Author's note: I got the inspiration for this fic watching 'House' –great show. This is a pretty short opening chapter, but I'll try to make the next one longer. This is just something I'm writing, while I wait for the next chapter of 'Kaleidoscope' to come to me. Please review.


One by one.

Chapter one.

She was late. Being late on your first day was never a good idea. Especially when you actually wanted to keep the job. Of course this was a complete turnaround for Piper Halliwell. A far cry from the 'who needs a job?' attitude she'd left in New York. Way too many waitressing jobs had ended with her throwing coffee in someone's face. And that were nothing compared to the time she worked behind the counter in a record store. Needless to say, she was now banned from setting foot in 'Virgin' ever again… But this was a new start. A new her.

She hadn't led what you might call a sensible life up until now. She'd been living for the moment. Jumping from job to job. Meaningless relationship to meaningless relationship. And it had been fun. She'd admit that. But not something she could keep doing forever. So here she was, back in San Francisco with the most un-Piper like achievement of finishing med school.

Of course she wasn't about to admit this. Revealing that she wasn't exactly compatible with holding down a steady job, wasn't likely to get her off to the best start. Not with this guy. Doctor Wyatt. Her new boss.

Just one look around his office told her that. It was spotless. Everything had its own place. Stationary. Files. Notes. Only one neatly placed book, and a mug of half finished black coffee cluttered his perfectly, almost compulsively, polished desk. No randomly tossed CD's. No scribbled on post it notes. No photos of family and friends.

Piper had always thought that a person's private space held hundreds of untold chapters about them. Feelings. Moods. Memories. The neatness of Dr Wyatt's office told her that he was a control freak. The black coffee may have just meant that he was too lazy to go out and buy more milk, but with the previous in mind, Piper doubted it. It was more likely to be a hint that he was a hardcore coffee addict, who spent most nights trying to keep himself awake in here. Typing away. Working. Not letting himself be distracted by anything. The complete lack of photos suggested to Piper that he didn't let them clutter his life either. She didn't understand people like that. Her purse alone contained more than a dozen battered pictures of her two sisters. Her nieces and nephews. Her best friends Justin and Dawn.

Piper's eyes fell on the book. A well used copy of 'The Da Vinci code.' Maybe she'd been too quick to judge him. Poking out of it, obviously being used as a bookmark, was an old worn looking photograph. It had white fold lines down it separating the three adolescent boys. Revealing how many times it had been folded and refolded.

She smiled at the sentimentality of it, and reached out to slide the picture out from in between the pages it was separating. Before her fingers could reach the book, the office door quietly creaked open, before slamming harshly back into its frame. Piper jumped, and withdrew her outstretched hand, just in time to act surprised when somebody cleared their throat loudly behind her.

Piper span around to find herself caught in the gaze of a pair of exquisite green eyes. Their owner was surveying her warily. Eyebrow raised. Arms crossed.

"Hi." She breathed. "I'm-"