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Amidst the dead and the dying, cheers could be heard throughout Konoha as their strongest shinobi. The fourth Hokage, Arashi Kazama stood atop the legendary toad summon, Gamabunta. As the depth of night continued to give rise to the elements swirling in the chaotic battle. Each equal in their own strength. Their adversary the Kyuubi no kitsune, the nine tailed demon fox. Arashi stood glaring at the fox with the undying fierce gaze of determination.

"Kyuubi I'm only going to ask you this once, leave now or suffer a fate worse than death." He yelled from atop Gamabunta's head. The Kyuubi smirked with maliciousness that could send the very devil himself cowering into a corner.

"Not until every last building, every last scap of this village and those who reside in it are dead foolish mortal. I will have my revenge." the fox growled out, its own eyes showing its truly deadly killing intent. Arashi couldn't help but wonder what the fox meant by revenge, but was forced to put it aside as the toad lord jumped back from gnashing teeth and razor sharp claws. Arashi sighed exasperatedly finding that if the battle took too long, even he would be exhausted. Closing his eyes for a moment he prepared himself for what would transpire.

"You give me no choice, it would seem no matter how much I try you will not even reason with me, not even to tell me why you are attacking. Very well then." he stated as he began to go through a series of seals. He glanced at the cave behind him and looked down sadly. 'Forgive me son.' "Kinjutsu: Dead Soul Entrapment." with the final seal the very air grew calm before dropping in temperature. A ghostly hand reached through his body before grabbing the Kyuubi by its throat. "I am a man of my word and I will never go against it." with that he nodded at the very god of death beside him. He managed to go through a few more seals. The demon fox itself glared for a moment before feeling immeasurable pain from the hand around its throat.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HUMAN?" the demon screamed out as its body began to fade.

"I'm stopping your vengeance here and now. I cannot let you harm anymore than you already have. You had your chance Kyuubi, I will die but you won't, you will be sealed within my son only to die when he does." with that the Kyuubi for a moment paled. He could see the very truth in the eyes of that mortal.

"What is your name human?"

"Arashi Kazama. Protector and Hokage of Konoha."

"Damn you... Kazama... keeping me from dying as well... you are truly a strong man... though I wonder why you would order someone to kill my mate."

"You know you damned idiot if you bothered to come to me, we both could have avoided this fate. Who said I ordered your mate killed?"

"A snake in human skin..."

"Orochimaru... Kyuubi, if what you say is true, then protect my son."

"Like I have a choice. I will meet you in hell human." with that the god of death finished ripping the soul of the greatest of demons from its body before being placed inside a small baby. Its growl and intent echoing for moments before the wails of the child could be heard. Gamabunta sighed before feeling its corporeal form disapate. A tear sliding down its wounded face in its last moments. It smiled for a moment setting his greatest friend upon the entrance of the cave before finally disapating into smoke.

"Arashi... it would seem the seal is finished. As a friend do you have any last words for us?"

"I hope that my son Naruto will be seen as a hero for he keeps the very demon that attacked us locked away. Sarutobi, it would also seem that Orochimaru is behind the Kyuubi's attack, that was the last few words of that fox, and lastly, even in my hope, though it might fail and my son is attacked by the very village, open this scroll and follow its directions. Thank you all my friends, I wish I could stay longer but my time is growing shorter. I shall always watch over you all." with that his soul was finally pulled out before he fell at peace with himself, the scroll hanging loosely in his hands. His golden hair losing its lifelike luster as his deep blue eyes closed. A sense of peace could be felt but it was only overcast by the tears that fell silently from cheeks of those around him. Sarutobi bowed his head in respect before taking the scroll and placing it under his armor. Behind them the wails of a newborn child could be heard. Sarutobi looked over at the child before blinking as three whisker marks appeared on the childs cheeks. He smiled warmly as he looked over at those who truly knew what sacrifices were made.

"Sarutobi-sensei. What is this boy's name?" A middle aged man stated. He had red streaks running from his cheeks down to his jaw, his forhead protector, while oddly shaped like a pair of horned plates had the symbol for oil, only to be dwarved in its strange appearence by his white unruly and long hair. His white and red strange robes dancing at the wind as they blew about in the small cave.

"Jaraiya, that boy is Naruto Kazama. A hero tonight, and hopefully for the rest of his life." the old battle clad ninja stated.

"I see. If I may sensei. Seeing as my student has many enemies it would be wise until the child can defend himself properly to give him a different last name."

"Yosh... He is brimming with youthful exuberance, like that of a maelstrom." another man stated. His voice teetering on edge of a battle yell. Even stranger than his words were the looks of this strange Ninja. He wore a green Spandex suit, with a midnight black bowlcut, and even stranger, some of the hairiest eyebrows know to grace any living thing.

"For the first time Gai, you weren't loud and came up with a good last name. Uzumaki would do rather well. Wouldn't you think?" A silver haired ANBU stated behind a wolf mask. He had a orange book in his hand but it was not open, it was closed in deep rememberance of his sensei who died only minutes ago saving the village. "Of course this doesn't count."

"What do you mean, douesn't my youthfulness inspire you all more?" the bellowing beheamoth of a man state with mock pain upon his face.

"You say something?" this in turn caused the beheamoth to bellow even more before the loud sound of skulls being cracked together caused the noise to stop. A pair of hands appeared from behind the two 'rivals' knocked the heads of the men together before a womanly sigh was heard.

"Sarutobi-sensei I will handle the wounded, after that I'm leaving for a few years, and don't try and keep up with me." a busty woman stated as she flung her blond hair over her shoulder. She tickled the little baby boy for a moment before heading out into the carnage wrapped field to handle those who are and were wounded. The older warrior shook his head for a moment wondering if his strongest student would ever stay within the village, though he doubted it. After all why would she since she lost not only her family, but her lover, and best friend in the wars. He began to ponder the set of events that led up to where they were and couldn't help but blame himself for having a kind heart. After all it was he that ultimately let Orochimaru go, even after the atrocities that the man had commited only to have that same person who was once his brightest pupil go and seek revenge. He took the child from his wisest student before proceding to the council.

Amongst the circular table stood members of the council of Konoha. They comprised mostly of elderly clan leaders, save a few that were younger. Aside from those also stood man of the head merchants as well as a few diplomats. Sarutobi who was the third Hokage just sighed. His retirement didn't last long enough due to the eents of the Kyuubi, even after two weeks they had calculated that they lost fifty percent of their military strength. As Hokage he was the leader of that villages military, whereas the council themselves handled the civilian aspect. The topic of debate was Naruto.

"In all honesty we should kill the boy to ensure that the Kyuubi never escapes. We have lost hundreds of lives of civilians to that demon and just as many shinobi, even our strongest shinobi Arashi was lost to that demon." an elderly man stated as he pointed at Naruto.

"So you would condemn the very son of our strongest shinobi to death for something he holds at bay? If you really consider Arashi to be our strongest Shinobi then you are doubting his strength and judgement in sealing aawy the demon." Sarutobi replied.

"I will not accept that demon as the son of Kazama. I myself think the boy should die, but seeing as we are divided as we are then we should just send the thing away."

"ENOUGH! You all are trying my patience. Arashi wanted this boy to be viewn as a hero, yet you all are denying that man his last wishes. Have you no honor, scratch that you have proven to me that you do not. As Hokage I've decided that this boy should at least have a decent chance at living and making a name not only for himself but friends as well. Henceforth anyone who speaks of the kyuubi and his sealment to those born from here on out or as young enough to not understand the situation will be deamed s class criminals. I will personally execute them. Secondly for the time being I will leave Naruto's name as Uzumaki until he is able to defend himself from his fathers enemies. Now if you will this meeting is adjourned." he stated with a calm but decisive voice born from only the greatest of leaders. The council at that point had no choice but to instate the law, after all they could not openly fight the leader of the military nor would they at that point. There was no one else qualified to take the hokage position for awhile at least so they hung their heads low in defeat, though a majority of them swore that they would still see the Kazama heir as nothing more than a demon.

Nearly three years later the same child that was the jailor of the Kyuubi was running, not of joy, not for fun, but for pure and instinctual fear. He wanted to see what everyone was celebrating, he wanted to take part in that celebration yet the townsfolk as well as the ninja there had other plans. The boys body was unnaturally thin, mostly due from eating scraps he had found in the trash, his clothing now torn and tattered were billowing on his small frame. The orphanage that he had grown in for a year and a half had kicked him out, most forcibly after a scuttle against some of the other children there. He was merely holding his blanket and suckling upon his finger as a few children, barely older than him began to push Naruto around. He didn't fight back at first, only to cover his body from the blows however the moment he found a chance, which he instinctually took he kicked one of the boys in the stomach, the orphanage mother saw the fight and even suggested to the other kids to pick on the boy, but the moment she saw Naruto kick the other boy, she imediately stopped the fight and paddled Naruto's bared bottom with a plank of wood before yelling at him to get out. He didn't have much time to grab his clothes so instead he ran with what he had. Since then hes lived off the streets. Now he would run yet again avoiding broken bottles, rocks, and other things but there is only so much that a severely malnurished and sleepless child could do to run and in turn he found himself surrounded by the crowd. As they surrounded him he could only do what most children would do and that would be to beg and appologize. He didn't know if he did anything wrong but he would at least try to make things right.

"W...what did I do wrong? If I did somting wrong I'm sowwy." he said in between tears. To those that had a true heart they would certainly feel sympathy for the child, however in a town filled with Ninja who were tained to kill without emotion, his luck would have him granted no mercy, nor sympathy and such the townsfolk began to yell at the boy even more.

"Enough whinning demon, we won't fall for your tricks." One of the mob stated. "Yeah, lets end the demons life all together." another shouted. "KILL THE DEMON!" an elderly woman stated, and soon that began to be the mantra of the crowd and as such they began to take busted bottles, larger rocks, and many more things to start hitting, pelting, and whipping upon the three year old. As inatimate objects, and limbs crashed against flesh, Naruto's cries of pain resounded over the crowd, causing them to become excited and beat upon the boy some more. As blows rang down upon the child he began to feel his consciousness slip before being painfully brought back to being awake. His stomach was flaring in pain as he looked through his swollen eyes to see a long katana blade pressing into his gut. Imediately the ninja in front of him smirked pulling it out before slamming the blade back in repeatedly causing more and more of Naruto's blood to spill upon the ground, along with what rotten half digested food. The boy screamed one last time as he felt the painful peirces before skin fell away causing his shredded insides to plop out onto his hands. Imediately his mind blanked before he grew still. Those in the crowd gasped seeing the boy like that but smirked, they knew such a person could not after all survive such wounds, What they hadn't counted on was a squad of jounin as well as ANBU showing up with the Hokage miliseconds later.

"What is the meaning of this?" Sarutobi yelled over the crowd. He looked through them all before gasping as he saw a few ninja try to flee, covered in blood. "Capture them. If anyone else runs, I will personally kill you myself." he yelled once more. He followed the trail of blood before gasping. "Ibiki, Anko, get him to the hospitol now." he yelled after running to the boy. He felt the childs pulse wondering how such a child could even survive such wounding. "The rest of you Jounin and ANBU gather up those here, I want them locked up NOW!" the elderly man was enraged. He imediately walked right up to the ninja who were covered in the childs blood as he tightened his body, sending off the natural terror that resides within every human beings instincts. The ninja froze up imediately paralyzed. "As for you and your group, Wolf. Take them directly to holding cell thirteen and string them up. They will be among the first to be interogated by Ibiki, Anko, and myself." The crowd gasped, normally one would be afraid if sent to either Anko or Ibiki, but to have the Hokage, and the other two work on them, they cowered at such a thought as they were lead away bound by chakra shackles.

Meanwhile, Anko held the bloody and torn body of Naruto close to her body as she sprinted through the streets and roof of the town. Ibiki had ran ahead of her for a moment to keep an eye out for other Ninja who would take advantage of the nearly dead boy's critical condition. She could feel the boys heartbeat though it was barely beating. Holding the child close yet delicate enough not to cause any more damage to the boy, she couldn't help but wonder how long the child could survive. As they ran into the emergency room nurses and doctors alike gasped, but saw the tuft of blond hair and whiskers before ignoring the rants and threats of Ibiki. She growled menacingly as they ignored and refused to treat the 'demon'. As Ibiki's voice grew louder she clutched the boy tightly to her. After all it wasn't long ago that she was in the same position as the boy, though her wounds were minor compared to his, but she knew of the lonliness that the boy was going through as well as the hate of the crowd.

