Disclaimer: I don't own anyone except the Davis Family and some demons that will come in later.

Jake: Clark Kent Smallville
Colby: Hilarie Burton (one tree hill)
Ryder: Pappa Kent smallville
Sophia: Brooke one tree hill
Ben: tyler hilton one tree hill
Dean walked around the library he thought Sam said he would be there. As he went to the back he saw a blonde hair woman stacking books. "Um did a tall shaggy hair guy come in here today?" questioned Dean. She looked up at him, her baby blue eyes stared right into his green ones. "Um yeah I think so he said his brother would be looking for him so he left. I'm guessing you're the brother?"

Dean smirked at her looking up and down her body. "You would be right. I'm Dean you are?" He asked putting out his hand to greet her. She smiled, "Hi Dean I'm Colby." She stated as she put her hand in his shaking it. She went back to putting books on the shelf. "You know the library is closing soon." He walked up behind her and grabbed the same book she was placing back on the shelf. Their hands touching each others and she looked up to him. She was about 5 foot 4 and was around 6 foot. Dean smiled at her glaze, "Yeah but I wouldn't want a pretty girl like yourself to be all alone."

She gave him a roll of her eyes, "I can take care of myself." "Okay fine." Dean said letting go of her hand and started to walk away. "But" she stated as she pulled him close to her, "I could use the company." Her warm breath tickled Dean's neck as she spoke into his ear. Dean grabbed her hands and now kissed her as she pulled herself onto him. She moved her hands up and down his spine as Dean put his hand under her shirt to her soft skin.

The lights turned off and they continued to take off each others clothes. Not caring that they might get locked inside. She straddled him now the two were in a computer chair touching each others skin. Dean now kissed her holding one hand in her hair. She drew circles on his bare chest as he slid his tongue into her mouth.

After the two were done, Dean couldn't believe that this was the best sex he ever had. For a chick who worked at the library in the summer it was great. She started to put her clothes back on and Dean looked at her. "That was…wow." She chuckled, "Thanks and nice meeting you Dean." She sweetly said as she gave him a peck on the lips before heading out of the library.

A couple days later Dean was sitting with his father and Sam at a café looking over some ideas on the demon. "So boys it looks like the demon vanished again but this time we have a plan." John stated as both his boys chuckled and rolled their eyes. "What is it?" glared the oldest Winchester. "Nothing Sir" both boys said in agreement.

As the father son trio where about to bicker an older man with brow grayish hair walk over to a blonde sitting at the counter. "You know better to be down here! Get you're ass up stairs we have to talk." The girl looked at the older man so did the three Winchester's. "Yes Sir." She stated as she ran upstairs. The man walked past the Winchester's and John stopped him. "Ryder! Ryder Davis I thought you be with Josh looking up research?" Ryder stopped and looked at John and hugged the man. "John…John Winchester thanks god you are here. Hey Sam Dean lets go up stairs we found the demon." He said in a low whisper.

The three went upstairs with Ryder. Ryder had been John's best friend since child hood in fact Rd was the only person to believe him about Mary's death. Later about 3 months after Mary had died Jenna, Ryder's wife, died they same way. The two hunted along side each other from then on till Sam went to college. Ryder and John hunted on certain hunts but they still kept close tabs on each other.

"So Dean Sam you remember my son Jake." Ryder stated as Jake gave both guys a hug. "Hey Jake" Sam smiled. The two had a lot in common Jake's wife Anna died just like Jess, Sam's girlfriend did, by the demon. Jake had the look people would call superman. Really he looked like Clark Kent he had dark brown almost black hair and bright blue eyes.

Dean smiled at as the blonde from down stairs came in. "Oh honey the Winchester's are here. I hope you remember Colby my daughter." Dean glazed at Colby's body then to her face. Shit, the chick from the library! Colby smiled and ran and gave John a hug, "John! I thought you were still missing!" John gave the girl a smile, "I hunted with your dad since." Colby rolled her eyes at her father before hugging Sam, "Hey Sammy! I missed my best friend." Sam gave Colby a kiss on the cheek. "Me too wow look at you." Jake smirked, "Colby you're forgetting Dean." She smiled and hugged Dean remembering their last encounter, "Oh hey Dean." Dean hugged back and almost kissed her in front of their family. "Hey Colby look at you grown up and all."

A little later after Ryder told John about a lead on the demon. The two men walked into the kitchen where Colby was cooking diner. "This smells great baby girl." Ryder stated as him and John both looked at the phone they had just started to ring.

Ryder picked up the phone, "Josh what is it? What it's there okay John and I will be there in an hour ok bye be careful." As he hung up he looked at John, "The demon's by Josh's house lets go." Sam and Jake started to gather weapons. "No boys." John stated, "You stay here it might be gone by the time we get there I need you two to stay here and wait until we call." Sam and Jake both looked ticked off, "Yes Sir."

Moments later John's monster truck speed off out of sight and Sam and Jake looked around. "Damn them they could have let us go." Jake argued and Sam shook his head. "I mean we both know what's it like to loose someone by that demon." Sam remembering Jess and the day of the fire as Jake looked at him and gave him a nod. "Well enough with the chick flicks I'm going to get the stuff at the hotel since we are staying here now." The guys nodded to Dean. Colby smiled, "Dean can you drop me off at my friends house?" she questioned winking at Dean who only saw that.

Jake nodded, "Okay Colby you can go party or whatever but if dad calls you better be home." She gave Jake a peck on the cheek. "Thanks Jakers let's go Winchester."