"Sakura-chan! You have a guest?" Sami said staring at the two friends.

"Roommate" Gaara said smirking at Sakura's gaping expression.

"Oh goody!" She squealed staring at him. "And he's cute too"

In the other room Sasuke fumed quietly. Not exactly how he planned things out.

"Gaa-chan" Sakura squealed tackling Gaara off the bed in a hug.

He grunted hitting the floor and staring up at her dazed. He'd underestimated how strong she was at times.

Her fingers laced through his hair as she sat behind him. "Wouldn't you look neat with braids?"


"Awww your still no fun"

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"Sakura-chan and her cuutteee roommate wake up!" Sami smiled brightly from the doorway of the bedroom.

Gaara groaned sliding off the bed. His face twisted into a hysterical smile as he headed for her form against the doorframe. Reaching out with a hand he went for her throat.

"Gaa-chan" Sakura slapped his hand and put her own hands on her hips. She narrowed her eyes and muttered a few choice curses. "You can't kill the neighbor. She's my only friend here"

"And I'm what then?"

"Your going home" She answered with a snort.

The door slammed in Sami's face causing her to stumble backwards and eye the door darkly.

"Stupid neighbors" she muttered not bothering to wait for them.

Making her way to the stairs she came across the most peculiar sight. A blonde head bobbing up and down rather fast.

"I see…. Well I'll pay you double."

The other person was out of her range of sight. The blonde whipped out a wad of cash then walked quickly through the doors of the apartment complex.

"Must be the mailman." Sami grinned brightly.

Behind her the sulking form of Sasuke padded silently to catch up with her.

"Don't look so sad!" She cheered brightly.

"Shut up" He answered crossing his arms and closing his eyes in thought.

Taking a slower walking pace behind him Sami fell into step. Her eyes narrowed at his back and she pursed her lips to keep from scowling. The man certainly had no manners.

"I'm going to school" Sakura said prodding Gaara.

He lay sprawled out on the mattress face down in the pillows. Which amazingly were all in one piece.

"hn" Was his only response.

"What was that?"

"Go" he muttered from his temporary sanctuary.

Red silk fluttered softly outside the window as a figure leapt away. No one saw.

"Aww, does Gaa-chan feel bad?" She cooed mockingly at him.

"Go to school" he grumbled finding his sanctuary no longer bearable.

"you know you'll be bored without me" She grinned wickedly and stuck out her tongue.

"We'll never know unless you leave now will we?" He smirked slightly into the pillow.

"Whatever. I'm leaving" she muttered throwing one last glance over her shoulder at him as the door slid shut.


"Yeah I'm still here" she muttered from the other side of the door where it seemed she was leaning.

"I'll see you after school"

"I may be late" She answered leaning her head back against the wood.

He sat up abruptly. "What?" He growled unhappily.

"I may be late?" She stared back at the door wide eyed as though she could see his scowling face and angry eyes.

"Why?" He ground his teeth together. Why did she insist upon annoying him?

"I may have clubs after school" Slowly she began to inch away from the door.

"Skip them"

"Gaaraaaa I'm new. I don't' want them to think I'm going to be a horrible student or anything"

"Fine! Go!" He hissed glaring at the door.

A pillow hit the door with a soft thud. From the other side Sakura giggled quietly. "I'm glad to see you've finally gotten your temper under control" she jested.

"Your still not gone?" He grumbled unhappily.

"Going" she called from down the hallway leaving him alone in his very dangerous and wandering thoughts.

"Eh… Sakura?" Mimi stood in front of the girl with her head tilted in question.

"Yes?" Her head shot up from the desk and away from the sweet dream she'd been having.

"Someone claiming to be your teammate is here to talk to you… Next time tell him he'll have to talk to you after class. Since you're new, and you don't know the rules yet. I'll allow you to go…" Mimi winked.

Cringing Sakura knew the only reason she was probably getting out of the room was because she and Kakashi had been talking. HER SENSEI's WERE TALKING!!!!! That probably wouldn't bode well later.

"H-hey…Sasuke-kun, I wasn't expecting you" She blushed and waved at him.

"I wanted to make sure your okay here alone" Mentally Sasuke grimaced. Alone … And with GAARA FOR COMPANY!

"oi.. eh.." He was silent for another moment. "Want to go to the ramen stand after school for old times sake?"

"They have a ramen stand here?"

"I saw it while I was heading here. I thought of my team when I saw it" Sasuke lied, he'd asked around since he'd arrived if anyone knew of a place to get ramen and had only found a single place. But the ramen was said to be good.

"..I don't know. You see I left.. Ga-… I .. I left gravy on the stove. And I wanted to get it cleaned up so it doesn't stick there later" A faint red tinged her cheeks knowing she'd almost told him she was living with Gaara.

"I could help you clean it up after" He offered smirking slightly. The Uchiha didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about blackmailing her. There was no way she could get out of it after school.

"But I have a lot of homework"

"I can help you"


"Still the offer stands"

"I.. I'm having a sleepover.. And a lot of work to do to get ready for it."

"Its at your house?" He looked at her curiously.

"…Yes!" She clapped her hands together and softly laughed in her head. Off the hook! Inner Sakura danced about.

"Who's coming?" He'd caught her.

"Just some new friends… Sami… eehh… Mimi.." She trailed off. "Your not thinking about crashing it are you?" She attempted to look horrified. Thought when your Sakura acting isn't exactly a thing that comes easy to you.

"Of course not" He cursed inwardly. She'd managed to slip out of it. With Sami gathering information here and there he would have known about the sleepover. There was no information. So he could only guess she of course was lying.

"…Right. You'd better get back to class then"

"Hai!" she looked rather pleased with herself as she entered the room and took her seat again. If Gaara were there he would have patted her on the head. Then again.. It was Gaara. He'd probably give her a cigarette and continue to glare at her. Sakura giggled quietly. She didn't smoke. But it was a rather amusing thought.

"I wonder what Gaara's doing?" She murmured quietly.

"Is Gaara your roommate?" Sami asked forgetting his name.

"..He's more like a guest until he gets his own place" Sakura answered.


Temari choked on the tea she'd just been drinking. Pulling out a small fan from her sleeve she waved it in her face to hide her lack of composure.

"My little brother is what?!"

"Living with Sakura" The silk and satin clad hunter was kneeling gracefully on the floor.

"..I thought that's what you said. Would you please sit down? The whole kneeling this is driving me crazy" Temari took another sip of her tea with a low sigh.

The hunter's employer (Temari) was quiet for another moment. "What's your name?"

"Call me Kikyo" The hunter beamed for a moment then looked down graciously.

"Can you deliver a message to Konoha for me?"

"Of course" The hunter stood and waited for her to speak.

"Tell the Hokage of the situation and bring back word"

Kikyo mentally cringed. It wasn't that she didn't like the leaf village's Kage. She'd never actually met the woman. But she had heard of her temper. If she didn't like the situation, she didn't want to be the one to carry the message. But grimly she nodded her head.

"It would be my pleasure Temari-sama."

Temari scribbled something on a scroll and signed the bottom. She laughed and leaned back in her chair.

As Kikyo left the room, Temari rubbed her hands together. Of course she would find something like this amusing. The games had begun. Soon as the scroll was read everything would fall into place.

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