"I am ashamed that you who swore and oath to heal any injuries and save as many lives as possible would ignore a child who is barely holding on by a thread. I will make sure that you all will be visited by me in the nearby future." Ibiki yelled out. It wasn't long after that an elderly male doctor came out of another wing of the hospitol to see what the ruckus was about before gasping at the amount of blood that was on the hospitols white floor. He followed it to Anko then to what was in her arms.

"Come with me." he stated inbetween gasps as he felt the boys throat for a pulse. He imediately led them into an operating room a minute from the entrance walking distance, however he himself had ran with the others. He swiftly slid his glasses up onto his face before helping Anko set the child down upon the operating table. The nurses around him nodded. "Don't worry, they are true to the nature of medics and medic nin. I must say this boy is very lucky to be alive at this point, if it were any lesser person they would have died on the spot." he stated as he examined the kid. Hammering out seals as fast as he could he built up a blue glow to his hands and arms before slowly slipping the mounds of flesh and organs back into their respective places, he then gasped. "How the hell can he be alive? The majority of his organs are peirced, including his liver, kidneys, stomach, lungs, heart, yet it still beats." he was staring directly at a medical imposibility, yet it was still happening before his very eyes. He began to swiftly work on those organs only to find them working with him. "What the devil, this chakra... its trying to restore his organs?" he wondered if the Kyuubi itself was trying to keep the child alive and couldn't help but wonder as he managed to get the internal organs that needed to be kept in perfect condition alive. After a few hours the organs themselves were fully regenerated and as far as he could tell in working order, though after devouring several soldier pills he could feel their after effects. On top of which blood was no longer gushing out of the broken skin as it had been before, now it was merely dripping as would any wound. "It would seem even then that that chakra has its limitations." he stated as he noticed that the chakra which had helped waned before going out. He swiftly began to stitch up the skin the old fashioned way to hold in in place while he too recharged his own chakra. The medic nins, and nurses working on other wounds, namely the skeletal structure which was still shattered from the beating. As hours passed he felt confident enough to state that the child was going to live, though his condition was still very dangerous. "Ive done all that I can for the boy for the moment. You two should also get your wounds checked out."

"No need to Doc. We aren't wounded, and all that blood came from the boy." Ibiki stated as he was put in a slightly better mood. "Though I'm still pissed off with the rest of the staff. We were shouting for a good five minutes yet none of them wanted to help the boy."

"A travesty, if Tsunade were here I can gaurantee you that she would have flogged them all against the monument for ignoring the first principal of being doctors, nurses, and medic nin. All that blood came from the boy? This has turned out to be a very difficult evening indeed." he stated before falling into a chair beside the bed of the bandaged up child. "In all truth, I wish I could have done more, but even then I'm at my limit, I barely have enough chakra to stay alive, yet alone work on the boy. The same is also for the nurses."

"You did your best, now all we can do is hope for the brat." Anko stated. Her face wasn't one of her menacing smirks, her black iris' showed no hatred or anger towards the doctor. What truly shown on her body was the blood of the boy and extreme worry. Rather ironic considering she enjoys the sight of blood. Her purple hair random in its pattern was drenched in crimson giving her the look of a battle crazed spirit but she still stood by the bed watching the boy carefully. "Ibiki, I can't wait to 'work' on those assholes that did this to a child." she stated quite clearly, her old self returning as she would be delighted in torturing those who had harmed them.

"You both and I will have our chance as soon as Naruto is awake. Doctor can you please summarize the extent of the injuries done to Naruto? I need an official report." Sarutobi stated. His face though normally kind, showed the impasse of deadliness. His arms were folded accross his chest. Behind him were the elite of the ANBU, those who would dare not go against the Hokage and respected the old man.

"When I first viewed his wounds, he had several punctures in his lungs, heart, diaphram, stomach, large intestine, small intesting, bladder, kindeys, liver, and appendix. Eighty percent of his skeletal structure was either broken or shattered. His organs were also out of place and body barely holding together by the membranes. His eyes were swollen shut due to blunt force trauma caused by smashed cheek and skull bones. He suffered a severe concussion. All in all the child should be dead by the wounds themselves. Yet as you can see hes alive." the doctor took a breath. As he was stating it he was also reading off the medical chart. "If you think that is strange enough that a child can still have a heartbeat with brain damage and damage to the heart as severe as it was, then your not going to beleive this. While working on his organs hoping by kami's sake that the boy would continue to have a will to live, chakra began to help me, especially from the boy and I can only guess his tenant by regenerating the tissue." he stated on a second page.

"Doctor Yashiru, I'm going to state the quite clearly. Should Naruto pull through and live, his only doctor aside from Tsunade, will be you. Thus meaning any physicals and later emergencies are to be held by you. The information on his regenerative state will be kept off the public record. Sorry to cause you to go through twice the paperwork and all."

"Heh, not a problem. Though from what I heard from Ibiki here, you have a very valid reason for ordering this. If we didn't need those doctors, nurses, and medic nin, I would personally have them flogged, tortured, and beaten to near death for ignoring the first rule of being in the medical field." he stated clearly which caused the Hokage to raise and eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

"Hokage-sama when Anko and myself arrived here, for about five minutes none and I do mean none of those aside from Yashiru and his entourage of trainees ignored the attempt to get this boy medical attention. If I weren't loud enough doctor Yashiru would not have noticed." Ibiki stated as he washed off the dried blood from his arms, hands, and chest. He took the change of clothes from the ANBU before going behind a curtain and changing. The other clothes were placed in a hazmat bin for disposal. After all those had been saturated in blood. Anko nodded before asking a nurse where a good shower was. Granted she loved blood, she herself found this to be unnaceptable. She wanted blood from those she would torture, not those who she would save and thus she was guided to a shower. She did feel a cold wave of anger fall in the room but knew who it was for.

"Wolf, I want you to set up a rotation of ANBU here. I only want those who are loyal and trusting enough to watch over the boy in case some moron decided to attempt again. Yashiru inform me of when Naruto wakes up, which I hope is soon." he stated before disapearing in a plume of smoke. The hokage couldn't help but feel even more hurt. This was his village and he would die to protect it, yet that same village and its denizens were harming a boy. He looked at the names of the Shinobi as well as the pictures. He even looked at the photos of what happened after Naruto, yet he couldn't help but feel rage for those who did this to an innocent child, even more so feel pity for Naruto. For the first time in awhile he prayed to Kami that Naruto would make it.

A few days later the nurses walking around doing their rounds were surprised to say the least. They had felt a chakra spike that easily rivalled a kage, if not higher. They went to where it was and found the battered and beaten boy amidst a torrent of red and blue chakra as it began to burn away the bandages. The boys limbs which were splinted and still tender enough to be broken again were clenched tight as the thin muscle or lack there of rippled for a moment. In another instant it had died down but the chaos of it was still there. The ANBU who was on guard gasped trying to catch his breath. He stood up weakly before the nurse grabbed ahold of him and lifted him slightly. In a blink of an eye the Hokage, along with several ANBU as well as Doctor Yashiru himself were in the room staring at the ANBU and the damage.

"Report." was the one word that came out of the Hokage's mouth. The good doctor on the other hand was examining the wounds, rather the lack thereof. Normally stitches would leave behind scars but in Naruto's case there were none.

"Hokage-sama. I was watching the entrances and exits of the room carefully when I heard the boy rustle. Next thing I know I was pinned against the wall as chakra began to litterally erupt from him. I've never felt something so powerful, not even against the Kyuubi." the masked guard stated weakly. Just as the Hokage was about to ask, he too was interupted.

"Hokage-sama. Naruto's wounds, there completely gone. No scarring, no swelling, nothing. His eyes are in a rem state which suggest that he is merely asleep and out of his coma." he stated as he pulled the eyelids up. He was even more surprised when he felt the boys hands come up to knock away his fingertips. "Hes awake sir." as he felt the boys eyes look sleepily up at him. Naruto yelped for a moment, well the best that he could considering his tongue, throught, and neck were parched. He backed up away from the doctor shivvering in fear. Sarutobi on the other hand calmed for a moment before pulling the doctor gently away and gave the boy a warm smile.

"Naruto do you know where you are?" he asked. The boy shook his head from side to side. "Your in the hospitol. You had me worried this past few days." After hearing this Naruto looked on in wonder. "Don't worry I'm not going to hurt you. Ibiki and Anko here brought you to the hospitol." he stated as he pointed to the two. "Doctor Yashiru here and the staff directly under him had healed you." he stated pointing to the doctor. The boys eyes followed his finger as he pointed. After a few moments he bowed his head silently thanking them as he rubbed his neck. The hokage smiled for a moment at the little wonder before fetching a glass of water. He handed it to Naruto who swiftly downed it before gesturing for another. The old man chuckled and obliged. "Naruto I need to see your stomach, do you think you can let me?" the boy pulled his gown up causing a few female ANBU to blush underneath thier masks along with several nurses. The hokage just chuckled as he focused a bit of chakra into his hand and touched the seal. He smiled to himself glad that the seal was intact, even though days ago that same seal was shredded and torn about due to the flesh. "All done, you can lower your hospitol gown now." the boy quickly did so as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Um old man... can we speak in private, aside from those who saved me. Its kinda secret." Naruto stated. His voice was less raspy and a bit more audible compared to the 'eep', his finger was pointing at his stomach. The hokage nodded swiftly before turning around to everyone there.

"Wolf, Ibiki, Anko, and Doctor Yashiru please stay, the rest of you please go outside." the ederly man stated quite clearly. As those who were told what to do imediately followed the orders. The Hokage went through a few seals before finishing causing the walls to glow for a moment before returning to normal. "A nifty silence jutsu. That way no one can hear what is said in this room." Naruto nodded before relaxing a bit.

"Is Kitsu-ni-chan alright?" he asked while rubbing his stomach gently.

"Wha... who?" Sarutobi stammered.

"Kitsu-chan, the lady who lives inside me, shes got fox ears, nine tails, red fur, long red hair, beutiful red eyes, and is really nice to me. She made me promise not to tell anyone about her than those who saved me earlier."

"Kyuubi? You actually speak with him?" Sarutobi asked, sweating nervously.

"Kyuubi is just her title, and its a her. She says shes truly sorry for what she did a few years ago." Naruto stated with a big grin.

"Eh... okay I want you to tell us what went on if you can." Naruto nodded as he took a deep breath ..

As the sounds of the crowd began to dim, his vision blurred before growing dark. He was wondering if this was what it was like if one dies. As he opened his eyes he found himself in front of a large tunnel, with red and blue pipes running around throughout the roof of the tunnel. He could feel water rushing around him. He continued to look around before wading through the puddles. He couldn't feel the aches or pains that were registered only minutes earlier. Yet throughout it all he could feel as if the tunnel was growing less lively if one could call it that. He began to wonder where he was and wonder why he wasn't hurt as well as where he was at.

"Come this way kid. I won't hurt you but you must hurry." a voice that bellowed echoed within his mind and around the tunnel. He couldn't help but follow it, especially since he wanted answers. After wading through the hip deep water he found his way back onto dry land only to appear before a large set of iron grates. The center only being held by a thin peice of paper with strange lettering. He couldn't read it, given the fact that he couldn't read at all. He looked at the peice of paper and struggled to grab it yet the voice again appeared, bellowing out from the cage.

"DO NOT PULL THAT OFF!" it screamed at him. He stopped reaching for it, pulling his hand back instinctively. He looked inside the cage only to behold a set of bloodshot red eyes. He shivvered for a moment as he shrank back.

"Do not worry kid. I won't hurt you, as one of my kind, I give my word, therefor I must keep it. I wish we could have met under better circumstances however seing as your here not by your own will and given whats happening to you right now, I can barely keep you alive."

"Am I in heaven or hell?" Naruto asked as he tried to discern where he was. "How come I don't feel any pain right now, not that I'm complaining."

"Your not in hell or heaven. We are inside the seal which I must say is the one thing that is keeping you alive. As for pain, your body itself is in pain but your mind isn't registering it. I however am and I must say you should be thankful for that..." the eyes stated.

"Why did they attack me? I only wanted to see the festival... I even said I was sowwy." he asked.

