Part Four

A couple of weeks after his confrontation with Kat, Tommy had decided to go to an island to do some research on dinosaurs and their DNA with Dr. Anton Mercer. It was a difficult decision. He wanted to stay and finish his schooling, but found he could complete his studies on the island. Tommy also didn't want to leave Kimberly. Things were going great. They were finding it harder and harder to separate, but Kim said that this was an opportunity he could not miss.

Tommy closed his eyes. He wondered why every time it seems as if things with Kimberly were going good, one of them had to move away.

"Are you okay," Kimberly asked form the bedroom door.

"Yeah," Tommy said without opening his eyes.

"Are you upset that you're leaving tomorrow," Kim asked.

"Yeah," Tommy repeated again not opening his eyes.

"Tommy," Kim said with a hint of a whine.

She was becoming annoyed. She wanted him to look at her.

"I'm ok, Kim," Tommy said.

"I know," Kimberly said walking to his bed.

She climbed onto the bed and straddled Tommy's waist. She placed her hands on his chest and smiled.

"What are you doing," Tommy asked.

"Giving you a going away present," Kim said cheerfully.

Tommy smiled his eyes still closed.

"Will I like it," he asked.

Kimberly giggled a bit. She was enjoying this game.

"Maybe," she said.

She squirmed a bit and Tommy wished she was a little bit lower.

"Open your eyes," Kimberly said happily.

Tommy slowly opened one eye and stared up at his girlfriend. He saw her dressed in noting but a pink lacy push-up bra with matching panties. He smiled and grabbed Kim's hips.

"I do like my present," he said.

Kimberly laughed and leaned forward so that their faces were inches apart.

"Who said I was your present," she asked mischievously.

"Come on, Kim," Tommy whined.

"I don't know," Kim teased.

"Kimberly," Tommy growled and switched their positions. "I want my present."

"Fine," Kimberly gave in. "Take me."

"I plan to," Tommy said. "But first, I want to examine the package."

Kimberly was about to say something, but Tommy kissed her passionately. Kimberly squeaked into the kiss.

Tommy's hands roamed over Kim's body as his tongue explored her mouth. Kim's hands held onto Tommy's shoulders as she felt his hands cup her breasts.

Kim moaned and squirmed as Tommy massaged her breasts. Tommy's thumbs stroked her nipples hardening them. Kim broke the kiss and threw back her head. Tommy's lips attacked her neck and one of his hands moved from her breast, down her ribcage to her flat stomach and down between her legs.

Kim's breath caught at the intimate caress. Tommy's fingers danced over her most sensitive area. She wrapped her arms around Tommy's neck and her legs around his waist.

Tommy rolled so Kim was on her back and he was on top of her. He removed his hand from Kim's breast and brought it to her back in search of the hook keeping the clothing from coming off. He worked the hook open and sat up. He removed Kim's bra.

Kim gasped as Tommy's lips attack her breast.

"Impatient," Kimberly asked breathlessly.

"Of course," Tommy said looking up at the beautiful woman in his arms.

Kimberly giggled and cupped Tommy's face in her hands and brought him to her and gave him a heated kiss. She glides one of her hands down Tommy's cheek., his neck, his chest, his abs, and down lower. She rubbed there gently causing Tommy to moan into her mouth. Kim smiled at her lover's reaction.

Tommy noticed her smile and moved his hand back to Kim's womanhood and began to stroke. He swallowed her gasp before moving his lips down Kim's neck to her collarbone. He began to nip and lick the area before he moved further down to her breasts.

Kim gasped then moaned as Tommy worshipped one breast then the other. Her hand stopped rubbing Tommy's crotch.

Tommy was disappointed but kept paying attention to Kimberly. He kissed down the valley of Kim's breasts and down her stomach. He nipped just above her panty line. Tommy's fingers went beneath Kimberly's panties and slowly pulled them down. As he pulled down Kim's underwear, he kissed up and down her legs. Once the garment was removed, he returns to Kim's pelvis and nuzzled her mound.

Kim's breath caught knowing, full well, what Tommy was going to do. Without help from her lover, she opened her legs to give Tommy better access to where she wanted him to be.

"No more," Kim begged after a while.

She was clutching Tommy's hair in an attempt to pull him up please. "Please."

Tommy smiled and moved up to kiss his girlfriend.

Kim moaned. She brought her hands down to the waistband of Tommy's black sweatpants and began to pull them down.

Tommy broke the kiss to stand at the side of the bed and removed his sweatpants and boxers. He moved back on top of Kimberly and spread open her thighs. He positioned himself and pushed forward.

(stuff happen)

Kimberly cried out Tommy's name as she climaxed. Tommy followed her soon after.

Breathing harshly, Kimberly and Tommy broke their physical connection. Tommy rolled over to his back and pulled Kimberly into his arms.

Kim rested her head on Tommy's chest and Tommy ran his fingers through her hair.

They rested like that, in silence, for a few minutes.

"I love you," Kimberly said.

A short pause and then Tommy replied.

"I love you too,"

"I'm going to miss you," Kimberly said as she snuggled closer.

"I know," Tommy said holding her closer. "I'm going to miss you too."

They said no more as they both fell to sleep


I have one more story prepared to right for this series. I will keep writing to this storyline as long as y'all want it.