one usually. All your symptoms match what I read even though you are human. It says that Phoenix's have trouble monitoring their body heat for the eggs so…"

"Shit!" Harry yelled before groaning and holding his face in his hands. Slowly very dull green eyes looked up at Neville across the room. "Since when did you become a Hermione Nev?"

Neville didn't have time to respond because Harry's body became limp on the bed and he fell backwards unconscious. Fawkes trilled anxiously and hopped around worried. Neville scrambled off the bed and approached showing his hands to the nearly hysterical phoenix to show he was no threat. He checked Harry's temperature and then offered Fawkes a shrug.

"You just have to wait for him to come around."

Harry came around the next morning with a frown however when he saw Fawkes perched on the end of his bed he no longer wondered why he'd fallen asleep with all his clothes on.

"Hello Fawkes…" Harry muttered extremely quietly so he didn't wake his dorm mates. Fawkes didn't answer just held his head to the side. Harry sighed. "So basically, I am now carrying eggs right? Or an egg?"

'Yes.' Fawkes cooed softly but still musically. Harry sighed and hung his head cradling his face in his hands.

"Fuck that's messed up. Hey, on the bright side I have a family…wait…" Harry lifted his head up sharply and met black eyes. "Don't most animals mate then after they've mated they go and find another mate?"

'Yes.' Fawkes answered slowly not knowing where this was going but knowing he wasn't going to like the outcome.

"So does that mean that after I have the eggs and they hatch you are going to leave me? Because if we are having children…eggs then I want their father…father to be there! You can't just go and abandon me for another bird! I'm human and humans don't go about things the same way animals do! You can't just go and…"

'Harry shh! Shh! Phoenix's mate for life! And for a very long life too my Beloved. I shall not leave you nor abandon our nest.'

"Good!" Harry cried rather loudly but not loudly enough to wake his dorm mates. Lunging forwards Harry threw himself towards Fawkes whilst changing into his Phoenix form. The smaller black phoenix nestled against the brilliant orange plumage and a few sparkling tears fell from its eyes. Upon hitting the bed the sheets and mattress dissolved away as acid ate it.

'Calm down my one. Calm down! Come on, I'm here. Lets go for a fly, you like flying.' So the two birds flew out the window and Harry calmed down.

That afternoon after classes were over for the day Harry asked Neville to help him in the library. Harry had thought that since Neville knew about him and Fawkes, and everyone else hopefully didn't, that perhaps Neville would help him cope with what was going on. Of course, Ron and Hermione were a couple anyway so they had things they wanted to do together that left Harry alone most of the time.

"Don't be ridiculous Harry, of course I'll help you. Merlin knows how you've helped me over the years. And, I promise not to tell anyone."

"Thanks Nev. Now perhaps you could help me find out about how long phoenixes carry their eggs?" Neville grinned at the shudder Harry gave at saying that. Harry didn't mind the idea of having children however the fact that he was a human carrying eggs because he mated in his animagus form wasn't exactly a nice thought. Harry didn't know what was going to happen because it was all so complicated.

"I think there's a book on mating habits of magical creatures somewhere but I'm not exactly Hermione, I can't remember what the book was called and I haven't read it." Harry shrugged and they walked over to the shelves. The spent twenty minutes looking before a rather anxious Harry got fed up and went to find Mrs Pince. He convinced her, with a charming smile, that he was interested in Fawkes and the black phoenix and wanted to read up on the subject of Phoenix's and their mates. Mrs Pince found him the book with a suspicious look before walking away. She was always suspicious that lady.

"Ahah! Here…mate for life…Fawkes already told me that…Fire Phoenix's have only one egg, Black Phoenix's carry up to four…I better not have four eggs, bloody hell the thought of having one inside me is weird enough." Neville gave Harry a sympathetic but amused grin before looking back at the page.

"Hey, look…Phoenix's, when it's time to lay their eggs, spend a lot of time at the nest making sure everything is prepared and safe. Whilst Phoenix's are naturally very gentle, trusting creatures, with the exception of the Black Phoenix's varying moods…" Here Neville smirked at Harry who noticed it and scowled. Snickering Neville went back to reading. "…when it comes to their nest Phoenix's are suspicious of everything around that could cause any harm to their eggs. When the Phoenix carrier is ready to lay they have an impromptu burning day and in their ashes are the egg or eggs."