"I know kid. Its not your fault. You should never blame yourself... its... its my fault." it stated, its eyes seemed sad.

"Aww... don't cwy." he said as he reached out while taking a few steps. Even as much as he cried, he hated it when others cried. It only felt natural that he would only want to comfort the person who was crying.

"Normally kid, I would not be doing this. Please stay there for a moment, you don't want to come within this cage. Its not like you could because that peice of paper that keeps me here, keeps you there." the voice stated. It closed its eyes for a moment. Within a moment a shimmer could be seen from below the eyes. Naruto blinked for a moment as a woman, well half a woman shown before him. Her tanned face shown gently as he peered closer. Long flowing red hair fell from her shoulders and down a crimson red fur over the more feminine parts of her body. Behind her nine beutiful red tails swished back and forth with white tips. He blinked again as a pair of red silk looking fox ears shimmered and appeared upon her head. She smiled as her whiskers on her cheeks twitched. Opening her eyes he couldn't help but be amazed as they shown a bright shade of red upon white. He didn't help the blush that shew on his face. She arched an eyebrow at him.

"Are you an angel?"

"Far from it kid. Give me a moment." she stated, her voice warm and gentle. Slowly she walked through the grate and the seal. "This is only my consciousness so it won't harm you more than you can harm me. "Again I'm no angel and I've no right to be for what I've done."

"But to me you are, your beutiful, you haven't hurt me, you have been nice and you look like an Angel. Whats your name?"

"Kitsu. Though you humans often call me Kyuubi, the nine tailed Kitsune. That is my title, but its not who I am." she said as she ruffled the boys hair for a moment.

"Kitsu-chan, your the demon that slew the villagers and was killed by Yondaime?" he stammered out.

"Yes I am, sadly."

"You can't be, your too nice and too pretty."

"But I am kid and I regret doing what I've done."

"You can't be because Yondaime killed the Kyuubi and your not her. Your lying." he said putting on a face that can only be considered a look of constipation, though for him it was more like a pout.

"Oh but I am. The Yondaime couldn't kill me, so he sealed me inside you. You see, if I were to die in that battle, though I doubt I would have, I would be reborn ten years from that day. Yondaime knew this and hence he placed me inside you." she stated as she knelt down. "And for what I've directly or indirectly caused harm to you for I am really sorry. Its all my fault but I promise you I won't let you die." she stated as she shed another tear. Naruto lifted a hand up and wiped away her tear before hugging her.

"Don't appologize. I'm sure you had your reason but your being so nice to me, I can't be angry at you Kitsu-ni-chan." he warmly said in his childlike exuberance before hugging her. She embraced his hug for a moment wondering if that same kid was an angel.

"I may not be an angel but to me you are kid."

"I'm no angel. The villagers call me a demon and a monster." he said as he cried upon her. She pulled him away and looked him in the eyes, a scowl upon her face. He continued to cry gently.

"Kit your not a demon nor are you a monster, but to me your an angel because you know what I am and yet you are kind to me." she stated as she pressed her thumb under his eyes to wipe away his tears. "So don't cry okay. In any case don't hate them for their ignorance. Even I am ignorant and in that case had caused this whole issue. They are just foolish and ignorant. That is what those villagers are, well those who hurt you both mentally and physically. Your lucky kid because not only do I worry about you but a few people do as well." she stated.

"Whats going on?"

"An old man. With a bamboo white hat."

"You mean the Hokage?"

"Hes one of them but hes not here. Another old man, hes healing you. I have an idea that is another old man. Hes treating your wounds with my help." she winked at him.


"I'm using my power to keep your body alive, your heart beating, your lungs breathing though its taxxing. On top of that I'm also using that same power to help him put everything back in place. Though the extent of this is rather taxxing even for me. Um kit you might want to go ahead and sleep. I promise I will keep watch over you, and apparently so does the Hokage." she stated warmly. Naruto nodded before nuzzling her. His eyes closed warmly and soon sleep gently came upon him, his avatar disapeared from the mindscape. She couldn't help but smile warmly before her own form disapeared back into the cage. She would keep her promise even if it meant killing herself.

A day later or so he figured in his mind he awoke to find Kitsu sitting against he larger form. She imediately smiled before walking over to him. She was happy he was still there despite how taxxing it was to keep him alive. Though thankfully she was as she said she would, do anything to keep him alive and thus, she went further while the doctors couldn't It had taken her awhile to gather her strength, but was good nonetheless to heal his minor injuries including the ones to his skeleton and brain. Taking extra care with his mind to not taint it she managed to keep him healthy but she too had her limits and it had shown on the great beast behind her. Instead of a burning red that it usually was, it was faded. Any lesser demon would have imediately died from the amount of chakra she had used.

"Good morning kit." she stated ruffling his hair a little bit.

"Morning Kitsu-ni-chan." he replied with a big fox grin. She smiled a bit more brighter before hugging him. "Um kitsu-ni-chan. Do you know who my parents are?" he asked. He wondered ever since he had the consciousness to form those thoughts. She gasped inwardly but appeared startled. She furrowed her brow in deep thought for a moment knowing the childs father but not the mother. Even in her enraged state she could discern scents and she very well couldn't smell the Yondaime's scent on any of the females she had mercilessly killed.

"To a degree yes... but I don't know who your mother is, though I have a guess from your fathers expression that she died, giving birth to you." she said sadly.

"Oh... what about my dad?"

"He sadly... no longer lives. He died while fighting me... I'm so sorry." she said turning away from him expecting him to yell, to scream, to punch her, anything for the pain she had caused that boy alone. What she got, was her legs hugged and his soft child voice.

"You already said you were sowwy... and I accepted your appology. I never go back on my word Kitsu-ni-chan. You did what you did because you had to or had a reason for doing it. Just like you said I can't hate the villagers for doing what they did to me, but that also means I can't hate you either. Your one of the few people who is nice to me and to me that means your my family." he said as he placed a hand over his heart. She reached down and hugged him. He felt she was his family, even after her own was murdered she never thought even sealed away that she could have another family but here she was accepted as he had put it, his sister.

"Thank you kit. I'm so very thankful to my little angel that you consider me your sister. I promise I will be the best sister you can have, well in the form that I'm in." she frowned a little bit. "Oh but I do know this about your parents. They loved you very much and probably are watching over you in heaven. So don't worry okay. Just like you said you won't go back on your word, I won't go back on mine. I promise with all my heart little brother I will do whatever I can to keep you safe and healthy." she said warmly.

"Thank you kitsu-ni-chan. I have another question... why did you attack the village?"

"I too once had a mate, more so what you humans call a husband, and I had many children. As I was out gathering food for them a man wearing your village's symbol came and attacked my mate who was asleep and killed my kit's. He said he was only doing what he was ordered to... that snake. He lied to me. The Yondaime told that he would never order such a thing and I could see it in his eyes. I later learned while in you that that snake had abandoned the village before he even ventured near my cave." she said. Her voice echoing the sadness of losing her family and the anger at the man who caused it, but also anger at herself. "So I blindly attacked. The Yondaime tried to reason with me, tried to stop me, and help me but in the end my rage took over and it was only when I was sealed that I could understand him."

"So the snake killed your family. Sister I promise if I get the chance I will right the wrongs he did to you. Though I don't think I can bring your husband or your kids back but I promise if I see that snake bastard I'm gonna beat him black and blue."

"That would be a good color on him, but your not strong enough. He is a ninja and very strong." she said.

"Then I'm gonna be a ninja too. I'm even gonna be stronger than the Yondaime and everyone else so I can make sure no one has to suffer in this village again." he said proudly.

"That will be a hard promise to keep kit. Everyone dies, even us demons. Its a fact of life, but I do admire your comitment. I can't directly help you, but I can give you a headstart above all the others your age. Though.. it might appear wierd to those watching over your. You gotta promise me that the moment you wake up and can talk again that you only tell those who saved your life that night okay. I'm gonna give you a portion of my power, granted this seal siphons my power into you, I'm gonna enlarge your chakra coils so you can hold more when you need to." she said warmly. "That is if you want me to."


"Okay then, you might want to ask the Hokage later on to find a way to teach you how to control this power since its rather big even for your age." Naruto nodded. "Anyways you should leave here for a bit and prepare to wake up okay." he nodded again before his avatar disapeared. She too faded back into her body before doing as she said, though on a larger scale she sent barely a hundreth of her own strength into the kids chakra system, forcing it to enlarge.

The hokage could only gasp. He learned quite a bit, even more so that Naruto had calmed the once enraged demon. His mind was steadily wrapping about the situation all too well. He couldn't help but smile at the childs desire to be something so great and for noble reasons though the truth was, he knew not every live could be spared. That was the nature of it all but the kid would do his best to keep people from suffering, suffering from lonliness or suffering like Naruto himself had.

"So she said she was gonna make me stronger, and I trust her. Shes been so nice to me old man, and she says she still very sorry, and that she hates that snake bastard. Ooooh he makes me so angry that I wanna beat on him too." he said shaking his fist. Ibiki and Anko couldn't help but chuckle at the boy, neither could the wolf masked ANBU. The ANBU pondered for a moment before tapping the Hokage upon his shoulder to get his attention.

"Hokage-sama. Not that I don't mind watching Naruto but I wish to withdraw from the ANBU. I feel its about time for me to start teaching Genin just as my sensei had before me." he stated quietly. Anko could only gasp. "What I think I would make a good teacher, or at least I hope." he stated before pulling out his little orange book. Anko growled for a moment before smirking.

"Guess that means me and Ibiki can go then right?" Sarutobi nodded at them before whispering a few words of thanks.

"Yashiru. If you would examine Naruto again and tell me when he can get ready to go. Oh and Naruto how come you weren't at the orphanage?"

"They kicked me out a year and a half ago. A couple of kids were picking on me and hitting me so when I could at least defend myself they old hag there yelled at me and threw me out... um wheres my blankey?" he asked.

"Its being washed and repaired. It was nearly shredded and parts of it were torn up to kind of hold your body parts inside you till we fixxed em. Those had to be thrown away."

"Oh... its okay... Um Old man? Can I become a ninja?"

"Yes, but right now we need to make sure you are in good shape. Back to what you were saying. You were out on the street for a year and a half? How come you didn't let me know?"

"The people at your tower wouldn't let me in. They kept throwing me out so I just stopped and managed to sleep under park benches and find food that was thrown away." he said scratching the back of his head.

"They what? Damn ignorant bafoons." the Hokage stated as he clenched his hands tightly in his palms. "Yashiru could you please bring this kid something to eat, and as much of it as he can. We can see that hes malnurished." he said as he noticed Naruto was indeed skin and bones. The Doctor nodded as he checked Naruto's mouth making sure it would be alright.

"He can eat solids, I'm amazed that your sister is this good at human physiology."

"She says she has to be with everything. Keeps her from getting bored inside me." he grinned at the doctor. Naruto couldn't help but smile brightly. The doctor nodded before leaving heading towards the cafetaria. Minutes later he returned with a cart filled with food. After all he felt that everyone probably was hungry. Naruto looked at the cart then at the doctor. "Real... fresh... food?" he asked, drool dripping down his chin the doctor nodded.

"Help yoursel..." Naruto was a blur litterally digging into the food, shoveling it insanely fast into his mouth. He continued to devour more and more until moments later the cart was litterally picked clean of anything that was edible. Those that were there just gasped and sweat dropped. "My your hungry aren't you?"

"Um... yep. Can I have some more please. That was so very good." what he got was the resounding thud of those present trying to pick themselves up off the ground. The doctor nodded before whispering to Sarutobi.

"He can leave tommorow if he keeps this up, I don't think even the hospitol could afford the food bill, however the one condition I have is that he resides at your place for the next week."

"Don't worry, I will make sure that he does. Besides it would be nice to have a kid in the house again." he chuckled as the doctor nodded before disapearing. The doctor returned a few minutes later this time with a nurse bringing in another cart with her. Naruto managed to polish off the second cart himself before burping and rubbing his still thin stomack. Everyone was eating the food from the second cart pondering how the kid could even put that much food into himself, much less enjoy the taste. To them hospitol food wasn't the best tasting stuff in the world, but to Naruto it was since he hadn't eaten in a long time. "I might have to stock my pantry if he keeps up like this. If only I were an Akimichi..." Sarutobi joked. To everyone elses dismay they shook their head just chuckling. He smiled for a moment as Naruto seemed to gain a little meat upon his bones. The doctor just shook his head, with Naruto it would appear that everything was unpredictable. "Well then. I must get back to the ninth circle of hell... paperwork." he stated. It was after all the bane of every Hokage, doomed to either die in battle or from being crushed by paperwork as the all had reasoned. Soon after that the doctor told Naruto he should rest up because tommorow was going to be a good day. Naruto nodded as he slid back under the covers. Sleep claimed him swiftly. The rest of those who were there nodded as another ANBU wearing a gorilla mask came in. Kakashi, who wore the wolf mask nodded before walking out of the door. Still reading his little orange book.

