This is just a little note regarding my earlier posted chapter 15. Thank you for reading this story in it's entirety, and I hope you enjoyed it. Salutations to all the stories reviewers!

Taken from urbanlegends (dot) about (dot) com:

"First sighted in its present form in November 1998, this chain letter has a history going back to early 1997, when the Jessica Mydek hoax first appeared. Seven-year-old Jessica, we were told then, was suffering from a "very rare case of cerebral carcinoma" and had only six months to live, which probably explains why the fictional little girl's name was dropped from most versions of the letter after a year or so of circulation.

Something else had been added, however: the authoritative-sounding name and title of a professor of medicine at Yeshiva University in New York, Dr. Dennis Shields. It has been established that this poor man did not create the chain letter, he (or someone in his office) merely forwarded it but his signature file, because it lent credibility to the message, became a permanent feature and can still be found on most copies.

The poem, "Slow Dance," was inserted into the message in November 1998, with a version appearing soon thereafter claiming the "dying girl" had authored the verses herself (in fact, the poem was written by David L. Weatherford and published under his name in 1991, long before the chain letter existed). Little else in the message has changed over time. It still contains the glaringly false claim that the American Cancer Society will donate 3 cents per forward (see the ACS statement denying any involvement in chain letter schemes) and still lacks any apparent means of tracking its progress. One wonders what people are thinking when they send it off to all their friends or if they've given it any thought at all."

I'd like everyone to know, that when I received this chain mail sometime last year, I did not believe that it was true, so I hope you'll forgive me for using this poem. I also would like everyone to know that I didn't find out about the hoax until a reviewer, Destiny Quill, to whom all the credits go, informed me.

Yours Apologetically,