"But it doesn't say how long they carry the eggs for." Harry moaned leaning back in his chair and rubbing his eyes. "Fat lot of help that book is."

"But it is helpful Harry. You won't have all the instincts other phoenix's have." Neville explained in a very quiet voice so only Harry could hear him. "You aren't a full Phoenix. The only things you've seemed to have retained from being a Phoenix is that sometimes you get small black flames on your skin, you have the eating habits of phoenix's, can understand the trills and that you keep your eggs when you change back into a human."

"Fine fine. It is helpful but I want to know how long I' going to have to carry them for. I'm dreading Quidditch practise and the showers; I look like I'm getting fat." Neville looked down to where Harry was pointing. Harry's stomach didn't look fat, Harry was over reacting, however there was a slight bump there.

"I don't think you'll get much bigger than that. Phoenix's eggs start out small but they grow as they are incubated in the nest. I'm guessing you'll only keep the eggs inside you whilst you build the protective casing. Here, it might say something else in the book…" Neville scanned the writing for a minute or two before nodding and lifting his chin so he could speak more clearly.

"Being that Phoenix's are naturally very suspicious and protective over their nests, the eggs won't be layed until they are encased in a hard protective shell that is impenetrable. During incubation the nest is encased in fire and the parents will take it in turns, or sometimes together, warming their eggs with both their body temperature and their fire. The eggs have to be kept over 170 degrees C at all times. Whilst one or both parent Phoenix's do leave the nest during incubation should an egg's temperature fall below 170 degrees then the chick will stop growing and not restart its growth until it's heated to temperatures over two hundred."

"Fair enough, I think I could have guessed though that the eggs would need extreme heat. When I'm a phoenix I am always really hot but it feels like a tingling than a painful hot even though I know I'm scorching. And it's always so cold now when I'm human."

"Yeah, you keep getting strange looks for wearing your jumper, the weather has been a lot warmer recently Harry." Harry shrugged unapologetically. It wasn't just his jumper he kept on. Harry had taken to wearing a few extra layers beneath his school clothes. They were thin layers but they were still layers.

"Anyway, what you just said has nothing to do with me getting fat."

"Oh right sorry….Um…Right; phoenix's eggs tend to be 7centimetres long and roughly 4 around the widest part of the egg. Once fully incubated in the nest the eggs are 12 centimetres long and 8centimetres around the widest part."

"What about their protective casing? The book said it was impenetrable and that the shell casing was hart to protect the baby. If the eggs grow once they are out of…the phoenix then what happens to their protective casing? If the egg stretches then it wouldn't be hard would it?"

"It says the casing does thin out as the baby develops inside the egg however because of the intense heat the eggs are kept in, the fire builds more protective layers. I guess it works like getting covered in ash and soot…that would cover the egg as it grows and give more protection. And then don't forget that Fawkes and his mate will be very protective so they probably won't leave the nest anyway…And then there's magic as well, Phoenix's are magical and I'm assuming that the nest would be somewhere within the castle anyway so there are the castle wards to help protect the eggs."

"Yeah but the wards will do no god if the thieves are already inside the castle. Wards don't throw out evil little humans don't forget and then you have all those owls. Hedwig won't be a bother, she is very smart, but the other birds might try something."

"And that would be the protectiveness of a phoenix…" Neville muttered to himself. "And he has the paranoia of on too."

"Hey! I heard that!"

"SHH!" Mrs Pince hissed. Harry recoiled but glared at Neville. They left the library a little while later. Neville had been on the receiving end of a horrible glare for his comments however had won Harry back by commenting on how they should look at spells to put up smaller wards around Harry's nest. Harry walked next to Neville grinning happily all the way back up to the common room.

That's your lot. That's it. No more as yet. But don't worry, I have a plan for this story and I will continue writing it at some point. Hope you enjoyed reading even if it is really wierd but hey, no-body said I was normal so you can't sue me for false advertisement. Gots to go, I have more stories to upload...