The next day could be summed up by one word. Maelstrom. That was what it was to those who watched the little three year old. The boy had been shown more kindness in the past two days than he had in three years. To say it was a possitive influence wouldn't do the situation justice. Naruto was bouncing around as happy as he could be. The nurses who were nice to him, though few in number just shook their heads in disbeleif. The boy had gained alot more meat on his bones in his rest, to which Naruto had told Sarutobi that the fox was using the food to restore muscle, though Naruto himself would have to work on it to give it actual strength since it only helped pad his bones. Sarutobi kept smiling even though he knew what had to be done. He wasn't irate at Naruto but more so at the situation. In his robe's chest pocket was the scroll that his successor had written, along with it was a letter that was time and situation sealed. Apparently the seal was set so that it would be unlocked at a certain date, or if the situation arose according to the scroll. He remembered it word for word and what it had entailed.


If you are reading this, then there is no doubt in my mind I was forced to go through the sealing. I have started writing this knowing my son was soon to be born, and have most likely come up with two plans. The first obviously was a failure and that was to calm down the Kyuubi. The second which is obvious. I researched the mystical tailed beasts and had found out quite a bit after reading the first report that we were under attack. I have also learned that the nature of foxxes is not to directly assault unless driven to. However that is a moot point now isn't it. In regards to my son, Naruto Kazama. It would seem my last wish for the village to view him as a hero was not granted, but thats to be expected from humanity. The best laid plans never succede as they say. In any case Naruto is either severely wounded or hospitolized. More than likely both, but knowing that he keeps the Kyuubi inside him, I know he will bounce back. Whether he knows it or not is no matter though I would prefer he didn't know until he could understand, thats part of the letter addressed to him, in any case Naruto will be left in the care of both my sensei and his team mate Tsunade. The reason for this is so that he may grow up to be a great ninja, as I have no doubt thats his ambition. The other of course is so that he will be protected, not only from my enemies but the foolish and ignorant villagers who only see him as the demon itself. Oh speaking of which mind you I don't know if its a he or she, I'm not like my sensei and find out. He is to go with them, to train, to grow, and be happy. I know Tsunade will keep Jaraiya in line and help prevent Naruto from how shall I put it, turning into a mini version of Jaraiya. I wish things didn't come to be this way but even then thats the way it is. Tsunade and Jaraiya both know this and thus have sworn that they would uphold their bargain with me. All it took was apparently a good bet against the legendary sucker herself, god she is horrible at gambling, and the mega pervert. He was easy since I taught him the Rasangen as well as a good idea for a book. One that kids could read. In any case thanks again my friend, and I will see you in the afterlife eventually, just make sure its at least a decade after I died. Gives me time to get things set up for you hehe.


Sarutobi chuckled as he held up the two minature summoning charms. He was amazed at the complexity of them, after all they were nothing more than a twin pair of marblized chakra with the kanji toad, for one, and slug for the other. He was brought out of his reverie when naruto who was quite litterally bouncing off the wall tackled him into a hug. Kakashi on the other hand just flipped a page in his book before giggling at it.

"Oi Naruto, quit bouncing around already. I know your happy to get ready to go but this is a bit much don't you think?" Ibiki stated as he folded his arms. His dark eyes that had shown rage, anger, and animocity to his 'victims' later on yesterday were now showing an aura of happiness that the boy would bounce back from such things. After all he wasn't the head of the interrogation unit without a good reason. Known as a sadist, and a devil in his own way he was swift, calculating and calm. His clothing had matched his dark eyes, giving him the look of a bear like wraith, as such he was known quite well enough that you never wanted to get on his bad side. His clothing had consisted of a black skin tight shirt, baggy black pants with several pockets and pouches, a pair of fingerless black gloves with metal plates over the top and the knuckles, and a thick leather trench coat. His forhead protector was mounted upon a bandana which covered his scalp, yet those that had seen him without it were horrified at the burns, screw holes, and many other malicious wounds placed upon that very head when he himself was interrogated during the rock and leaf war. He was happy that the boy was showing signs of improvement in both his mood as well as his demeanor. Even Naruto's body had gained a bit more mass to it but as both the doctors and Sarutobi had stated. It was apparent that the Kyuubi was helping to put some meat on the kids bones, and after what he had seen, the boy really needed it. He chuckled for a moment before handing off a package to Naruto. In it were several sets of clothing, he had learned quite a bit from the boy most of all the kids favourite colors were Orange and Blue. The only outfit that could be found that had those was a jump suit that was vastly orange with blue vertical stripes down the sides. As well as several blue shirts with the red Konoha swirl symbol found on chunnin outfits. He chuckled as the boy litterally tackled him in a hug. Ibiki could only smile, though it appeared as a grimmace. Smiling was not his thing at times though. He turned his head to the side as Anko was the next to appear in the room from the doorway. She wore her usual netted shirt, pale orange miniskirt, shin and forearm bands with shiny silver plating. Her forhead protector was the only thing holding up her wild purple hair from falling in her face. Her tanned trench coat managed to keep a considerable bit of her nearly fully revealed body hidden. She was known as a monster and a true sadist. Her pleasures in life were killing, playing with blood, torture, and Dango. That was what the public saw from her, yet those who knew her like Sarutobi, Ibiki, and Kurenai knew that she had a softer side in life. As such she enjoyed the wildlife in the forest and was often at times seen petting, playing, and helping many animals. Though her animal of choice was recently foxxes and as such she smiled before pulling a small kit from underneath her coat for Naruto to see. He squeeled for a moment as the little red kit looked at him. It reflexively sniffed the air for a moment before struggling in Anko's arms. Next thing she knew the fox litterally had lept out of her arms and tackled Naruto, licking his face warmly before baying gently and resting its head upon Naruto's shoulder. Normally foxxes were skiddish of humans, especially recently since they were killed on sight. She had found this one next to what remained of its mother. Anko smiled warmly at the two before whispering what she had found to the Hokage. The hokage himself just smiled and nodded.

"Hey brat you better take good care of her. Shes an orphan like you so you gotta stick together." Anko said with a sickenly sweet smile. Naruto nodded giving a fox grin as he pet the baby fox. "Your lucky, the only reason she didn't attack me was because I'm kinda common to the forest, the animals there treat me like one of their own, however you on the other hand are probably the first human that she's interacted with outside the forest. Normally they don't get this attatched."

"Kitsu-ni-chan says its because shes the like the head mother of all foxxes. She also says that because shes inside me, that I would naturally have a fox scent about me." Naruto stated.

"I shoulda figured, anyways consider her a gift from me okay." she stated scratching the back of her head. She then fell backwards as Naruto had tackled her hugging her warmly. "Geez, a little warning would be nice hehe." she ruffled the kids hair as Sarutobi just smiled. Naruto was truly happy at that moment because there were people who didn't view him as a monster, but as a person.

"Ahh I see the hyperactive, and number one unpredictable patient of mine is at his usual antics. Oh and whats this, whats your name little one?" the doctor stated as he held out a hand for the little fox. Normally a doctor wouldn't have allowed a tame animal into his hospitol, much less a wild one but he could certainly feel that that little kit was something that would help the boy mentally. Naruto was at an impressionable age where everything that he would experience would affect how he would be as an adult. As such he had bent the rules just a tad bit.

"I'm gonna namer her... hmm, how about Mika. Mika Uzumaki." Naruto stated as he hugged the little red bundle of energy. The fox gave Naruto a toothy smile and Naruto returned it, only to keep hugging the fox. Sarutobi just smiled and watched. "Well Hokage-sama. Here are his discharge papers. Just one last thing I need to do. Naruto could you roll your sleeve up a little bit. I need take a sample of blood and I promise it won't hurt okay." the boy shivvered as the doctor told him but knew it had to be done. He did so and prepared for the little needle to enter his arm. He felt something press against the skin but after that nothing. "All done." the doctor stated as he held the vial of crimson with Naruto's name on it. "See no pain." he stated. Naruto had nodded as the hole closed up with a wift of red chakra expelled from it. The doctor just shook his head putting away the bandage. "Well we certainly are a fast healer aren't we. Anyways you be careful Naruto, and I will see you in a few years for your check up." the doctor had stated before waving and leaving the room.

"Naruto shall we go?" Sarutobi had asked. Naruto nodded but his stomach gave a rather large grumble. "I know just the thing for that." with that he led Naruto out of the hospitol and down the street. A few minutes later they were seated at a stand. "Good afternoon Icharuku, a bowl of miso ramen for me and whatever Naruto would like." The old man at the stand smiled at the Hokage, nodding before looking over at Naruto.

"I'm glad your in good health and high spirits kid. I was worried when that crowd was chasing you." the old mans smiled again. "I know just the thing, how about a delux bowl of miso ramen?"

"Okay!" Naruto cheerfully stammered out.

"Naruto, we were able to find and save you thanks to this man and his daughter." Sarutobi stated.

"Thank you old man. You saved me and for that I promise you I won't eat at any other ramen stand." Naruto stated with a bow. The old man just smiled as he went into the kitchen. His daughter was the next to appear, though she stood on a stepstool before looking over at Naruto then the fox.

"Aww shes so cute. Whats her name?"

"Mika Uzumaki. Whats your name?"

"Ayame Icharaku." the raven haired eight year old stated. She smiled before going into the kitchen and coming back with some beef strips which she set before the fox. The fox looked at her for a moment before sniffing the meat. Swiftly she bit down on the beef before devouring it. Giving a soft look in its eyes it tentatively padded up to her before licking the back of her hand in thanks. "Aww so kawaii." Ayame stated petting the fox. A few minutes later Sarutobi and Naruto were eating the ramen, Naruto was more like inhaling it at an unprecidented speed. Imediately the cook just smiled at the boys healthy appetite.

"Old man hokage, can I have some more?" Naruto asked.

"Sure, eat as much as you like." he stated. Naruto got a mischiveous look in his eyes at that. A few minutes later twenty large bowls teetered on the counter beside Naruto. The hokage gulped wondering if the boy was truly a bottomless pit. It was one of the few moments he was glad he was a Kage, the amount of food that Naruto had eaten easily cost a C ranked mission. Tsueche just smiled glad that someone so young enjoyed his cooking.

"Ahh that was soooooooo good." Naruto stated as he rubbed his stomach. Ayame just giggled at the boy as she held the fox in her arms petting it gently. Icharaku just chuckled finding he had now a number one customer. Sarutobi sighed a sigh of releif before handing out a few thousand ryo to the old chef.

"Alright then, thank you for a wonderful mean Icharaku."

"No thank you for bringing such a delightful boy here and for your patronage. Naruto if your ever hungry just come on by okay my number one customer."

"I will old man. That I will. Come on Mika, lets go look at our new home." with that Mika gave Ayame another lick before hopping down and following the boy. As he walked through the streets with the Hokage he could feel the glares on peoples faces, he wanted to run but instead walked closer to the Hokage. The hokage noticed the glares before rubbing the top of the boys head to comfort him. After a few minutes they entered the gates of a rather large mansion. "Wow is this your house?"

"Yes, though for the next week it will be yours. I'm afraid that I have very little room seeing as my clan members are rather numerous however I promise you I will make sure you are in good hands. Two of my favourite students will be showing up soon to take care of you Naruto."

"Are they nice?"

"Yes, they are also some of the strongest and most skilled ninja in the world. There is a white haired man, though he can be a bit odd and obsesive at times, but hes a nice person and his Jutsu and skills are top notch. The woman on the other hand is extremely strong, well insanely strong but shes got a good head on her shoulders and a warm heart." he stated.

"Okay." Naruto stated. He was surprised and hoped the two who would take care of him wouldn't hurt him, though if they did, he was certain that the Hokage would save him. Sarutobi led Naruto into a guest room before setting down his things. Naruto just smiled warmly and looked out the window. "Um old man Hokage, can I go to the park?"

