Title: All the Little Birdies
Author: Nancy Brown
Rating: G
Setting: BB, futurefic
Author's notes: Same as Dot's. Part of the R 'Verse.
Terry rushed in carrying the largest bouquet the hospital gift shop had on hand but stopped up short when he saw Mrs. Tan in the room too.

"I am so sorry."

"Twelve hours of labor, McGinnis." Dana wasn't yelling. Yet.

"Work," he said, instead of "I was fifteen lightyears away on emergency League business."

"Come meet your daughter."

He set down the flowers and picked up the bundle. "Hi there," he said, touching the little chin reverently. "Hello, Grace."

"Robin." His head shot up. "Her name is Robin. So next time, you won't forget."

Somewhere, he knew Bruce was laughing.