Kai's Diary Entry

A day, one time, some place, same as always:

I think it's stupid that I have a journal. Not diary. Journal. Diaries are for girls and gay men. As in, overly gay. I'm gay, but I'm still me. Not sappy and mushy like some people. Anyway, I haven't gotten any sleep in the past week, because a certain redhead snores like a rusty chainsaw. I swear, one day I'm shoving corks down his nasal cavities. I think I write small… Tala writes even smaller, but incredibly messy, it's a wonder he can read his own handwriting. Stupid idiot. Bryan doesn't write, he types, but he does it so slowly because he has "an issue" with laptops "and is taking it slowly to avoid frustration". Dumb ass. But I can't let anyone know I called him that. Especially not Johnny. Or Spencer. The salamander may be a hothead, but when it comes to Bryan he can be unusually protective and motherly-like. Spencer is like a big watchdog. He keeps popping up whenever I get myself into trouble.

I haven't seen Hiro lately. Why am I being so random? It's because I have a hunch about who Tala's boyfriend is. Uh huh. Hiro Granger. I though Tala would go for Tyson, but then again the idiot always liked to aim his sights way too high. Surprisingly Hiro seems infatuated with Tala. He hangs around him like stink on a skunk, and it's starting to get disturbing.

I still refuse to tell anyone who I'm seeing. And I won't write it here, in case some moron finds this and tells the whole damned universe that Kai Hiwatari is in love. That would totally ruin my reputation. I actually have a reputation, which is surprising. The counselor says I have extremely low self esteem. Yes, I see a counselor. Nice old lady, but a bit senile. Sometimes she mistakes me for some other kid from the abbey. That's right. Mr. I'm-a-crazy-nut-job Dickenson hired a counselor specially trained to deal with abused kids. I am not abused. Never have been. It's not abuse we lived through. It was sheer, bloody Hell.

Anyway, I've got a secret midnight rendezvous later and I need to get ready. You have no idea how long it takes for me to get my hair to stay up the way it does. And I can't use gel, too. Just lots of wax-like cream, and plenty of patience. And it doesn't help that Tala is as vain as those skimpy, scrawny runway models. He broke down the door once when I was taking a shower because he ran out of hair gel and he had a date. Stupid peacock of a boy. Oh, and I need to make a mental note to find out about cancer on the internet.

Kai Hiwatari,

End of Entry.


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Kai: Yeah, review, so after that she'll shut up and I can pummel her to pieces.

Me: Why?

Kai: You made me have a diary! It's stupid!

Me: You want stupid? Next story you'll be in a tutu.