"I don't see why not. Its a good place to make a few friends after all, I myself have to do a few things but I will meet you there later on." he stated. Before he could even blink, Naruto was out the front door and running happily to the park. Mika looked at the Hokage before jumping up on the bed and curling up and onto a pillow before taking a catnap. Naruto on the other hand was just smiling, holding his arms straight out to his sides as he ran, pretending he was flying. A few of the parents there glared at him for a moment, but it didn't phase him at all he quickly slowed down and walked over to the other kids. He could see quite a few boys and girls his age but they all apparently stuck together. He noticed a rather heavyset boy leaning against a tree eatting a bag of chips, beside him was a boy with a small tuft of hair tied back. He looked like he was asleep yet he was talking so he could figure the boy was just relaxing. By the sandpit was another few kids, though they didn't really have anything noticable. On the swings was a platinum blond haired girl wearing a purple shirt with matching shorts. She was casually spinning a flower in her hands humming to herself while listening to the other girls. Behind them was a small pink haired girl casually petting a small puppy, beside the puppy was a rather loud boy which red triangles under his eyes. His hair was an unruly mess. He then spotted another boy or at least thats what Naruto thought since the boy's eyes were hidden behind a pair of circular black sunglasses, the boys face was hidden underneath a very big collared trenchcoat, hiding the boys mouth. In the kids hand was a large beetle. Naruto just smiled nodding to the boys direction. The boy nodded backbut went back to the insect. He walked down the beaten path towards the slide before he barely heard someone crying along with other harsh voices. He followed his ears into the woods a little bit, but could still see the playground in the park when he ran across a bunch of five year old taunting a small girl with Indigo hair.

"What are you gonna do about it Hyuuga? You and your clan are nothing but a bunch of snobs to even tell on eachother. I'm surprised since my dad told me all Hyuuga are strong, yet here you are crying cause we barely pushed you. What a joke." a larger red haired boy said as the girl continued to let tears fall down her face. "You should just leave and go cry to your mommy and leave the bird there. We will take care of it." he said picking up a stick. Naruto looked in the girl's hands and saw a small little blue bird, its wing was bandaged up with some black cloth. He looked once more at the girl and found that she had been missing a strip of cloth from her pants. He watched as the boys went to snatch the bird from the girls grasp but she cried again trying to keep the little wounded bird from their grasp. He knew then what the boys were going to do. They were going to kill the poor winged creature. If that wasn't enough, he gasped as they struck the girl across the face with a fist. Reacting on pure instinct he ran towards the four boys and swung his hand as hard as he could, curling his small fingers into a fist he forced his knuckles forward slamming it into the boy who struck the girl's jaw, sending the kid sprawling onto the ground. Twisting on his right ball of his foot he brought his left foot up sending his heel into the boys side sending the kid sprawling and gasping for air. Naruto swiflty stood in front of the girl, half crouching like four legged animal.

"Leave her alone you asses." Naruto growled. His voice harsh and biting. The boys lept towards him only to find a foot in one of their groins and the other with a upwards backhand into his chin. Naruto acted on reflexxes alone. The boy whose chin was struck got up and picked up a large rock as he ran towards Naruto, wielding it like a large fist. Naruto brought his elbow up into the bicep of the boy causing the arm to go extremely numb with pain. The boy yelped at the pain but found himself dizzy as Naruto rammed his forhead into the nose of the boy. The kid fell back as Naruto fell forward hammering knuckle and open palm into the boys face and chest. The girl could only watch as Naruto had saved not only her but the bird. Naruto stopped punching sure the boy wasn't going to get up as adults soon heard the cheers of kids chanting "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" Hinata could only watch the boys face before a red tint came onto her cheeks. She looked at his sunkissed blond unruly hair, before noticing his peircing blue ocean like eyes. "Are you okay?" Naruto asked, the girl just nodded. "Whats your name? Mine is Uzumaki Naruto and I'm gonna be Hokage someday." he said rubbing the back of his head as he gave her a fox grin.

"H..Hyuuga Hinata." she stammered out, her cheek was quite red from the blow causing her jaw to ache. She couldn't help but inwardly smile at Naruto's cute charm. " you Naruto-san." she said barely audible through the pain.

"Is the bird okay?"

"Y..yes... hes got a s..sprained wing."

"You have nice eyes Hinata. Eep I gotta go." with that Naruto waved as the adults began to chase the three year old towards the playset. She could only watch as the four boys mothers picked up their unconscious boys and yell at Naruto. Just as one of the adults began to catch the boy an ANBU showed up stopping them.

"What is going here?" the ANBU asked the adults, while at the same time keeping them from Naruto.

"That 'thing' just beat up these four boys." a large robust woman yelled. The ANBU turned to Naruto who reflexively shrunk back.

"Is this true little one?"

"Damn right it is. Those jerks were picking on Hinata and a little wounded bird. They even hit her." Naruto barked. A look of anger on his face.

"LIAR! My boy is an angel you demon." the large women stated before and ANBU held up a hand silencing her.

"If I were you I would watch what you say madam." the ANBU barked. The portly woman imediately clammed up along with the other adults, as two more ANBU appeared. "Go retrieve Hinata, madam will you and your boys come with us to the Hokage's office. We will straighten this matter out imediately." with that she complied along with the ANBU. Naruto stuck his tongue out at the now waking boys. They then all walked towards the Hokage's office swiftly though most there had the though it was a funeral march. The mothers were sure the demon brat was going to get in trouble. The moment they entered they were seated before the Hokage who had a serious look upon his face. "Hokage-sama. Naruto was involved in a scuffle with four boys. The boys claim they were not doing anything wrong along with their parents. Naruto stated that the four boys were bullying Hinata Hyuuga as well as attempting to harm the little blue bird in her hands."

"Little one, would you tell me what happened in your own words?" the Hokage asked the leader of the four boys. He could see the beating the boy had gotten. The boys eyes were showing signs of a black eye, one was swollen shut, the kids lips and nose were busted as well. He could see scratches and scapes all over the kids torso. He could only ponder how Naruto had easily done this.

"Yes sir. Me and my friends were playing near the trees, when out of no where that idiot attacked us hitting us with sticks and rocks. We didn't even have a chance to run." he spoke with a slure from the wounds.

"He did, sir. I was so scared when he attacked that when he hit me with a rock I hoped he wouldn't kill me."

"Yeah me too."

"See Hokage-sama. That brat should be punished for hurting my little angel and his friends." the rotund woman barked. Sarutobi just held up his hand suggesting he wanted silence. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Naruto flinching wondering if the old man was going to punish him because they boys he beat up had him outnumbered.

"Naruto, would you also tell us what your side of the story is?"

"I was heading towards the slide, when I heard someone crying and some voices in the woods. I ran there and saw Hinata protecting a little blue bird, while those four assholes were bullying her, calling her weak, and other mean things. I saw him pick up a stick and prepare to hit the bird, when that jerk there punched Hinata across the face. Yeah I admit I beat them up but I didn't use sticks and stones to do it. I did it with my own to hands and feet." Naruto stated with a shred of hope.

"Hinata, Hyuuga. Could you tell me what happened?"

"Y..yes Hokage-sama.. I..I was tending to this little bird. He was in pain because his wing was clipped by a rock. He's got a sprain from it I tore a little cloth from my pants and wrapped the wing. Then they showed up and..." she started to sniffle holding her cheek where the boy had hit her. "They hit me... thats when N..Naruto showed up and defended me..." Sarutobi leaned over his desk and looked at her cheek then to the bird. He knew she was a rather bright and bubbly child. To see her stutter made him look at the bullies with a seriousness in his eyes.

"Were there any others there?"

"Yes several kids as a matter of fact with some of the parents. An Akimichi, Nara, Yamanaka, Haruno, Aburame, Inuzuka, and several others. I have already spoken with the kids who witnessed the brawl."

"And their take on it is?"

"They confirm what Hinata stated. They also witnessed the boys throw the rock at the bird sir." An ANBU with a white cat mask stated, holding up a scroll that was the report.

"I see. Could you please get Asuma for me?" the wise old man asked as he pulled out his pipe. Stuffing the end of it with a bit of tobacco he looked at the parents of the bullies, as well as the bullies themselves. Truthfully he had witnessed Naruto through his scrying globe and saw how he fought and defended a stranger, but that was a discussion for later on. Puffing upon his pipe his only son Asuma Sarutobi came in. He was rather proud of his boy, it isn't often that a person was given the rank of secret royal knight for nothing. "Asuma, would you be so kind as to escort Miss Hinata Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki home. While your at the Hyuuga compound could you send for Hiashi, that is if he doesn't already know." Sarutobi stated. Asuma just nodded as he stroked his beard his brown eyes had a kindness to them as he looked over at Naruto.

"Alright kids, lets go." they walked in silence for a little while, that was until they got out of the tower. "Good job Naruto, for a kid that doesn't have any ninja training, you showed quite a bit of courage, as well as guts fighting those idiots. I just feel sorry for them when Hiashi gets there." he stated rubbing the top of Naruto's head. He had watched the fight with his father and was quite impressed with the style that Naruto used instinctively. "I do have one question, where did you learn how to fight like that?"

"I'm not sure... I just kinda went on instinct, right when they hit Hinata I got angry because no one, especially not someone as pretty as Hinata deserves that." he cheerfully admitted as he laced his fingers behind his head.

"Hehe. Well I'll be damned. If you did that on instinct, I wonder what you would do with a bit of training." he then turned to Hinata and smiled warmly. "You know Hinata, you and that bird are rather lucky Naruto showed up when he did." he set a hand on top of her head smiling warmly as they proceded towards the main gate of the Hyuuga compound. The two gruff looking Hyuuga arched their eyebrows, before bowing their heads towards Hinata. It was common knowledge to the branch family that protected the main family that Hinata was a one of a kind heiress. Unlike the past heiress, she was extremely nice and giving, showing care towards everyone equally. To the branch family she was quite the opposite of her great grandmother who ran the clan like an iron clad military dictator. Her grandfather was the same way as well, but died early in life due to disease that caused the body to expend chakra too quickly. The old man died when he activated the caged bird seal against a maid who accidentally spilled his tea. Hiashi, the current head of the clan was decently nicer, though that had come from have two people teach him that kindness first will gain you quite a bit of respect, though it often came because of a three way rivalry, one with his twin brother, and the other with his teamate who had died three years ago. The guards then looked at Naruto before straightening up and standing battle ready.

"Welcome home Hinata-sama. Also welcome to the Hyuuga compound Asuma Sarutobi, I'm afraid we can't let 'him' in due to the rules set forth by the council without Hiashi's permission." they stated, an icy tone upon their voices when they regarded Naruto. This of course didn't pass by Asuma nor did it by Naruto or Hinata. Asuma was about to retort, however Naruto just smiled warmly like it was nothing. The younger Sarutobi couldn't help but regard Naruto. Any normal person who had a mother and a father to raise them would have cried, but Naruto held strong.

"Ahh its okay. I'm just helping Beardo here escort Hinata home." Naruto stated.

"Asuma-san it has been awhile hasn't it?" Hiashi stated as the gate opened up. "What do I owe the pleasure?"

"The Hokage wishes to see you immediately due to a public incident that involved your daughter, Naruto Uzumaki, and four boys." he replied before pulling out a cigarette. Taking a match he lit it before puffing on it casually. Hiashi looked towards Naruto, raising his eyebrow, then to Hinata who was bowing to him. The moment her face came into view, he saw the bruise. His fist clenched tightly before staring right at the boy. This didn't go unnoticed by the guards who imediately went into the standard Hyuuga family taijutsu stances. "There is no need for Hostility Hiashi-sama. If it wasn't for Naruto here, I'm sure little Hinata would be in worse shape." the smoker stated hoping to diffuse the situation. The guards ignored Asuma as they stalked ever so closer to Naruto. Naruto on the other hand noticed that and began to back away.

"Enough, return to your posts." Hiashi stated, the guards took one step closer towards Naruto, prepared to strike at him, however the moment they heard the head of the clans order, they swiftly returned to their post, yet that didn't stop them from giving the boy another death chilling glare. "Hinata, did that boy do this to you?"

"No father. Naruto-sama was a true gentleman and prevented my attackers from doing any more harm to me." Hinata stated before bowing her head again.

