Author Note: Hopefully this prologue will explain everything about this story that I have been dying to write for ages, but never got round to. Now I have, however, so I hope you like it. And remember - reviews are good! Constructive criticism is good too...but not plain criticism. Any reviews containing plain criticism (I don't like your story. Its rubbish, etc) will be fed to my pet Cyberman called Dave.

So enjoy!

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Doctor Who...or Torchwood...or anything like that. If I did, Rose certainly wouldn't have left, and if she did, then this story definately WOULD have been made a reality! Oh well...we can all dream, can't we.



Did you know that there was actually another Doctor Who spin-off commissioned aswell as Torchwood and the animated K9 series?

Russell T Davies apparently wrote Doomsday, then went into the office the next day, looked Julie Gardner (Executive Producer) in the eye and said "May Bank Holiday, 90 minute special, Rose Tyler: Earth Defence!"

Whether he was joking or not, he didn't say. But the programme was actually commissioned by the controller of BBC One, and budgeted, so it can't have been that much of a joke to be taken that seriously!

He hadn't approached Billie Piper formally about it, but he'd mentioned it to her, and she'd liked the idea, so an idea was formed that maybe once a year, there'd be a Bank Holiday special that showed Rose's life after the Doctor, as a female agent of Torchwood, fighting evil and writing wrongs. Russell even had a few of Doctor Who's current script writers agree to write the scripts, and the commission had given him a big budget so that he could produce some amazing special effects. It was, as Russell said "Going to be fantastic!"

However, during filming for Doomsday, Russel decided that it wouldn't be right if fans could see Rose, but the Doctor couldn't. Plus he also had Torchwood and the animated K9 spin-offs in production, and was afraid that this may be one spin-off too far. So the idea was abandoned.

But what if it really had been produced? What sort of things might Rose get up to? Here's what I think.

This is the story of Rose Tyler.

And this is the story of the spin-off that never was.