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Sakura leaned back in her seat. Her pink hair flew around her face delicately. As usual her best friend was at the wheel driving like a maniac. She let out a startled cry as he slammed the breaks.

"hrr" Her head hit the dash board.

"I told you to wear you seatbelt." He muttered giving her a glare through the corner of his eye.

Gaara and her had been friends for two years. He didn't like to talk about his past. Actually. The tall scarlet haired boy didn't seem to like to talk at all.

He had the worst reputation there was. Hardly ever went to school. He smoked between breaks if he did go to school. And often he was found in a scuffle. It was like people could sense him and decided to make trouble with him.

She was quite the opposite. Most of the time she talked with a large smile on her face. Once and awhile she looked up from talking to look at him to see if he was still listening. Sakura couldn't make it home from his house without falling asleep. Where as he was an insomniac.

The bubblegum haired teenager ducked her head against his shoulder demanding that he stroke the bump on her head. Sighing softly he began to run his fingers through her hair. Only for her. And only when they were alone. The other portion of the time he was stray away from her or give her strangled looks of suffocation from the other side of the room. How the two came together was a mystery. Okay… So not much of a mystery.

Sakura was pretty and top of the class her freshman year. The girls began to pick on her because she was friends with Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke being the most popular boy in school. They began to get jealous. One day as she was alone in class reading quietly. Her book was slammed rather violently in her face giving her a rather nasty bruise along the line of her eyebrow. She set down her book and exited the classroom. The girls pursued. The teenager bowled Gaara over and ducked behind him clenching at his shirt begging that he not let the girls get her.

Gaara did what he did best. Used violence. He stated "I'm not helping you. They're annoying" as he deposited them, or rather threw them down the stair case.

Since then she followed him. Ignoring his cursing at her. Eventually he became rather fond of her chatter as she sighed dreamily at the world around them. It was cute the way her head fell on his pillow as she called him a baka for telling her she was going to fall asleep if she laid down to watch tv. And she'd always fall asleep anyway.

"Are you okay?" He looked down at the top of her head.

"Hai" she answered staring off the front of the convertible. She was blushing slightly and staring off.

"Dreaming of someone?" He teased looking down at her.

"Yeah" she muttered before she realized she was being pumped for information.

"Gaara!" she whined hitting him in the arm. Her face was the color of her hair as she quickly looked in the other direction. "C'mon don't tease me" she muttered pulling her knees to her chest.

"Sasuke?" He growled unhappily. It was no secret that Sakura had loved the boy. He was head of the school. Most athletic and smart. Handsome as hell. What wasn't to love about him.

"Gaara" she muttered a warning at him.

"I'm not apologizing. You know I hate him" He snarled slamming the brake again.

This time her head hit the window with a smash.

"I broke your windshield Gaara" Her eyes glazed over.

"Haruno!" He exhaled sharply hauling the girl into his lap. "Let me see your head" He growled brushing his fingers against some glass embedded in the back of her scalp. "Fuck!… FUCK! Sakura!"

"I can hear you just fine" She winced not being able to feel anything.

He let out a relieved sigh. "Can you last until we get to my house?" He asked looking down at her bleeding form.

"Hai" she answered confidently. Carefully her best friend placed her head on his lap and slammed on the gas.

"Stupid female" He griped looking down at her.

Upon arriving at his house Temari stood gaping at the crack in his window. She rushed to the car to help him with Sakura, all while screaming obscenities at .

u rushed to Gaara looking down at the boys friend. "I know you hate a lot of people Gaara but taking someone and leaving evidence in your car of her being there before you kill them is stupid" He scolded.

"Your so stupid!" Temari screeched laying Sakura out on the couch. "Its Sakura!"

And then… There was panic. Temari went into mother mode. She began to give out orders looking irritated when they didn't run fast enough to do them. "I need boiling water, bandages, thread, needle, and tweezers"

"Sakura-chan!" Temari was calling softly to the girl. She'd been patched up the best the sand siblings could do. Gaara had even let her use his bed. Not that she wouldn't have been laying in it already by this time at night anyway.

Sakura didn't respond. Her figure remained unmoving until everyone except for Gaara had left the room.

"You in my bed" He muttered crouching sulkily on the floor beside her. "I'm sorry" His forehead pressed to hers.

"You should be" She answered her eyes blinking open with a laugh.

"Hey… Gaara you wanna turn the light on?" She asked rolling over.

"It's the middle of the night and you will get a headache. That's what mild concussions do you know?" He grumbled something at her and settled sprawled out horizontally at the foot of his own bed.