"Well then, I am sorry for the misunderstanding Uzumaki-san. Though I am wondering where your personal guard was at when this happened. No matter, I would invite you in, however at the moment it would seem that the guards need to be reprimanded for moving from their post, on top of which the duty I have with the Hokage. I will go imediately. Oh and Uzumaki-san you have my gratitude." Hiashi stated before bowing to Naruto. Once he stood up he disapeared in a swirl of leaves. Asuma smiled warmly as did Hinata. It was rare for someone of Hiashi's nature and stature to bow to a mere child. The guards on the other hand nodded their head, giving a bitter appology. Naruto just waved it off like it was nothing.

"Hinata, you have a good night okay. Maybe I will see you tommorow at the park?" Naruto stated.

"I would like that Naruto-kun." Hinata stated before giving him a peck on the cheek. Asuma just blinked rapidly as the cigarette fell off his lips. The guards were rather astonished, that being evident as their jaws were indenting the ground out of surprise. Naruto however was awestruck as his eyes opened wide. Hinata bowed before giggling and going inside.

"Well then, lets get you home. I have a feeling that you are a little too lucky for your own good kid. If Hinata did that when Hiashi was standing there, I'm quite sure you would be picking yourself out of that building behind us." Asuma chided teasingly. "Maybe you will see your girlfriend tommorow after all." he added in for extra measure.

"Ahh Hiashi-san. It is good of you to come quickly." Sarutobi had stated clearly with a brief smile.

"I would say it would be a pleasure to be here, however the circumstances are rather different aren't they. What happened?" Hiashi stated as he looked at the four boys and their mothers individually. His gaze then fell upon the boy who was sporting numerous wounds to the torso and face. Hiashi could only arch an eyebrow in surprise that Naruto could even do that to someone whose almost twice his size, and two years older. Let alone four of them.

"These boys here, were to quite bluntly put it, bullying your daughter who was tending to a bird, they injured. I held off on a punishment because I want them to see you first."

"How very kind, yet sadistic of your Hokage-sama." Hiashi stated with the infamous Hyuuga smirk. "However it would appear I could do no more damage to the boys than whats already been done. To think that a three year old had beaten you four so badly." The mothers on the other hand gasped at Hiashi. He was known for brutally beating his enemies into nothing but bloody paste, his words had truly chilled them to the bone. "Seeing as I was in a good mood until this happened, I will only state that they should be prohibited from going to any park for three years, as well want a written appology sent to my daughter." Sarutobi shook his head for a moment, even then that would be a harsh punishment since almost all the playgrounds were at parks all over Konoha. "I will state this, if I so much as see you boys insult my clan, or my daughter. I won't be so leniant then." with that Hiashi bowed his head. Sarutobi smiled for a moment.

"Oh and ladies, if you seek retribution against Naruto, you would do well to know that I will reinstate the punishment for breaking another rule which you did at the park." with that he waved them out the door. The ladies bowed quite low before grabbing their boys by the ears and leading them home, both angry and grateful they weren't punished even more by the two men. "Hiashi I presume you got a good look at the boys wounds?"

"Yes, and as I had stated before, I'm shocked. What did he do use a crowbar?"

"He did it with his own two hands and fists. The style he used, is reminiscent of an ancient style of martial arts devoted to debilitating blows to the muscles and joints. As much as I dislike to compare him to the Kyuubi, that style made him look exactly like a fox."

"A fox you say. Naruto Kazama is certainly an interesting one."

"Indeed. I was going to bring this up during the next council meeting however I need your advice. I know your clan is good at keeping things secret. As such it was why you were asked to keep Naruto's past secret." Sarutobi had stated clearly.

"And here I was thinking that this was about the scuffle that happened at the park." Hiashi mused. Not many living beings had known that the Hyuuga clan were known as the keepers of the secret knowledge of Konoha, all they had known was that the Hyuuga were a force to be reckoned with in a fight, this served dual purposes for the main reason being secrecy. It was also only known to the Hokage directly themselves that the Hyuuga were dutifully loyal to the letter to the Hokage, though it could never be proven with the double edged arguments that ensued in meetings. This of course was staged since the beginning of Konoha for reasons as a way to balance the power between the Hokage, and the rest of the council.

"What I am trying to say is that the Kyuubi is how shall I put it... lets just say the kyuubi isn't what we thought it was." the Hokage stated. In truth he already had sworn to Naruto not to reveal all the information about the Kyuubi since the Kyuubi herself didn't want it known.

"I do beleive this is a first, you goad me with a bit of knowledge, then remain runic about it. I will play your game my friend."

"Under normal circumstances I would give you the full information, however I can only give you a peice. The rest well, you need Naruto's and Kyuubi's permission." he stated. His face grew into a large grin as he folded his arms.

"Ahh I see, this is rather interesting news indeed. So that would perhaps allow us to assume that he is able to do that style due to the Kyuubi teaching him. It would only be logical that it would want its host to be strong enough to survive." Hiashi stated, he wasn't a master of secrets for nothing after all.

"As quick as ever I see. Hmm perhaps you, your wife, and your daughter can join my family for dinner tonight. I can give you this freely. Naruto will be staying at my compound for a week till I find something a bit better for him."

"Ahh would this have to do anything with what happened at the festival, as well as the recent executions?" Hiashi querried.

"Yes it would. At the festival, on his birthday nonetheless he wanted to partake in the festival when both civilian and ninja had began to attack him. This information is also to be locked away from standard eyes as well." he stated holding out a folder. Setting it down he opened it up showing the surveilance photos. Hiashi looked amongst them for a moment watching the chase, then gasped. His stomach churned for a moment as he watched the stilled photos depict every bit of rage and anger the human mind could have. "As ninja, we are used to seeing alot of hard things..."

"This is just too inhuman, too cruel even for ninja. How is he even alive?"

"That is due to his tenant. Those medical records are the only ones not going to be locked up due to Tsunade coming into the picture later on." he stated.

"Ahh. I can understand why you wish him to reside at your residance for the week. Rest assured I will be there with my duaghter and wife for dinner tonight. I still owe that boy alot, not just because of his sheer willpower to keep the demon at bay, not only because he is the son of my best friend, but because he acted as a true her, a true shinobi has and protected an innocent." he stated. "Though I do wish that I was able to take him to live at my compound."

"I take it things are not going well within your clan as well?"

"They haven't been since I've taken up as head of the family. Just yesterday I barely was able to hold myself together while giving that accursed seal to my nephew. All I can look forward to is that Hinata becomes an heir that the clan is far more worthy of. She is just brimming with confidence and kindness." he stated. "I just don't know what to do sometimes about the council. They have stopped every attempt at me trying to merge the families back together and abolish the caged bird seal."

"I don't mean to pick at already festering wounds, but sometimes the outdated and rediculously old must be cleaned out if new things are to be allowed to grow. If not then it will stem down to nothing but ruin for your clan."

"Isn't that the truth heh. Anyways is there anything else I should know about?"

"I hate to ask you this, but I need you to attend the meeting with cloud's kage in a weeks time. This is a request, not an order. I know how you and the rest of your clan view the cloud for their constant attempts to steal the Byakugen."

"You were right to know that we do not wish our secrets to get out, as it is only the Hokage knows the secrets of the Hyuuga. It wouldn't be right if we held all the cards and this is to prevent future leaders from abusing their power. I will attend, since you requested it. Perhaps there I can figure out why they are coming here on a peaceful negotioation." he stated calmly. "if that is all sir, I can't wait to taste your wife's cooking again."

"Heh, my daughter in law already took that position of chef in the family. Her food is absolutely delicious but don't let my wife know that. I wouldn't want her to practice Tsunade's most dangerous kintaijutsu on me again."

"Ahh yes the dreaded One hundred thousand years of death. If I remember correctly Jariaya couldn't walk for a month after he had that log pulled out. I take it your wife uses something like that of a rolling pin."

"How did you know?"

"Why else would our dump be filled with broke and destroyed ones. I know the moment she gets a new one, you wait till shes gone and destroy it. Just be glad your wife doesn't use banzai plants."

"HOW many women did she teach that too?"

"It is definitely a dreaded forbidden technique." both of the men shuddered, remembering the worst form of punishment their wives could deal to them. With a nod they parted from the office.

Hiashi arrived at home to find the council sitting in the main foyer, the glares evident on their faces when he had walked in. If it weren't for the already practiced and trained stoic face that he had, he would have balked before them. Three elders sat with the poise and dignity of the nobles as they looked towards him.

"Hiashi-sama. We must speak." a well aged Hyuuga male hissed. Hiashi raised an eyebrow. He woundered what all they were planning and what he could do about it.

"Then by all means let us speak." he calmly retorted taking his seat in a chair.

"We have do not want that 'thing' around Hinata-san." he replied. The other elders nodded.

"With all due respect, that 'thing' has a name and its Naruto Uzumaki. The boy protected my daughter whic apparently one of YOUR charges neglected in their duty." Hiashi barked at them. One of the elders visably paled for a second knowing that Hiashi's bark was only surpassed by his bite. "I have dealt with alot of issues from you three since I have become head of the clan, but the boy has done no wrong at all towards this clan or towards my daughter."

"So you would consider a kiss as nothing harmful? You know the clan can only marry into noble families of this village, and on top of which, must be held up as royalty in duty and honor." the only elder woman on the council chided. Hiashi blinked for a moment before growling. He was fine with Naruto and Hinata being friends, and truthfully he could see them being best friends but for a boy to kiss his daughter.

"I will deal with this tonight, however you will leave Hinata alone to enjoy her time until she is five years of age." he stated. He was already annoyed that they wanted him to start pressing her into the formal patterns and dignity of running the Hyuuga clan. He himself was forced into it along with his brother but that happened when they were young. The only fun they could have was during 'training' with the legendary sannin Jaraiya. With that he walked out after bowing his head respectfully. He imediately walked instinctively to Hinata's room before finding her there, painting a picture. As he watched her, his anger for the boy just faded, after all how could he be angry with his sunshine of a daughter. He looked at her painting before just shaking his head. Hinata was simply painting a portrait, as he watched he thought it was merely a portrait of his best friend, but when the portrait of a boy had shown, wearing bright orange clothing and with whiskers he could feel his anger rise. It would have kept rising until he felt a pair of warm arms wrap about his chest.

"The council are a bunch of old farts aren't they Hia-kun." a soft and serene voice whispered.

"They do have a point, a boy has no right to kiss our little sunshine daughter." he stated, he couldn't tense up around his wife, she just seemed to always cause it to disapear.

"Oh, I think he would make a perfect husband for her. Besides those idiots got it all wrong. Uzumaki-san didn't kiss Hinata, it was the other way around and it was a simple peck on the cheek. The kind girls give to anyone they see as a friend or family." she cooed in his ear. Instantly he tightened up. He felt like and ass already having anger towards the boy for something the boy couldn't very well do. "His reaction was priceless as it was. I have a photo." she snickered before holding it out. He could see the look of shock on the boys face. As well as others. It almost seemed unreal. "The way the boy reacted, I was almost willing to bet he would say she had cooties."

"My daughter does not have cooties... erm well yes she does. The boys should be very afraid." his mind and body however were still in shock.

"Now we both know girls don't. Besides it was harmless and happened when only the guards, Asuma-san, and the two lovebirds were around."

"I refuse to acknowledge that Hinata and Naruto-san are a couple." he then felt her grip tighten around him for a moment. He imediately tensed up, it was a telltale sign that he knew she was going to do something painful, something painful that involved a potted plant, or a banzai tree and years of pain.

"Hmm you certainly are protective over our daughter and we both know my father was the same way. The truth is Hinata needs a friend, and Naruto needs one more than ever. If you don't let those two just enjoy being innocent kids, you can expect your punishment."

"..." he had mumbled something barely coherant.

"Oh is my Hia-kun afraid of banzai trees again." she stated releasing her grip from him. She knew all too well what her 'fearless' husband was afraid off. It was common knowledge that all male ninja, feared their wives anger. It was however not common knowledge that the Kintaijutsu the men had called it was a standard technique taught to the advanced Kunoichi classes for those that were alive and of age.

"Kami..." he could only whisper.

"Aww your so cute when you show a little bit of fear. I was only teasing. Anyways I already explained to Hinata about kissing boys could be viewed as a bad thing unless its her future husband. So what would you like for dinner tonight? I was planning on getting the chefs to throw together our favourite foods."

