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The airport. It was a place where people met and parted, a place where people rejoiced and wept, a place where people were brought to meet their dreams, a place where memories were truly treasured.

"I like blue."


She fingered her scarf unconsciously. Above them the speakers blared its electronic message, "Flight SQ825 last call for boarding, Last call for boarding…"

He wasn't very good at expressing his feelings.

She knew he loved her.

She always had a small smile on her face.

He could see her sorrow in her eyes.

"Oh well. I guess I've got to go." With a tiny smile, she pulled the handle of her luggage. She proceeded to leave and gazed into his eyes.

"Have a safe trip." He said, almost in a commanding manner.

"Yes Sir!" She said jokingly, bringing her hand to her forehead and back down again.

She trudged onward. Just as she passed through the gates, she glanced back at him. His eyes were full of intent, watching her.

The message was clear.

I love you.



Inspired by "Do you like blue?" in KANK.

Hope it wasn't too mushy.

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