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Chapter 6

It had been 4 weeks since Gibbs walked out. Almost 3 weeks since his 'official promotion'. About 2 weeks since he'd got shot and Abby had gone off to Gibbs.

Tony hadn't realized he'd been keeping track, till Ziva had passed some comment about wondering when Abby would be back because she'd been gone forever it seemed like, and Tony realized it had been about 2 wks since she'd gone and...

I miss her. Gibbs too.

Being the boss was great. Tony loved the new challenges offered up to him as team leader. But he did miss Gibbs. He wondered if the Boss would ever come back... and what would happen then, as technically Tony would have to be demoted to put Gibbs back in where he belonged. And although Tony most certainly didn't mean it that way, he didn't want to see that happen.

Trying to ignore the sudden selfish thoughts in his head, and the slight throbbing from his shoulder (he was supposed to be wearing it in a sling but screw that... he could deal...) and missing his friends, Tony wasn't feeling too up to par, this particular morning. He sat back in his chair and propped up his feet on his desk, closing his eyes for a moment.

"DiNozzo! Is that any way to run your team? Sitting around with your feet up and eyes closed while they work their asses off for you?"

Tony was up like a shot, eyes flown open in surprise as he regarded a very tan Gibbs standing before him and looked quite amused, as he held the hand of a (slightly tanned) Abby who looked just as equally amused. "Hey Boss-Tony-man. Miss me?" Tony wasn't sure who he should acknowledge first... so he just stood there, looking back and forth between the two for long seconds. Then he saw it... and he knew what he should say first...

"Hey Abbs... is that an engagement ring?"

3 hours... god I missed laughing with her...

Tony had called it an official day of 'screwing around', and despite Gibbs's raised eyebrow at his call of the day, he hadn't said a word as everyone trooped down to regroup in Abby's lab for the official update on what had been going on, and if that really was an engagement ring Abby was wearing or not.

Turns out it was.

To be honest, Tony wasn't as surprised as the rest of the team. Neither was Ducky. Both had always pretty well known that the Boss-man's feelings for his lab-rat ran pretty damn deep. McGee had been a bit uncomfortable at first... and then he finally just blurted out to Abby that he was happy for her, and was sort of seeing someone. When Abby asked who, he could only gesture weakly to Ziva.

Now that had turned out to be the real shocker of the moment...

Finally, Tony had pulled Gibbs aside, and asked him the question he'd been dreading. "So um... are you coming back, Boss?"

Gibbs wasn't surprised to hear Tony ask the question. It was the same question he had been asking himself. The same question Abbs had asked him. The question of the damn day. (Next to asking Abby if that really was an engagement ring and was that really a tan?) It wasn't until Jen walked into the room, smiling broadly and telling everyone she'd heard a rumour about Gibbs's being around that he'd really felt the urge to answer it. But seeing her, Madam Director, he realized something. He couldn't do this anymore. He could consult on cases. He could be their friend. But he couldn't work here. Not yet. When Jen asked him the question of the day (as he'd begun calling it in his head), he was finally able to answer.

Turns out Abby's tan, the relationship of McGee and Ziva, and his engagement to Abbs were not the only shockers of the day.

Hours later, after much pizza and talking, there was a comfortable lull in the conversation, as everyone was sprawled about Abby's lab. She hopped up to pop in one of her favourite CD's, and the same song he'd heard on the beach that had made him think of Abbs had began playing. He watched as she bopped and sang along... the words made him think of how they'd come together. He had, in fact, tried to throw her away... only to realize his mistake and leave her that ticket. And true enough, the desperation to love, the past uncertainties, and everything else... it all came together to bring them together. And solidify them. Quiet hours talking under moonlight had brought them closer together, just as well as the hours playing in the sun and surf had. Standing and crossing the room suddenly, he went and wrapped his arms around her, swaying in time to the music. As the song ended he dropped a kiss on her neck, and whispered into her ear... "You're more than enough, Abbs. More than enough."

The End!