"Actually we will not be eating dinner here tonight. We will be over at the Sarutobi residence. Besides I don't think the chefs would like to slave over a meal tonight and they do need a break." he stated. It had been a gruelling week, especially when involving the fact that the past week all Hyuuga were at the compound including those living outside of Konoha for the passing of right's as they call it. To hiashi it was just a form of sick torture, to give the branch members noble notions of protecting the main family. To Hiashi he wanted the family to be a true family. To be one group who actually got along and enjoyed such things.

"Alright then, I knew the chef's will be happy, of course they will miss having our daughter alongside them preparing. She makes an excellent tea you know."

"I must have her make me some later on then. I have already tasted her rice balls. I may not like to admit it but whoever she marries, is going to get one hell of a personal chef." he stated with a smirk.

"And who says cooking is beneath a Hyuuga. Anyways let us get ready." with that she knocked on Hinata's door which brought her out of her reverie. Hinata smiled as she signed her name with the traditional japanese ink brush on the painting before showing it off. "Wow, hes cute. If I didn't fall in love with your father and marry him, you would have some serious competition my duaghter." she teasingly said. Hinata just frowned and pouted.

"Naruto-kun is mine. You can't have him kaa-chan." she bit out. Ami just chuckled before hugging her daughter and tickling her. "We are going to go to dinner over at the Sarutobi residence. Perhaps we might see your fiance on the way?" she chuckled as she heard someone outside just fall. Knowing all too well it was Hiashi she just smirked and boasted a bit louder. "Maybe you can get a kiss from him this time too." Hinata squeeled happily thinking of her hero while Hiashi's growl was heard throughout the compound.

Naruto smiled warmly as he stood in the practice yards with other Sarutobi family members. He bowed before the Hokage respectuflly as he was shown, then to Asuma who was accross from him. On the way there Asuma wanted to know if Naruto knew anymore about that style. Naruto was quiet for a moment as he entered into deep thought, so deep a thought he was standing with a look that could have easily been viewed as look of constipation. Kitsu-ni-chan just chuckled before nodding. Naruto had wondered how he did it but then when his sister had partically guided his instincts into moving, he realized that it was her who taught him in a ways. She smiled before showing off another kata. Naruto looked at hi, agaonizingly long inside his head before having it fully memorized. His boyd on the other hand was busy trying to ward off basic taijutsu attacks from Asuma. Granted the smoker was holding back, quite alot, he had taken the advantage when Naruto's eyes glazed over. However it was proving rather difficult to land a good set of solid taps as the boy seemed to reflexively dodge at the right moment. Asuma just smiled. This time he would wait for Naruto to come out of his pondering phase. When Naruto nodded his eyes showing a great determination and wonder. He swiftly hunched forward, mockingly sliding his right leg out a bit further from the left and towards the back. He held his hands out in front of them, a losose fist matching both before Naruto's wrists bent a little bit, allowing gravit to slightly angle his hands towards the ground. It seemed then that Naruto looked more and more like real half fox half human. Naruto gestured for his hand signalling the match to begin. As both opponents flew towards eachother. Each was reflexively dodging or redirecting the attacks away. Relying on instinct as he called it he managed to land a soft tap on Asuma's ribs, underneath the jounin's armpits. Asuman on the other hand, had just tapped Naruto in the back of the head signalling that he had won. They didn't realize it but Hiashi just stood there shocked at how adept Naruto was at that style. Hinata and her mother were beaming brightly along with the Hokage. Not long after they both heard clapping and turned their heads towards the small crowd. Naruto just blushed a kid like blush as he looked at Hinata in a sky blue kimono. He reflexively held his cheek remembering that kiss boefore bashfuly looking at the ground.

"Naruto, just one question, what do you call that style, and why did you aim for there and not my throat or chest/" Asuma asked. Naruto beamed a bright smile before turning towards everyone.

"Uzumaki Kitsu Fox Kenpo." Sarutobi just shook his head. Hiashi on the other hand wanted to point out its true name. but Naruto stopped him with a great bow. "I appologize for anything I may or may not have done wrong in Hinata's presnce Hiashi-sama." Hiashi just rubbed the top of the boys head as he couldn't very well blame the boy.

"Its quite alright, it was just an honest and harmless kiss on the cheek between friends. Though if I catch you doing anything I deem wrong to my duaghter, well lets put it this way, nothing will heal your boyhood by the time I'm done with it. That style is actually more reminiscent of Kutsunekido." he stated.

"Thats what it was at first Hiashi-sama. I kinda just let my body do its thing." Naruto stated with a big grin. Sarutobi's wife chuckled at the boy before handing him a towel, some shampoo, and soap before directing the boy to the bath house. Naruto bowed before closing the door. Humming to himself he had bathed.

"Hinata, why don't you go play with some of the other children here. I must speak with Sarutobi and Asuma about some things." Hiashi stated rubbing the top of his daughters head joyfully. He watched her nod and before long she did as she was told. He even noticed his wife and went to talk with the other mothers. Sarutobi grinned before offering up a cup of sake.

"So you want to know how to best gain both Naruto's and Kyuubi's permission to discuss what is going on?"

"That I do, however I wouldn't want to upset either of them."

"Naruto is rather innocent, so if you just treat him like a human being by being nice. I'm sure he would allow you some knowledge. Though I do say you don't tell the boy about his parents, that is something for when he can emotionally handle it." the aged man stated as he puffed on his pipe.

"Well if you will pardon me, I'm going to go speak with the boy." Hiashi stated after finishing his respective bottle of sake. He bowed before knocking on the bath house door. "Naruto-san. Its me Hiashi, may I come in?"

"Um... okay." a voice was heard. Hiashi swiftly opened the door, stepped in, then closed it. He chuckled seeing Naruto in the bath. "Your not going to hurt me are you?"

"I'm not like the rest of the village, they are a bunch of idiots, but you shouldn't hate them for their ignorance."

"Thank you. So um, why did you wanna see me?"

"To be honest, I figured I would like to get to know you and your tenant better." he stated. "I know its rather strange and I'm sure you must be terrified of the Kyuubi."

"Kitsu-ni-chan and shes nice, she really beutiful and kind." Naruto stated before covering his mouth gasping. Inside him the fox could only chuckle silently to herself.

" huh. Well that does make things a bit more interesting. I do not wish to make you or her angry, but she did cause this village alot of suffering." he stated.

"She and I both know, I lived with the past three years feeling the hatred from the villagers. She says she is sorry and that she was manipulated by that bastard snake Orochimaru."

"Oh, would it be alright if I learned the truth from her view. After all as a diplomat one must hear everyone's story before coming up to a conclusion."

"She says it would be alright to tell you." he stated. "She was out gathering food for her family, when she got back, her husband, and her children were dead. Orochimaru stated that he did it under orders and disapeared into the ground before she could get him. She attacked Konoha in blind anger, got sealed up into me and for the past three years felt bad and even more so for what happened to me. A week ago villagers caught me and tried to kill me, she healed me and here we are today. I think that covers most of it." he stated before washing the shampoo out of his hair.

"Ahh, if I may ask is she the one teaching you that style of taijutsu?"

"She says that my body naturally did the first part, but the more advanced parts she is showing me, my body kinda memorizes it and well I make it my own that way." he grinned. "So your not angry at me or her are you?"

"Given the fact that the village was played for fools by that snake sannin, and the fact that she was too, I can't be angry at her. Its common for a ninja to lose his or her family and though it hurts we strive to continue. That sums up what I wanted to know, I should leave you to finish bathing since dinner will be served shortly." with that Hiashi bowed his head and exited. He smiled inwardly wondering if that boys infectious resilence and innocence is a good thing. He nodded to Asuma and his father before smirking warmly.

"I presume you got the answers you sought?" Sarutobi asked tapping the ash from his pipe.

"Indeed. I will of course keep it secret but what of the boy? What will happen to him after a week?"

"Its already been put into motion, Yondaime's backup plan." Sarutobi stated as he held up two summoning balls. Before when they were blue and pink, they were now black showing no sign of chakra that had once been in them."

"Ahh yes, the only two legendary Sannin, Jaraiya and Tsunade. Though if I remember correcly one is a lecher, and the other a gambling addict."

"True but their skills are top notch. In any case both together provide a normallcy for eachother. Jaraiya can't very well go peeping and Tsunade can't very well go gambling when those two are near eachother. Arashi was rather intelligent about that." he chuckled.

"So when will they be here?"

"The same day as the cloud conferance." he stated.

A week had blown on by like nothing happened. At the Sarutobi compound Naruto couldn't help but be happy. He was with people who honestly saw him as him. He had also was allowed to hang out with the one friend he had his age and that was Hinata. She was overly enthusiastic often showing him various flowers along with some of her sketches. Naruto was shocked to say the least at how beutiful her sketches were. Of course his friendly female fox could only gasp as it was constantly hugged, petted, and treated with tenderness in Hinata's grasp. Naruto just chuckled enjoying the good moments in his life. He even got to meet a new person earlier in the week who seemed to be somewhat surprising, in which case was not bad considering that the man dressed up in kabuki robes and had long white hair. Jaraiya the frog sannin had first seen the boy and just shook his head chuckling for a moment. Though he was a bit surprised that the plan was put on so late, and even more upset. As much could have been gleaned from the discussion between his sensei and himself, though overlooking a bath house. He was even more surprised to see young Naruto hanging out with a Hyuuga. Later on he had found out that indeed Hiashi had found himself a woman, and had a child. That information was kept from him though for good measure since Jaraiya would have asked quite a few indecent questions. It was his nature and his duty as he called it to his fans. Hiashi just shook his head glad that he, like Arashi didn't become perverts in the sense like their mentor.

"Ahh, well if it isn't miss flat chest. It ha..." the old perverts words were imediately cut short as he found his face implanted very deeply into the ground. He trumbled for a moment, though cursing himself for forgetting of his own team mates female members legendary strength.

"Don't take that tone with me pervert. If I so much as catch you doing such to Naruto during this mission, I will personally use my new and improved billion years of pain on you." a rather busty blond woman stated. She wore a simple green jacket that had in gold stitching the kanji for gambling, along with a white hakama and tunic underneath. Her chocolate eyes peered over at Naruto before sighing, she could imediately recognize the relation so well that it was uncanny. Naruto did look like Arashi when Arashi was that age. "So what happened and whats being done about it inside the village?" she asked before bowing to her sensei, the Hokage.

"On the night of the festival and Naruto's birthday, he had went out to enjoy the festivities only to be caught by a drunken angry mob consisting of Ninja and Civilian. It was rather gruesome and luckily the boy was spotted running for his life by Ayame Tsueche and Ichiraku Tsueche who came and got me. We arrived there a little late. Ibiki and Anko imediatelly took Naruto to the hospitol."

"How was their medical performance?"

"It took Ibiki yelling threats for five minutes before a true doctor showed up and imediately worked on healing the boys damn near fatal injuries. On top of which nearly killed himself doing so..." he felt a wave of killing intent wash over him, as raw green chakra began to flow around Tsunade.

"May. I. See. The. Medical. File. Please." she harshly bit out. Sarutobi balked for a moment before reluctantly handing her the file. The last time he had witnessed her rage like this, was during the Leaf and Rock war when enemy ninja were attacking a civilian group of medics trying to heal both rock and leaf ninja after a battle. The results from her rage were apparent as the area was dubbed, chasm of Hime Rage. The area before it was named that used to be a series of rolling hills, now lay one of the deepest chasms in fire country. Tsunade looked through the photos, her face aghast with terror at the amount of blood, then as she read the medical notes by the doctor who had the courage and balls big enough to handle the situation she politely handed the folder back before walking over to Naruto, scooping the bewildered child up in her arms and gave him a warm hug. "I'm so sorry. I promise you kid, I won't ever let what happened to you happen again." she stated inbetween half sobs. Naruto was just awestruck as to him, a very big chested woman was hugging and crying over him.

"Oi. Its okay lady. I'm fine see." he said trying to wiggle out of her grasp. He watched Jaraiya pull himself out of the ground before sulking mentioning how a certain kid always gets the good spot. Tsunade held him for a bit longer before setting him down next to Hinata. She ruffled his hair for a moment before walking over to the old hokage.

"I'm going to the hospitol and 'reviewing' the medical staff there." she stated before stomping over to the facility.

"What does that lady mean by reviewing?" Naruto asked.