"Sorry about not putting on my seat belt" she murmured squeezing the life out of his pillow. Gaara let out a muffled growl.

"Would you stop ruining all of my pillows!"

"If you didn't keep hurting me I wouldn't need to be here!" she retorted.

"You would have refused to leave anyway!" he snapped back.

"Well your name sounds like a lion in heat!"

"Did you know your named after a flower"

"Duh I'm not stupid"

"Flowers don't have brains nor do you." He let out a chuckled.

Soon after Sakura began to laugh. She ended up having a coughing fit half way through.

"Thanks for letting me stay over Gaara"

"You would have anyway."

"Didn't we just have this conversation?"

She kicked him in the back of the head lightly. "You never talk to me anymore"

"I like when we ride in the car"

Gaara liked the way she slept in his room. She didn't run away like everyone else. In fact she clung to him.

In the morning he could already smell her scent lingering everywhere.

"Female" he muttered rolling over and kicking her.

From the top of the bed their was a soft grunt as she was awoken abruptly from her dream.

"Gaaaaaaarrraaaa I was having a really good dream too" She whined.

"Sasuke and you got married?"

She blushed and cursed at him. "Nope. Better than that"

The alarm clock at her side ticked quietly. It was almost time for school to start. She shot him a withering look. "Why didn't you get me up earlier!"

"You were snoring too loud to hear me" He answered shrugging.

"NO time to argue" she ran off in the opposite direction.

Sakura plunged into his closet and came out moments later in a pair of baggy shorts and a long black shirt.

"My clothes" he muttered grudgingly. Sharing a house with two siblings and no parents it was hard to get laundry done. But when you had someone named Sakura making the problem worse it was rather tiring.

He sighed not wanting to argue with her. She did it everyday she spent the night. She'd come over exhausted, steal his bed. Then take his wardrobe and wear it to school. Mind you this would cause speculation. But if she didn't care why the hell should he?

Actually. She looked rather cute in them. Though Gaara would never admit it.


School was the same as every day. In the classes Sakura didn't have with Gaara she was harassed. But it was only an hour or so. She kept her mouth shut and would never tell him. Besides. What would he do anyway!

"Sakura… Don't you want to apologize for before?"

"I have nothing to say to you" she answered evenly.

"Too bad" an ink pen exploded in her face.

For the rest of the house Sakura quietly watched the ink drip from her face onto the desk. It smeared on her hands and books making her quite irritated.

After class Gaara simply looked at her and shook his head. He didn't say anything. Of course he didn't need too either. Waiting until lunch he stalked back into the empty classroom. The pen that had exploded was on the floor. The teenager picked it up to examine it. Of course, tampered with. As he suspected.

He looked around. Perhaps one of the girl's in the room had seen something. Or one of the boys. It didn't matter. He'd go about the same way getting answers from them.

Making his way to the locker room he found the person he was looking for. "Krad… may I have a moment with you"

The blonde haired blue eyed boy glared up and slowly approached Gaara. "What do you want?" He growled angrily as though he'd been in the middle of something important.

"What happened to Sakura today in class"

"The girls" he answered shrugging and beginning to walk away.

"Which girls?"

"The ones that are forever harassing her."

Gaara let a vicious snarl spill past his lips. Shukaku was going to visit these girls. And they'd have quite a nice little chat. Calming down he headed outside into the courtyard.

"Your late!" Sakura howled putting her hands on her hips.

"You have a smudge on your forehead" Sakura blushed turning red. She was still rather touchy about her forehead. Even if she grew into it rather nicely.

"I'll get it" He said leaning over her. A mischevious glint flickered in her eye.

"thanks Gaara" she chirped.

With that Gaara's mouth pressed to her forehead. Her eyes went twice as big as usual. Licking the smudge he pulled away and wiped it with his sleeve.


She blushed stuttering curses at him. Her face still the same red color moments later.

"Baka" she muttered rubbing her forehead and sighing inwardly.

"It wasn't that bad" he muttered defensively.

"No.. It was fine" he had expected her to jump at him and start whining as she usually did.

"Tell me Sakura is this fine too?" He paused and leaned over to lick the tip of her nose.

Her cheeks flared red and she howled. "It burns!" She scraped at her face with her nails. Sakura threw herself down and began to writhe all over the ground letting out earsplitting cries as though she were dying. Finally she sat up.

"Too bad too bad. There could have been possibilities" Gaara said as he began to walk away.

Her face turned red once more. "Hey! What's that suppose to mean!" She cried at his back.

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