"Brat, she means shes going over there, and beating some sense into the doctors." Jaraiya stated. "So how did they feel?"

"How did what feel?"

"Her chest moron?"

"W..what?" Naruto asked, a bewildered look upon his face showed nothing but confusion and surprise.

"Oi... you mean to tell me, that you were nearly stuffed inbetween them that you didn't cop a feel. And you call yourself a man." he stated before finding himself knocked out, via a small pebble flying threw a wall and striking him in the back of the head.

"Naruto if you turn out just like that old pervert I am gonna beat you to a pulp." Tsunade's voice was overheard. Naruto looked at Jaraiya, the rock and the hole in the stone wall. He shivvered inwardly.

"And if she doesn't I will ni-san." Kitsu had stated in his mind. "Trust me, I will know the moment you do since I'm in you." she stated quite clearly.

"Old man... shes scary." Naruto stated.

"For a good reason. Lets just hope you don't become an open pervert, though I doubt she could catch you at being a closed one."

"Kitsu-ni-chan also is very scary." Naruto stated nervously.

"Oi... well then kid, don't become a pervert. That type of thing is regarded for when your married at least, but don't think about that for now. Tommorow you Jaraiya, and Tsunade are going outside the village. They are gonna take you and train you in the art of being a ninja. How does that sound... oof." he stated as he was once again tackled for the upteenth time that week. Hinata just watched before giggling at Naruto.

"Well hello there Hokage-sama. I heard my sensei was back in town, surprisingly hes not at any of the bath houses... oi there he is." a large brown haired man stated from the doorway. He was clad in a black leather apron, whith a pair of black workmans pants. His medium length brown hair and hazel eyes peered out at the unconscious form of his sensei, Jaraiya the frog sannin. "Looks like he said something he shouldn't have."

"Indeed Habu Hagami. How is business doing in the weapons smith shop, and how is little Ten Ten?" he asked.

"Shes a firey one that she is. She takes after me in weapons thats for sure. Even more so is the fact that shes accurate as hell too for her age." he stated before setting his mentor up against a tree. "In any case I brought the stuff with me, who do you need the weights and training gear set for?"

"Naruto here." Sarutobi stated.

"Ahh yes. I remember you now. Well come here boy, lets have a look at ya." he stated with a sickenly sweet smile on his face. Naruto looked up to the old Hokage who merely nodded before walking over to the boisterous man. Habu took the boys arm and looked it over, then pondered. Taking out a scroll he wrote down a few things before tapping the boys back and chest. "What hand are you?" he asked before tossing a candy bar to the boy. Naruto caught it in his right hand thus looking at the man in wonder. "Right handed I see. Next thing I want to know is which of these do you think would suit you?" he asked before unfurling a scroll, adding a bit of chakra into it, several versions of kunai and shuriken poofed into existance. Naruto began to look over them all before peering at a rather unique Kunai and even more so a pair of gloves that had metalic knuckles. He pointed at them as Habu noticed imediately. 'The kid is the spiting Image of his father and even wants to use the same kunai. Heh like father like son as they say, though he should really learn to use standard kuna first.' "Alright boy, I will hold the kunai off for you until your ready so I will give ya a set of standard issue kunai. You still need to choose a shuriken though." he stated. Naruto nodded before looking over them. He smiled seeing a nine tipped shuriken that had curved blades. He smiled picking it up and admiring it. "Ahh thats good for slicing deep. Takes quite a bit of skill to use though, again I would recomend you use the four star but I will hold off onto them. The gloves on the other hand I can get ya today, though any variations you want done to em?" he asked.

"Yeah. Can you make these a little sharper like a knife blade?" he asked. The weaponsmith nodded before pulling out a scroll. He opened it up and tapped one the seals on the scroll before holding out the raw materials. Taking some cloth as well as some wax he began to mold naruto's hand before pulling it away after it cooled. Even more swiftly he began to go through a few seals before melting a bar of metal while undoing an avil, metal smiths hammer, and other various smithing tools and components. He imnediately went to work forming a plate which he continued to work on. After that he examined it before setting it on the boys hand. Working a few half seals the metal began to pop for a moment adjusting to the natural chakra in Naruto's body. Lastlyh he began to take some wire mesh, cover it in thick leather and lastly stitch it before tossing a pair of fingerless razor knuckled gloves over to the boy. He nodded before gesturing for the boy to try them on. Afterwards he began to work on a set of weights as well as some bracers and shin guards. He lastly finished with a vest before working through the last set of seals for the night, those actually working off his chakra and therefor the more chakra he emits into them, the more the weight bears down upon him. He smiled warmly before holding up the new items for everyone to see.

"There all done Hokage-sama, Jaraiya-san. I beleive these are to your specifications?" he asked admiring his work. "Right now the weights are set for one pound each, thus making it a total of five pounds. Don't want the kid to get too bulky after all." he chuckled.

"As good as ever with the craftsmanship. As promissed." Jaraiya chuckled before handing the tanned weaponsmith a brand new orange book. The lettering reading 'Icha Icha Paradise: Midnight Dances.' the smith grinned before tucking the book away underneath his metal workers apron. "Its also is autographed by yours truly." the old lecher added. He then chuckled watching the boy try out his outfit. He strained under the weight for a few minutes. "Oi brat, you really want to be a ninja huh. Tell ya what, I'll train ya on weapons, and flat chest over there will handle the taijutsu." Naruto cheered before pondering. "We will teach you some jutsu's based on your skills alright so don't get too far ahead of yourself." the man cackled towards the boy. In truth he was only going to try and teach the boy the basics of ninjutsu, as well as other survival things. After all it wouldn't be fair to the other students if Naruto could do advanced jutsu's before they could. It was in the intstructions left by his own pupil. He looked over at Hiashi, then at Habu who nodded in agreement before gasping. Jaraiya turned before grimacing, his face once again making a rather large implant upon the ground courtesy of Tsunade's fist.

"Call me that one more time pervert and I will grind what little manhood you have into paste." she stated as she stomped on his head before walking over to the cringing Naruto. "Naruto my name is Tsunade, I may not look it but I'm slightly older than that idiot back there." she said rubbing the top of the boys head. Naruto nodded before smiling.

"Oba-chan, is it true you are going to be teaching me taijutsu?" he asked. The others gasps at the boy before feeling fear and sorrow for him. No one really called her that and usually went days without being in pain, however Tsunade just laughed. Naruto to her was just too cute. She poked his forhead playfully for a moment before scooping her up into his arms and tickling him. The rest of the adults however just sighed. "Sarutobi-sensei anything I should know about beforehand? Like what types of food this boy likes?"

"Hes gotten an addiction to Ramen, worse than the fourth. I will have his things packed up, but for now enjoy your time here as you like it." he stated puffing on his freshly stuffed and lit pipe. Asuma nodded as he lit up a cigarette joining his father in blowing smoke figures. As it was, the whole Sarutobi clan was known for being smokers, but even more so was the fact that all of them either died in battle, or lived to a very old age. It would seem they were lucky enough to get the gene that swiftly killed all the adverse affects from smoking, thus, they simply enjoyed it. Tsunade just chuckled warmly to herself as she continued to tickle the boy, Jaraiya on the other hand went to the public bath houses promissing his fans that he would not forget them as it was. As everyone there enjoyed themselves, they knew it would bee a good six years before any of them saw Naruto again, aside from those taking care of him. Hinata, not once had left Naruto's side and as thus they often were laughing and having fun, even so much so that pictures were taken by the Hokage himself. Hiashi and Habu were busy discussing which was better, Jyuuken or Kung Fu with weapons. That debate erupted into a spar in which both were equally knocked out by Tsunade for almost impalling her with a kunai which was reflected off Hiashi's heavenly spin. When Jaraiya returned, he sported quite a few bumps and bruises. His 'research' however was never ever better than it was now. To him taking a beating for such, was worth it. Especially when it involved spying on Kurenai Yuuhi, Anko Mitsurashi, and Ella Inuzuka. He squeeled like a little girl as he jumbled down a few more notes to himself in the corner. Naruto was last seen that night before going to bed, having a sparring session with Kakashi who had shown up late. He had thought it was a joke of a punishment for showing up late but Naruto seemed like a natural in that fight. Kakashi of course won, though by tickling the boy into submission, secretly he himself was sore along his legs, arms, and chest. Naruto even had gone so far as to try and pull the mask off his face but was swiftly caught by tap to the back of the head which halted that along with Kakashi stating the only person who could take off his mask would be himself or his beloved.

Naruto lay in bed rather early in the morning, he had awoken early due to his excitement. He was going to go outside the village, to explore the world, and to learn how to be a good ninja. He knew he would be gone for awhile so he also felt sad for leaving behind his best friend, Hinata. Smirking like a fox he snuck out and began to walk towards the compound. As he walked he looked up to the full moon wondering why he had felt so calm for the moment. It wasn't a minute later that he saw someone leaping over the wall over the Hyuuga compound wall. It didn't register for a moment to him until he saw Hinata, gagged and staring with fear in her eyes. It also didn't help that Kitsu was yelling at him to stop the person. Naruto instinctively grabbed a nearby rock and tossed it at the kidnapper but missed by a mile, thus hitting an alarm by the Hyuuga guard station. After the alarm went off the Hyuuga guards imediately showed, along with Hiashi, and Hizashi. Before the kidnapper could even even escape he found himself knocked over by someone, and his grip on the Hyuuga heiress slacked. Hinata flew through the air only to be caught by Hizashi while Hiashi imediately stepped on the kidnappers neck and twisted, snapping his neck. Imediately Naruto gasped at the noise but Hiashi stepped over the corpse and smiled at the young would be ninja. The guards lifted the body up and took it inside the compound.

"Again you have saved my daughter young Uzumaki-san. Though I know not why you are out this late, but thank you once again."

"Is Hinata alright?" the boy asked, he was looking over at Hinata, she was merely asleep in her uncles arms courtesy of fainting to the fright. Hizashi nodded. "I couldn't sleep cause I was leaving tommorow and I wanted to see Hinata again before I left." Hiashi smiled warmly at the boy.

"I would normally not condone something like a late night visitor, but Hinata needs her rest. I will let her know when she wakes up that you wished to say farewell to her. If you write, I will make sure she gets the letters though, that I promise you young one." he said before lifting the boy up. "For now you too need your rest and I will take you home. Guards I want to know who that man was, and why he would attempt this." he stated looking at the Hyuuga guards. They nodded before disapearing over the wall. Not long after Naruto was back at the Sarutobi compound and tucked away into bed. Before long the boy was fast asleep again.

(Authors Notes: I know it may seem a bit jumbled but having adhd does that to ones mind. For those of you that think Hinata and Hiashi are out of character, well this is before the tragedy of Hinata's mother dying. As it is I plan on following the manga in similarity but bear in mind with me working, going to college I won't be able to udate much. Yes Itatchi will slay his family, though its for a reason I'm not giving away, its a secret. As for what Naruto will learn while with Tsunade and Jaraiya. Its simple, I don't want him to become uber powerful so hes going to learn the standard stuff, like disguises, tracking, taijutsu, weapons, and chakra control. Lets face it, thats Naruto's biggest issue is the fact hes got so much damned chakra but no control in the beginning. So please leave a review and tell me what you think, constructive criticism please.)


Naruto sighed as he looked down at the supposed clone he had made, it was nothing more than a blob like ghastly version of him, drool poured out of its mouth as its eyes looked randomly, glazed in a death like trance. Even more so was the fact it was pale and the stench about it palpable was disgustingly gross. The smell could only be attributed to rotten eggs, mixxed with Maito Gai-s teenage gym shoes, with the perfume of a skunk. The rest of the class paled before leaning out of the window trying to wretch what meals they had earlier up. Iruka held his nose gasping for air as the toxic fumes burned into his lungs. Mizuki shook his head and looked towards Naruto with sympathy.

"YOU FAIL NOW GET RID OF THAT THAT THING!" Iruka yelled. Naruto did the release sign and watched as the smell, the clone, and the ghastly mess it made disapear. Even Mizuki's pleads to Iruka fell upon his deafened ears to let the kid pass. Iruka wouldn't have it because in a ninja life. Things like that will get a inept ninja killed. Inside Iruka was upset, he knew how hard Naruto tried, how fierce the determination was in Naruto but rules were rules and truthfully he didn't want to pass Naruto until he was sure Naruto could survive.